31st May 2012 Archive

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  • Microsoft offers Office 365 build tailored for government

    FISMAed up and ready to go

    Cloud 31 01:30

  • New Zealand considers yourname.nz domains

    Kiwis want personalised internet

    Hosting 31 01:44

  • Flexibility needed to score expat gigs in Asia

    Employers want to cut hiring costs and improve quality

    Jobs 31 03:14

  • Thai webmaster walks after insulting royals

    Suspended sentence sees activists warn of ominous future

    Policy 31 04:29

  • CIO says Telstra becoming 'best IT shop in APAC'

    Agile methodologies and 'fail wall' changing culture

    Management 31 04:37

  • Windows 8 release preview imminent

    Missing post says 31 May, SkyDrive update says 'first week of June'

    Software 31 05:32

  • Panasonic DMC-GX1 compact system camera

    Micro Four Thirds maestro

    Hardware 31 06:00

  • Alibaba's Linux phone pulls in one MILLION punters

    Handset business buttresses bazaar's bank balance

    Networks 31 07:00

  • Facebook smacks away hardness, sticks MySQL stash on flash

    Replaces HDD with Fusion-io flashiness

    Storage 31 07:04

  • Singapore pours cash into gov.cloud

    S$1.2b up for grabs in "co-creation" projects between government, vendorland

    Policy 31 07:06

  • Most of Home Office's savings scored from haggling over ICT deals

    But £24.2m just a drop in £1.8bn target

    Government 31 07:39

  • China sends likely pair to student cluster smackdown

    Meet Tsinghua U and NUDT

    HPC 31 08:02

  • Australia bets on licences for offshore gambling websites

    Review of gaming laws suggests licensing, blacklisting, for poker sites and bookies

    Policy 31 08:08

  • Online bookie can't scoop £50k losses made by 5-year-old

    High Court rules the website contract terms were unfair

    Law 31 08:27

  • CGI Group beds Logica in £1.7bn cash deal

    Shares leap 64% at news of outsourcing nuptials

    The Channel 31 09:03

  • Sony PlayStation 4 will not be download only

    Disc not slipped

    Games 31 09:05

  • I need to multitask, but Windows 8's Metro won't let me

    Er, Microsoft? Multi = more than 2

    Servers 31 09:23

  • Amazon's Lovefilm HD shuns Sony fanboys

    PS3, Bravia support coming. More than a trickle of content too

    Hardware 31 09:29

  • ISP Zen's slower customers choke over breakfast

    Reboot your router to clear soggy cereal ports

    Networks 31 09:44

  • Orange unveils Intel Atom smartphone

    Keeps mum on San Diego's battery life, natch

    Phones 31 09:50

  • BSkyB blocks The Pirate Bay for millions of Brits

    BT will also obey court's banning order within weeks

    Broadband 31 10:02

  • SpaceX Dragon freed to push off home

    Cargoship detaches from ISS and tootles towards Earth

    Science 31 10:17

  • Number 10 shuts wallet on closed-source IT projects

    Come back when you've read Eric Raymond's The Cathedral and the Bazaar

    Cloud 31 10:42

  • Vyclone

    Multi-angle mega movie mash-up mixer

    Phones 31 11:01

  • Richard Branson gets nod to strap rocket on SpaceShipTwo

    Supersonic Virgin Galactic test flights this year

    Science 31 11:13

  • Google's 7in Jelly Bean Android tablet spied in benchmark

    Asus made, Nvidia inside

    Tablets 31 11:21

  • Wealthy Kensington & Chelsea residents reject BT fibre cabinets

    Quite ghastly, insist NIM-historic-streetscapers

    Broadband 31 11:29

  • Digital music sales beat discs for first time in UK

    But wait 'til Xmas: How do you wrap up an MP3 licence?

    Media 31 11:43

  • PayPal whips out barcode app for high-street glad rags

    No bonking please, we're British

    Financial News 31 12:03

  • Jeremy Hunt 'sympathetic' to Murdoch's BSkyB bid

    He dismisses 'cheerleader' claims in Leveson probing

    Government 31 12:19

  • UK.gov beats down Microsoft software price hike to 1pc

    Redmond and Cabinet Office ink 3-year deal

    The Channel 31 12:48

  • SkyDrive slips snapshots into cloudy wallet

    The Redmond cloud bulks up

    Cloud 31 13:03

  • Steve Jobs speaks from beyond grave: 'iPads are toys'

    Tablet computers? Like THAT'S going to do well

    Media 31 13:29

  • Third-gen Ultrabooks must offer USB 3.0, anti-theft tech

    Intel getting tough on bloatware too?

    Laptops 31 13:45

  • Oracle will roll out cloudy services next week – Ellison

    Larry says he likes the cloud now

    Cloud 31 14:01

  • Hands on with the Intel-powered Orange San Diego

    Assault on battery?

    Phones 31 14:05

  • Open API lessons for LinkedIn and Facebook

    Code to play, not pay to play

    Developer 31 14:30

  • EMC: Atmos CAN mix an excellent cloudy cocktail

    You don't node, Nirvanix ...

    Cloud 31 15:02

  • HDS: 'We're out of the traps to become a grown-up channel biz'

    Staff are set partner sales targets

    The Channel 31 15:08

  • 'Super-powerful' Flame worm actually boring BLOATWARE

    More Jabba the Hutt than lean Windows killing machine

    Security 31 15:32

  • SpaceX Dragon SPLASHDOWN in Pacific! Private space triumph

    Commercial cargo ship returns from space station

    Science 31 16:19

  • EU politicos put the boot into sickly ACTA

    International Trade committee urged to kill anti-piracy treaty

    Government 31 16:38

  • Microsoft hands out tools to sneak Skype onto new PCs

    'Silent installs' for victory, or at least growth

    Applications 31 17:02

  • HP 'overcharged New York City by $163m' on 911 system

    IT titan fires back: 'Read the contract'

    Policy 31 18:01

  • Milky Way DOOMED to high-speed smash with Andromeda galaxy

    Faces possible three-way NASA warns

    Science 31 19:42

  • HP-Oracle Itanium smackdown starts

    Larry versus Leo Meg

    Servers 31 20:03

  • Windows 8 Release Preview open for download

    Sinofsky predicts two months to RTM

    Software 31 20:29

  • US reiterates resistance to ITU-Internet land grab

    Lawmakers post the ‘no trespass’ signs

    Hosting 31 23:02

  • Oracle case crippled after judge rules APIs can’t be copyrighted

    Champagne corks popping at Google tonight

    Software 31 23:15

  • Universe has more hydrogen than we thought

    ‘Undark’ matter hidden in plain view

    Science 31 23:59