30th May 2012 Archive

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  • Samsung refreshes ChromeOS hardware with first desktop system

    Google's niche OS seeks new support

    Hardware 30 01:18

  • Australian ICT research spending surges

    Supercomputer projects boost spending, but ICT languishes behind medical research

    Business 30 02:34

  • 100-petabyte storage cloud names vendor panel

    Who's who of storage on the list to build Australia's Research Data Storage Infrastructure

    Cloud 30 04:32

  • Chinese micro-blogs a hit with police

    But Sina users urged to snitch on each other...

    Policy 30 04:40

  • Symantec Australia MD Craig Scroggie to depart

    symantec.cloud APAC boss Brenton Smith takes the reins

    Business 30 04:53

  • China relaxes .cn registration rules

    Individuals allowed domains again, but registration will be no 'pi.cn.ic'

    Hosting 30 05:48

  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

    Gun lickers

    Games 30 06:00

  • Cisco predicts 1.3 zettabytes of annual data movements

    WiFi to account for >50% of fixed data downloads by 2016

    Data Networking 30 06:05

  • Publishing barons: Free speech a 'cloak for tawdry theft'

    Chief hits out at those who 'seek to erode copyright'

    Government 30 07:02

  • 450-year-old football was hard to kick

    Journal releases pile of sports research, possibly answers every pub argument forever

    Science 30 07:14

  • Friends fooled by Facebook Timeline 'removal tool' scams

    Miscreants exploit users' keenness to get rid of crapness

    Security 30 07:34

  • NHS helpline 'won't be cost-effective' to taxpayers - Capita

    IT outsourcer won't confirm or deny withdrawal of bid

    The Channel 30 08:03

  • Fedora 17: Mm.. this stew of beefy source tastes just right

    No miracles, just more seasoning

    Operating Systems 30 08:32

  • Assange loses appeal against extradition to Sweden

    Judge gives WikiLeaks founder two weeks to mull decision

    Law 30 08:56

  • Score! Classic Goals

    Score draw something

    Games 30 09:00

  • Draft law lets council bods snoop your tax records

    Powers extend well beyond justification for data-sharing

    Law 30 09:18

  • Amazon's Lovefilm to stream Universal films

    Content cornucopia

    Media 30 09:21

  • Sony to bring bog-friendly blowers to Blighty

    Lav-loving Androids safe from spills

    Phones 30 09:22

  • Americans invade Euro cluster compo

    Buffalo, Bear-O-Dactyl vie for cluster glory

    HPC 30 09:41

  • Nokia lights up Bat Signal for Lumia 900

    Alfred not included

    Phones 30 09:51

  • Galaxy S III pay-monthly tariffs compared

    Priced for humans

    Mobile 30 10:01

  • RIM seeks bailout buddies as banks count Heins' beans

    CEO predicts more half-baked finances

    The Channel 30 10:16

  • Intel inks deal to let Ultrabooks leech off Wi-Fi net

    Lid-closed connectivity powered by Devicescape

    Laptops 30 10:27

  • MPs brand BlackBerrys for bobbies scheme a failure

    Millions of pounds spent while only thousands saved

    Law 30 10:46

  • Measure up your applications for their move to the cloud

    Preparing for a new life

    Cloud 30 11:00

  • Samsung Galaxy S III

    The ultimate Android?

    Phones 30 11:05

  • Phoenix burns engineering and Northampton call centre jobs

    Staff told of redundancy risk as bosses slash costs

    The Channel 30 11:17

  • Dot-word bidders in last-minute dash after ICANN reveals timetable

    Just hours to go...

    Hosting 30 11:33

  • Olympic Wenlock plod cops condemnation from Amazon wags

    'Worse than masturbating to a pic of Lord Coe: I've tried'

    Media 30 11:44

  • UPS death in Pulsant data centre knocks out websites

    Four-minute outage sparks domino effect

    Servers 30 12:02

  • John Lewis appears to punt Chromebook with Windows 7

    Recognition Google's other OS isn't popular?

    Laptops 30 12:07

  • Julian Assange extradition: What's next for WikiLeaker-in-chief?

    Supreme Court could be challenged on Vienna Treaty point

    Law 30 12:18

  • Apple's Ping has fatal pong, says CEO

    Social networking fail

    Media 30 12:42

  • HTC slips One X, Evo 4G past Apple US patent ban

    Fruity tech titan powerless to stop Android shipments

    Mobile 30 13:01

  • Trojan poses as privacy tool, spies on Iranian surfers

    Looks like a popular free encrypted proxy tool

    Security 30 13:24

  • Leaked snaps said to confirm iPhone 5 speculation

    Case in point

    Phones 30 13:48

  • BBC uses lifted Iraq war photo to depict Syrian slaughter

    You, media giants, and your digital rights

    Media 30 14:02

  • WD investigating origins of fake drives in UK channel

    Year on from issue and HDD players no nearer to culprit

    The Channel 30 14:26

  • EE splurges £50m on OS-specific experts

    'Cos existing staff are just idiots

    Mobile 30 15:03

  • SpaceX signs deal to put its giant rocket to good use

    First commercial contract for Falcon Heavy from Intelsat

    Science 30 15:21

  • Steve Jobs was top of the flops, says Apple's Tim Cook

    And Siri, is it true you're getting smarter?

    Hardware 30 15:39

  • Scandal-hit Olympus plans to axe staff, flog off stake – reports

    Japanese newspapers say firm could lay off 2,500 staff

    Financial News 30 16:01

  • Google+ deposits Places in toilet after hungry Zagat buy

    Still stitching EVERYTHING into that other social network

    Business 30 16:09

  • EU vows to make asylum-seeker database 'more efficient'

    Gives police get powers to use it in 'serious crime' investigations

    Law 30 16:32

  • New compute-'n'-storage cluster-box like 'iPhone for the data centre'

    Nutanix promises SAN-free storage

    Storage 30 16:59

  • 1 in 6 Windows PCs naked as a jaybird online

    Millions snub antivirus, firewalls in web poll

    Security 30 17:35

  • HP boffins create net-zero energy data center

    Crunch while the sun shines

    Servers 30 18:11

  • Mary Meeker's top technology trends

    Mobile not paying its way yet and Facebook failures

    Business 30 19:58

  • Unix, mainframes drag down servers in Q1

    x86 machines can't fill the gaps

    Servers 30 20:46

  • China wants to be techno SUPERPOWER

    Er, aren't you already?

    Policy 30 22:15

  • HP taps VC to run software unit

    Whitman asks ex-Microsoftie to assume the COO position

    Business 30 22:29

  • Final countdown for NASA's NuSTAR X-ray black hole telescope

    NASA hopes for local supernovas to study soon

    Science 30 22:32

  • Privacy Commissioner unhooks Google again

    Won’t re-investigate StreetView slurp

    Policy 30 23:22

  • Boffins build all-silicon CNOT gate

    Only this time, ‘it’s quantum innit’

    Hardware 30 23:23