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Researchers find backdoor in milspec silicon

A pair of security researchers claim to have found a back door in a commercial field-programmable gate array (FPGA) marketed as a secure tool for military applications.
Simon Sharwood, 29 May 2012

Foxconn receives Apple smart TV order - report

The Apple ‘iTV’ rumour mill has gone into overdrive after the latest reports from China suggesting that Foxconn’s Shenzhen plant has received orders from Cupertino to build the much-hyped sets on a trial run.
Phil Muncaster, 29 May 2012

CBA tussles with NFC security

The Commonwealth Bank’s four-year, AUD$1.1 billion technology upgrade is starting to yield results, but the bank claims NFC tech industry standardisation is holding back progress.
Natalie Apostolou, 29 May 2012
iPad Apps - Google

Google Apps win ISO 27001 certification

Google has proudly told the world its online productivity suite, Google Apps, has gained the ISO's good cloudkeeping seal of security approval, in the form of the ISO 27001 security certification.
Simon Sharwood, 29 May 2012
The ITMugs Surf for Porn mug

Shanghai cops set for online 'crime' crackdown

Shanghai police will start a hi-tech crime team tasked with monitoring all of the web sites registered in the city, as China’s law enforcers look to combat an apparent spike in domestic online crime.
Phil Muncaster, 29 May 2012
Vauxhall Ampera

Vauxhall Ampera hybrid e-car

First LookOnly the most ardent electric-vehicle advocate would argue that the current state of battery technology and absence of recharging infrastructure isn’t an impediment to the widespread adoption of the e-car.
Alun Taylor, 29 May 2012

Chinese rocket parts land on village

Residents of a remote Chinese village became unwitting participants in China’s much-vaunted space program over the weekend when debris from a recently launched carrier rocket took out a 10 kilovolt (kv) power line and damaged several houses.
Phil Muncaster, 29 May 2012

Are you handcuffed to the rails of your disk array's sinking ship?

Blocks and FilesAre your storage arrays now so big, you can't easily migrate your data off them? If so, you've handcuffed yourself to your supplier, open interfaces or not.
Chris Mellor, 29 May 2012

Google now gets 250k copyright takedown requests EACH WEEK

Google now regularly receives more copyright 'notice and takedown' requests from rights-holders in a week than it did during the entirety of 2009, the company has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 29 May 2012

Sheer weight of Brits' interest knackers new tax tool

Hundreds of thousands of Brits were so keen to check what the government does with their tax that they crashed a new online expenditure calculator.
Anna Leach, 29 May 2012

Hard disk drive prices quick to rise, slow to fall

The cost of hard disk drives remained reassuringly expensive in the opening four months of this year despite product availability improving.
Paul Kunert, 29 May 2012

The stage is set: Prepare for Hamburg cluster carnage

ISC 2012Now that China has settled on its two entrants to the ISC’12 Student Cluster Challenge (I’m dubbing it iSCC for short), it’s time to get a feel for the number-cruncher design competition and what the entrants will face.
Dan Olds, 29 May 2012

Dole office to roll out digital benefits to north-west – 6 months early

The government has announced plans to launch universal credit six months ahead of the national rollout in October 2013.

Microsoft invades Iraq, installs first distributor

Microsoft is officially open for business in Iraq, reportedly opening its first local distributor.
Gavin Clarke, 29 May 2012

Virgin Media flushes pipes clogged by piles of Spotify fans

ExclusiveVirgin Media has been forced to reconfigure routing of its network traffic after some of the telco's customers complained that Spotify kept jamming, The Register has learned.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 May 2012

BBC report urges Halo troops to end bloodshed in Syria

VidThe BBC has apologised after criticising a fictional space empire from the 22nd century for not intervening against ongoing atrocities in Syria.
Anna Leach, 29 May 2012
Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung snafu grounds blue Galaxy S III

Samsung confirmed the Galaxy S III Pebble Blue version has been delayed as it has to meet the "highest internal quality standards", although factory-line sources claim a company blunder is to blame.
Caleb Cox, 29 May 2012

Bloke with spanners attacks LOHAN's dodgy plumbing

The epic task of getting our Rocketry Experimental High Altitude Barosimulator (REHAB) experiment ready to test solid rocket motors at low temperature and pressure continued over the weekend with the deployment of some proper garden shed toolage: spanners and pipe-cutters.
Lester Haines, 29 May 2012

Ofcom king Ed Richards seeks BBC throne

Ofcom's chief executive Ed Richards has applied for the job of BBC director general, so he will have to be excluded from conversations related to the national broadcaster from here on in.
Bill Ray, 29 May 2012

Who will fill legal RIM job after latest exec exit?

RIM's has confirmed that its top legal eagle Karima Bawa is to join the ranks of other senior figures that have left the beleaguered mobile player.
Paul Kunert, 29 May 2012

Why Zuck will go soft for Facebook Phone - and rebrand Android

AnalysisFacebook's attempt to recruit smartphone engineers is being taken as proof that the boy Zuck is chasing mobile hardware again - but this ignores the cheaper and faster alternative of installing a Facebook OS onto existing devices.
Bill Ray, 29 May 2012

Hey! Put down that Cat6 and plug the cloud app gap instead

Cloud computing isn’t the future; services are the future – and vendors are increasingly talking about “managed services” opportunities in the cloud.
Lawrence Walsh, 29 May 2012
Pocket Android app icon


Android App of the WeekRead It Later was one of the better Android apps for archiving web content to read at a later date and it has just been given a full makeover, a new name and a welcome price reduction. It'll now cost you absolutely nothing.
Alun Taylor, 29 May 2012

Japan to get Android phone with built-in radiation dosimeter

Japan's third network operator, Softbank, has outfitted its latest mass-market handset with a radiation dosimeter, proving that the inscrutable Japanese are just as vulnerable to fear-driven advertising as the rest of us.
Bill Ray, 29 May 2012

Ex-Computacenter bigwig O'Hara now Colt big gun

Former Computacenter big hitter Julie O'Hara has been lured to Colt as veep for services and solutions.
Paul Kunert, 29 May 2012

Super-powerful Flame worm could take YEARS to dissect

AnalysisThe exceptionally complex Flame malware, this week found on numerous systems across the Middle East and beyond, is likely to take months if not years to analyse.
John Leyden, 29 May 2012

Germany's KIT drives hot-shot boffins to Klusterkampf

ISC 2012Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Karlsruhe, Germany is the lone European entry in the ISC'12 Student Cluster Competition. As such, they’re carrying a huge weight on their solid Teutonic shoulders. KIT, as Team Germany, is charged with defending home-country student clustering honour against powerhouse teams from China and the US.
Dan Olds, 29 May 2012

Speaking in Tech: How to grill an American VC

Team Register, 29 May 2012
lenovo teaser 75

Lenovo plans clip-on physical keyboard for tablets

Tablet owners have so far had to opt for keyboard docks to take their typing physical. However, that may be about to change after recently published Lenovo patents revealed an interesting clip-on.
Caleb Cox, 29 May 2012

Westcoast sales up, profits flat

Westcoast posted sales growth last year but intense price competition among rivals prevented a bounce in profits.
Paul Kunert, 29 May 2012
Dell logo

Dell ARMs up for hyperscale servers

Look out Intel. Here comes another ARM box to the microserver party.

Amazon shops for mobile ad slinger to gobble – report

Amazon is apparently scoping out mobile ad companies with a view to boosting the ad revenue from its Kindle Fire as well as pushing adverts into its web properties.
Bill Ray, 29 May 2012

Al Gore pumps $12m into cheapo TLC flash upstart

GreenBytes announced a good but unexceptional Solidarity all-flash array in February. It has now morphed it into what we believe may be the first enterprise TLC flash array on the market. And it has an astounding price/performance: a single VM instance costs $12.
Chris Mellor, 29 May 2012
Visually impaired kids in Kenyan classroom

Microsoft forbids class actions in new Windows licence

Microsoft will make it harder for customers to club together with lawyers to file lawsuits against its products.
Gavin Clarke, 29 May 2012
MongoDB versus other NoSQL skills

10gen bags another $42m for MongoDB roadmap

10gen, the commercial entity behind the open source MongoDB NoSQL data store, has just had its coffers stuffed with cash so it can rev up the software engineers and accelerate its product roadmap.

Apple confirms WWDC keynote for June 11

Apple has confirmed the schedule for this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), with a 10 am keynote on June 11 where 5,000 developers will gather for the first conference since the passing of Steve Jobs.
Iain Thomson, 29 May 2012

Who needs Spotify? Samsung launches Music Hub

Samsung is giving its music service a major overhaul. While the new global No 1 phone manufacturer also has the hottest handset brand after Apple – in the shape of the Galaxy - its own music offerings have been a bit of an afterthought.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 May 2012
RedSleeve logo

RedSleeve does RHEL-ish clone for ARM

If you are tired of waiting for Red Hat to do an official port of its Enterprise Linux commercial distribution to the ARM architecture, well then Red Sleeve Linux has just what you are looking for.

Megaupload founder gets uncuffed

Notorious Megaupload.com kingpin Kim Dotcom has been relieved of his electronic monitoring cuffs and is returning to graze in his NZ$30 million mansionette rental in suburban Auckland.
Natalie Apostolou, 29 May 2012

Netherlands jumps off ACTA train

ACTA’s European disintegration continues, with the Dutch house of representatives rejecting the treaty.
Richard Chirgwin, 29 May 2012

Silicon backdoor: not an international crisis

Is it something to do with Slavic names? The Register is quite accustomed to Eugene Kaspersky’s astonishing ability to escalate every threat into a “cybergeddon”; now Cambridge researcher Sergei Skorobogatov seems to have taken his lessons to heart.
Richard Chirgwin, 29 May 2012

Amazon lets you barf VMs out of EC2

If you want to be the public cloud of choice, as Amazon Web Services most certainly does, then you need to have a rich set of tools that allows companies to take virtual server instances running inside their data centers and suck them onto the EC2 cloud and link them into S3 or EBS storage.
The dust ring around Fomalhaut

Big data is not just for the big boys

It may take a while but eventually any good technology embraced by large enterprises trickles its way down to small and mid-sized businesses in some appropriately modified and re-priced form.
Fedora logo

Fedora aims cloudwards with Beefy Miracle release

As promised by the new Fedora boss Robyn Bergeron, version 17 of the Fedora Linux build aka "Beefy Miracle" is looking towards the cloud, with an update to OpenStack and new virtualization tools, as well as adding a spiffy new Gnome 3.4 interface.
Iain Thomson, 29 May 2012

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