29th May 2012 Archive

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  • Researchers find backdoor in milspec silicon

    Claim world's first finding of secret features in chips

    Security 29 03:02

  • Foxconn receives Apple smart TV order - report

    Shenzhen factory set for trial run

    Hardware 29 04:09

  • CBA tussles with NFC security

    Launching Kaching on Android in six weeks

    Business 29 04:24

  • Google Apps win ISO 27001 certification

    FISMA fisticuffs forgotten?

    Cloud 29 05:05

  • Shanghai cops set for online 'crime' crackdown

    Only 800,000 sites to keep an eye on, officer

    Policy 29 05:19

  • Vauxhall Ampera hybrid e-car

    The electric car comes of age?

    Science 29 06:00

  • Chinese rocket parts land on village

    30kg piece of wreckage takes out power lines, shocks locals

    Science 29 06:28

  • Are you handcuffed to the rails of your disk array's sinking ship?

    How your data could end up tied down to a supplier

    Storage 29 07:02

  • Google now gets 250k copyright takedown requests EACH WEEK

    More than all requests made during 2009, Choc Factory says

    Law 29 07:32

  • Sheer weight of Brits' interest knackers new tax tool

    HMRC web calculator flooded by 400,000 punters

    Small Biz 29 07:56

  • Hard disk drive prices quick to rise, slow to fall

    ASPs remain 58 per cent above pre-flood levels

    The Channel 29 08:19

  • The stage is set: Prepare for Hamburg cluster carnage

    Sprints, mystery apps and less amps in student contest

    HPC 29 08:41

  • Dole office to roll out digital benefits to north-west – 6 months early

    Greater Manchester and Cheshire testing ground for universal credit

    Government 29 08:59

  • Microsoft invades Iraq, installs first distributor

    Windows into Baghdad

    The Channel 29 09:21

  • Virgin Media flushes pipes clogged by piles of Spotify fans

    Capacity to be beefed up after music streams flood tubes

    Business 29 09:49

  • BBC report urges Halo troops to end bloodshed in Syria

    United Nations Space Command criticised for al-Assad soft touch

    Media 29 10:11

  • Samsung snafu grounds blue Galaxy S III

    CAD file mismatch mayhem

    Phones 29 10:21

  • Bloke with spanners attacks LOHAN's dodgy plumbing

    REHAB vacuum pump tubery-pokery

    SPB 29 10:24

  • Ofcom king Ed Richards seeks BBC throne

    From regulator to regulated in one easy move

    Media 29 10:41

  • Who will fill legal RIM job after latest exec exit?

    Chief brief Karima Bawa retires amid mass exodus

    The Channel 29 11:01

  • Why Zuck will go soft for Facebook Phone - and rebrand Android

    Do some actual electronic engineering? Unlike

    Business 29 11:19

  • Hey! Put down that Cat6 and plug the cloud app gap instead

    Channel MSPs should bone up on new skills ... or else

    The Channel 29 11:42

  • Pocket

    Read it later. Literally.

    Phones 29 12:02

  • The more science you know, the less worried you are about climate

    'Abandon focus on sound science', say trick-cyclists

    Science 29 12:04

  • Japan to get Android phone with built-in radiation dosimeter

    'Think of your children and buy my phone', says CEO

    Science 29 12:23

  • Ex-Computacenter bigwig O'Hara now Colt big gun

    Rolls into town as veep of services and solutions

    The Channel 29 12:41

  • Super-powerful Flame worm could take YEARS to dissect

    But it shares same scripting tech as Angry Birds

    Business 29 13:11

  • Germany's KIT drives hot-shot boffins to Klusterkampf

    Carries hopes of a continent into cluster compo

    HPC 29 13:36

  • Speaking in Tech: How to grill an American VC

    Biz bigwig Chris Lynch on how venture firms view Big Data investments

    Management 29 14:04

  • The Private Cloud outlook

    Visual snapshot of Reg hive mind

    Cloud 29 14:25

  • Lenovo plans clip-on physical keyboard for tablets

    True to type

    Tablets 29 14:32

  • Westcoast sales up, profits flat

    Distie says took share from price cutting rivals in 2011

    The Channel 29 14:52

  • Dell ARMs up for hyperscale servers

    But are they dangerous to anyone except HP?

    Hardware 29 15:01

  • Amazon shops for mobile ad slinger to gobble – report

    Customers who viewed AdMob also looked at Jumptap

    Small Biz 29 15:29

  • Al Gore pumps $12m into cheapo TLC flash upstart

    Greenbacks for Greenbytes

    Small Biz 29 16:04

  • Microsoft forbids class actions in new Windows licence

    You're on your own now

    Business 29 18:01

  • 10gen bags another $42m for MongoDB roadmap

    NoSQL, plenty 'o cash

    Software 29 18:04

  • Apple confirms WWDC keynote for June 11

    Steve's long shadow hangs over show

    Software 29 19:49

  • Who needs Spotify? Samsung launches Music Hub

    Not down with OTT

    Business 29 20:03

  • RedSleeve does RHEL-ish clone for ARM

    Put 'er there, Linux pal

    Operating Systems 29 20:12

  • Megaupload founder gets uncuffed

    Allowed to record album and wait at home for extradition

    Policy 29 21:47

  • Netherlands jumps off ACTA train

    Also: new leaks detail ‘EC failures’ in negotiation

    Policy 29 22:15

  • Silicon backdoor: not an international crisis

    Researcher’s second lesson: how to troll the entire Internet

    Security 29 22:24

  • Amazon lets you barf VMs out of EC2

    What sucks can also blow

    Cloud 29 22:38

  • Big data is not just for the big boys

    Analytics goes downmarket

    Data Warehousing 29 22:39

  • Fedora aims cloudwards with Beefy Miracle release

    New build updates OpenStack and adds Gnome 3.4

    Operating Systems 29 22:40