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Screen grab of the original Asteroids

Sunshine nudges asteroid into odd orbit

New NASA measurements of the orbit of the half-kilometer asteroid 1999 RQ36 have given space science its most precise measurement of such space rocks' orbit – and revealed a 160km deviation from the orbit predicted by gravity.
Google Chrome OS tablet concept illustration

Google's 7in tablet stalled for last-minute tweaks

Google fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Chocolate Factory’s much-hyped 7in tablet are going to have to wait a little longer after reports suggested it wouldn’t hit the stores until July.
Made from Crime campaign poster

Police cuff hundreds in £7.3 MILLION phone scam

Police across South East Asia have swooped on an international telephone fraud gang, arresting over 480 people in eight countries after an investigation lasting six months.
HTC One V Android smartphone

HTC One V Android smartphone

Review In the beginning was the Hero and then came the Legend, and now the Legend has sired the One V. Yes, the V is the runt of the One litter but its forebears had a solid following and, as a one-time Hero owner, I’m hoping the bloodline is in good health.

Queensland Police warn of tax refund phishing

Queensland Police are warning residents of the Sunshine State about a new phishing scam that sees emails arrive in Australian Taxation Office (ATO) livery, complete with promise of a refund.

Nokia and Symbian still number one in China

Android may have an insurmountable lead in the Chinese smartphone market, but when it comes to internet-connected mobiles Symbian and Nokia are still number one according to new stats from search giant Baidu.

Real Networks will refund $2m to grumpy punters

Real Networks has agreed to hand over US$2.0m to satisfy disgruntled customers, who were railroaded into buying content thanks to pre-clicked boxes in web forms or “free” offers that nonetheless requested credit card details and did not make recurring costs plain.
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NHS axes HealthSpace: 'Just too difficult' to use

The Department of Health has confirmed that HealthSpace, NHS patients' personal health records organiser, will close by March 2013.
Sharp LC37XD1E HD TV - "The Matrix" image copyright Warner Brothers

NMap 6.0 arrives

Popular open source network discovery and security auditing tool Nmap has reached version 6.0.
Broken CD with wrench

Mega 12ft interactive electro-whiteboard lures GTC12 punters

HPC blog While wandering the exhibit floor at GTC12, my attention was captured by what looked like a massive (12ft x 4ft, 3.66m x 1.22m) electronic whiteboard with fast-moving screens portraying information in lots of different forms. Each window was being created, resized, moved, then closed at high speed without lag or distracting video artifacts. The demonstrator was also able to handwrite callouts and notes without missing a beat. With the hook firmly set in my fish-like mouth, I had to find out more.
Dan Olds, 25 2012

Huawei mimics Nokia Siemens Networks marketing

Nokia Siemens Networks has pointed out close similarities between its marketing material and Huawei's.

Hefty Euro reseller: 'We laugh in the face of recession. Ha ha'

Specialist Computer Holdings (SCH) tweaked the nose of the recession to record double-digit sales and profit rises in fiscal 2012 ended March.
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Facebookers trigger vote to choke Zuck's data suck

Facebook may be forced to make changes to its data use policy after campaigners helped drive enough complaints about the company's own proposed amendments to trigger a user vote on the matter.
Belkin YourType Folio

Belkin YourType Folio

Accessory of the Week There’s no shortage of iPad keyboard cases to choose from, but this one from Belkin, designed for the new iPad, has a neat trick up its sleeve: the keyboard is detachable, held in place by Velcro.
Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD tablet

Spring tech sales bloom as Brits grab tablets

It won't surprise anyone to learn that Brits are buying more tablets than ever before, but they're increasingly keen on e-book readers and set-top media players too.
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Silicon Roundabout touts startup jobs for 'ninjas' this weekend

Got your own nunchuks? Spent a day learning HTML? Get down to Shoreditch's Silicon Roundabout this weekend and get yourself a job at a startup. A waged job.
Blizzard's Diablo III

Diablo III dev rolls 12d6, scores PC sales record

Diablo III has become the fastest selling PC game of all time, publisher Blizzard has claimed, after shifting 3.5m copies within 24 hours of release.
Caleb Cox, 25 2012
Aga iTotal Control Oven

Aga cooks up phone-controlled 'iOven'

Aga, oven maker by appointment to the rural chattering classes, has turned up the heat of technology on famously basic ranges to create the iTotal Control Oven, a stove equipped with a cellular modem to allow chefs to command their cooker remotely.
Caleb Cox, 25 2012

Big Blue flaunts scantily clad Xeon E3, E5 racks

Pics Like all the other tier one server makers, IBM is ramping up shipments on the next wave of Xeon chips from Intel inside of its System x, BladeCenter, and Flex System machinery. Big Blue says the new machines will help fill in some gaps in its x86 system lineup, which previously had been exploited by rivals Hewlett-Packard and Dell.

Crazy Texans dunk servers in DEEP FRYERS

HPC blog | Vid I first met the Green Revolution guys back at SC09 in Portland, Oregon. As I roamed the exhibit hall, people kept telling me to check out “those guys with the deep fryers full of servers”. At last I found them out in the lobby, which is the kids’ table section of the show.
Dan Olds, 25 2012
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And the worst film NEVER made is...

Poll result Well, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to announce the winner of our reader poll to select the worst film never made.
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Instagram-owner Facebook emits in-house camera app

Facebook has launched a new Instagram-like mobile camera app via Apple's iTunes store.
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London picked as test bed for Skynet-like Intel tech

London will be a guinea pig for future smart city technology after Intel pledged to spend a slice of £25m ($40m) on a new lab in the capital. The chipmaker will also plough millions into research centres dotted around Blighty.
Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3

Review With a tip of the hat to director John Woo and The Matrix, Remedy Entertainment's Max Payne wowed the gaming world in 2001 with its unique slow-mo shooting action. And since Max Payne 2 appeared in 2003, I've been holding my breath in anticipation of the third in the series.
Caleb Cox, 25 2012
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Ex-Lloyds bank digital security chief 'submitted £2.5m in false exes'

A former Lloyds Banking Group head of digital banking fraud and security has been charged with defrauding her employer.
windows8_channel_bigness microsoft desktop

Vatican in pact with Microsoft to initiate world's youths into Office

The Vatican has blessed Microsoft's cloud apps strategy in the shape of deal that could see Office 365 being rolled out to 43 million Catholic students worldwide.
Joe Fay, 25 2012
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EU beaks to rule on Microsoft's $1.1bn fine appeal in June

On 27 June, Microsoft will find out whether its appeal against a record antitrust penalty has been successful in the EU's General Court.

How to keep your money safe if the euro implodes

This is your handy guide to surviving the coming disintegration of the euro. Umm, OK, the coming possible, maybe even likely, disintegration of the euro.

Dixons keeps wolves from the revolving credit facility door

Dixons Retail has inked a £300m revolving credit facility with its financial backers that should ease the cash flow of Blighty's largest retailer.

Passwords are for AES-holes

Something for the Weekend, Sir? When did you reach burnout? For me, it was spring 2009. Looking back, I did well to last as long as I did but the constant pressure of coming up with something new, again and again, became too much.
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'We're public now, so could you please click on an ad or two'

Quotw This was the week when Facebook stocks took an early drubbing in the market before recovering somewhat to a more stable, albeit reduced, price.
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Barclays Online Offline again

Barclays Online banking has suffered its second weekday working-hours outage in a matter of days, offering only intermittent service for most of this morning according to Register readers and throwing a complete double-six at lunchtime today.
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Fujitsu, TalkTalk bag Post Office contract spurned by BT

Fujitsu and its strategic partner TalkTalk have won a contract that could be worth £500m to supply a broadband network to the Post Office.
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Dragon starts final approach to International Space Station

The SpaceX Dragon is still approaching the International Space Station and on course, with a few minor delays.
Dell logo

Dell's past glories might be working against it

Dell's Q1 earnings call this saw the one-time bete noire of traditional IT suppliers undershoot expectations, and admit that it was walking away from business where it couldn't compete and where it was having trouble closing "transactional" business.
Joe Fay, 25 2012
Toshiba Portégé Z830-10N Ultrabook

Toshiba America says no to new netbooks

Another sure sign the netbook's day is done: Toshiba's US wing has confirmed it will no longer offer new versions of the laptop-lite machines.
The Empire Strikes Back

Ten... Star Wars videogame classics

Round-up Star Wars - there was no 'A New Hope' or 'Episode IV' back then - shot onto cinema screens on 25 May 1977, which means the franchise celebrates its 35th birthday today.
Caleb Cox, 25 2012
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SpaceX joy as Space Station robo-arm grabs Dragon's tail

Elon Musk's SpaceX has just made history with the first ever commercial cargoship to be captured by the International Space Station's robotic arm.
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Man's car warns of AIR RAID OVER LONDON

Pic Reg reader Graham Schofield was this morning offered perhaps the most sensational reason for being late to work we've ever seen: an air raid affecting the A4 in west London.

Absinthe 2 lifts iOS 5.1.1 gadgets over garden wall

iDevice jailbreakers: you can now take almost all of Apple's iOS 5.1.1 gadgets out of the walled garden, thanks to hacking tool Absinthe 2.0, released today.
windows8_channel_bigness microsoft desktop

Microsoft corrects itself: 'We expect fewer people to use Windows 8'

Microsoft doesn’t really expect that 500 million "users" will have Windows 8 next year, but it’s still juggling the numbers.
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IBM bans Dropbox, Siri and rival cloud tech at work

IBM has banned employees from using Dropbox and Apple's iCloud at work as it claws back permission to use third-party cloud services. The rethink has also resulted in a edict against the iPhone 4S's Siri voice recognition technology at Big Blue.
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Tim Cook spurns $75m Apple divvy

At a time when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is coming under flak for his personal gains from Facebook shares, Tim Cook has turned down a $75 million dividend on his Apple shares.
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Hackers threaten fresh wave of anti-capitalist web rioting

A new activist group is drumming up recruits for a cyberwar campaign against corporate giants due to launch on Friday, 25 May.
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Dell may fatten up software offering by swallowing Quest

Dell could be looking to buy Quest Software, according to reports.

Steve Jobs' death clears way for vibrating Apple tool

Steve Jobs famously hated the idea of styluses on tablet computers. But, er, it looks like Apple is thinking about making one given the revelations from the US Patent Office yesterday.
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US mayor and son charged with hacking into opposition site

A small town US mayor and his son have been arrested over allegations they hacked into a website calling for his recall.
SGI logo hardware close-up

NetApp's Cloud Czar predicts the death of VMAX

Blocks and Files NetApp's CTO of cloud is predicting the death of EMC's VMAX and other tier 1 storage arrays. What will kick them off the data centre stage? Flash arrays and storage-class memory, apparently.
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MySQL's growing NoSQL problem

Open ... and Shut Just a few short years ago, MySQL was the undisputed king of the open-source database hill. But with the NoSQL market emerging at an 82 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), it's looking like MySQL may get bulldozed by its NoSQL peers.
Matt Asay, 25 2012
SKA antennas close-up - artist's impression

South Africa and Australia to share SKA

The square kilometre array (SKA) will be shared between Australia and South Africa.