25th May 2012 Archive

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  • Sunshine nudges asteroid into odd orbit

    NASA spots drift in 1999 RQ36

    Science 25 01:00

  • Google's 7in tablet stalled for last-minute tweaks

    Asus-built device now rumoured for July release

    Data Centre 25 03:43

  • Police cuff hundreds in £7.3 MILLION phone scam

    Two plane-loads of crooks flown to China, amid suspicions of high-level Police corruption

    Policy 25 03:48

  • HTC One V Android smartphone

    High five?

    Phones 25 06:00

  • Queensland Police warn of tax refund phishing

    Fake email mimics Australian Taxation Office formats

    Security 25 06:11

  • Nokia and Symbian still number one in China

    Most users still on legacy platforms and feature phones

    Networks 25 06:16

  • Real Networks will refund $2m to grumpy punters

    Fesses up to 'disappointing' customers with pre-clicked boxes for 'free' trials

    Business 25 06:42

  • NHS axes HealthSpace: 'Just too difficult' to use

    Secure personal health record project canned from March 2013

    Government 25 07:02

  • NMap 6.0 arrives

    Fyodor’s finest since 2009

    Security 25 07:15

  • Mega 12ft interactive electro-whiteboard lures GTC12 punters

    Uses crunchy Nvidia graphics cards

    HPC 25 07:27

  • Huawei mimics Nokia Siemens Networks marketing

    Plagiarism or total coincidence?

    Business 25 07:37

  • Hefty Euro reseller: 'We laugh in the face of recession. Ha ha'

    Specialist Computer Holdings sees sales and profits rise

    The Channel 25 07:58

  • Facebookers trigger vote to choke Zuck's data suck

    50,000 punters sound off on privacy policy rewrite

    Business 25 08:35

  • Belkin YourType Folio

    Laptop conversion kit

    Tablets 25 09:00

  • Spring tech sales bloom as Brits grab tablets

    E-book readers, media streamers too

    Tablets 25 09:13

  • Silicon Roundabout touts startup jobs for 'ninjas' this weekend

    800 tech roles from 100 companies... and FREE coffee

    Jobs 25 09:22

  • Diablo III dev rolls 12d6, scores PC sales record

    Trebles and Skillrunes all round

    Games 25 09:25

  • Aga cooks up phone-controlled 'iOven'

    Stove jobs

    Hardware 25 09:33

  • Big Blue flaunts scantily clad Xeon E3, E5 racks

    Disrobed servers give Dell an eyeful in 4-socket arena

    Data Centre 25 09:44

  • Crazy Texans dunk servers in DEEP FRYERS

    Will 2012 be the year of immersive mineral oil cooling?

    HPC 25 10:06

  • And the worst film NEVER made is...

    Drumroll, please

    Bootnotes 25 10:18

  • Instagram-owner Facebook emits in-house camera app

    And yes, it has colour filters

    Business 25 10:28

  • London picked as test bed for Skynet-like Intel tech

    New UK lab pledged to study citizens in real-time

    Business 25 10:45

  • Max Payne 3

    Time to kill

    Games 25 11:00

  • Ex-Lloyds bank digital security chief 'submitted £2.5m in false exes'

    Head of Fraud, indeed

    Business 25 11:16

  • Vatican in pact with Microsoft to initiate world's youths into Office

    None might buy or sell save with the Number of the Beast ... which is 365

    The Channel 25 11:32

  • EU beaks to rule on Microsoft's $1.1bn fine appeal in June

    Redmond challenged record antitrust punishment

    Financial News 25 11:49

  • How to keep your money safe if the euro implodes

    A Channel Reg cut-and-keep guide...

    The Channel 25 12:01

  • Dixons keeps wolves from the revolving credit facility door

    Can bricks-and-mortar houses resist lupine halitosis forever?

    The Channel 25 12:21

  • Passwords are for AES-holes

    Security is an illusion

    Hardware 25 12:39

  • 'We're public now, so could you please click on an ad or two'

    Plus: 'Disaster for Apple!'

    Business 25 12:42

  • Barclays Online Offline again

    You can take it to the bank. In fact you'll have to

    Business 25 12:58

  • Fujitsu, TalkTalk bag Post Office contract spurned by BT

    Broadband platform manoeuvres for snail mail outfit

    Business 25 13:29

  • Dragon starts final approach to International Space Station

    Rendezvous sensors need last-minute tweak, but SpaceX is a go

    Science 25 13:48

  • Dell's past glories might be working against it

    To be like HP? Or not to be like HP? And what's with the silence on channel?

    The Channel 25 13:56

  • Toshiba America says no to new netbooks

    Want a small laptop? Get an Ultrabook

    Laptops 25 14:16

  • Ten... Star Wars videogame classics

    35 years, six movies, 120 games

    Games 25 14:26

  • SpaceX joy as Space Station robo-arm grabs Dragon's tail

    Elon Musk's team makes history, astronaut has cheesy line ready

    Science 25 14:39

  • Man's car warns of AIR RAID OVER LONDON

    Reg reader narrowly escapes Kensington-Chiswick warzone

    Bootnotes 25 15:01

  • Absinthe 2 lifts iOS 5.1.1 gadgets over garden wall

    Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak

    Phones 25 15:15

  • Microsoft corrects itself: 'We expect fewer people to use Windows 8'

    El Reg drills into Ballmer's '500 million by 2013' figure

    Management 25 15:28

  • IBM bans Dropbox, Siri and rival cloud tech at work

    BYOD doesn't save cash, leaves Big Blue with security headache

    Cloud 25 16:01

  • Tim Cook spurns $75m Apple divvy

    Can't be bothered carrying small change

    Financial News 25 16:24

  • Hackers threaten fresh wave of anti-capitalist web rioting

    Sticking it to The Man, man, but for lulz too

    Management 25 17:01

  • Dell may fatten up software offering by swallowing Quest

    VC deal has only just been done

    Financial News 25 18:02

  • Steve Jobs' death clears way for vibrating Apple tool

    Actually he was alive when patent was submitted, but still a surprise

    Hardware 25 18:31

  • US mayor and son charged with hacking into opposition site

    We'd rather be fending off global cyberwar, sniff Feds

    Security 25 18:32

  • NetApp's Cloud Czar predicts the death of VMAX

    Tier 1 is old-school, says CTO

    Cloud 25 19:04

  • MySQL's growing NoSQL problem

    Web application payback

    Management 25 21:03

  • South Africa and Australia to share SKA

    Africa to be main site for giant radio telescope

    Science 25 23:39