24th May 2012 Archive

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  • Boffins develop nanoscale vacuum tube running at .46 THz

    Power hungry but radiation resistant relic could make comeback … in spaaaace

    Science 24 May 01:37

  • HP takes a big profit haircut, too

    Blame printers, servers, and services

    The Channel 24 May 03:52

  • China turns on the sprinklers with ambitious rain-making plans

    Points rocket launchers, guns at the sky, unleashes "weather army"

    Science 24 May 04:48

  • Obama orders gov app deluge

    Developers cheer as every US government agency to release two mobile apps inside a year

    Policy 24 May 04:53

  • 'Six-eyed' robot to tour National Museum of Australia

    Wi-Fi-guided bot will test NBN scenarios, augment reality for virtual visitors

    Policy 24 May 05:09

  • WTF is... Li-Fi?

    Optical data transfer's new leading light?

    Hardware 24 May 06:00

  • Russian satellite beams home 121-megapixel pics of Earth

    Blue marble looking good from height of 36,000km

    Science 24 May 06:03

  • Samsung outsources notebooks to Taiwan - report

    Compal set to be the lucky ODM

    The Channel 24 May 06:06

  • Brocade shakes up sales leaders after earnings slump

    New cards, same old faces?

    The Channel 24 May 07:02

  • Special Projects Burro pops his hooves

    Mysterious demise of El Reg's asinine mascot

    SPB 24 May 07:32

  • IT firms drown as rising tide buoys rest of UK plc

    Techy Brit biz collapse rate leaps a third

    The Channel 24 May 08:01

  • Cable to stimulate stiff growth in entrepreneurs' trousers

    UK.gov to pour £200m into pockets of small biz

    Small Biz 24 May 08:33

  • Rival mobile networks hang up on EE's 4G call

    All we wanted was a monopoly

    Business 24 May 09:06

  • Converged system threesome show off new Vblocks

    New additions to federate and protect as trio adopt VPLEX

    Storage 24 May 09:21

  • World+Dog to demand ever larger tablet-phones

    Screen-inflation nation

    Phones 24 May 09:34

  • Yahoo! leaks! private! key! in! Axis! Chrome! debut!

    Extension launch scuppered by certificate blunder

    Security 24 May 09:39

  • LOHAN sucks 27 inches

    Mounting excitement down in REHAB

    SPB 24 May 10:02

  • Minority Report-style swishery demoed with cheap webcam

    You'll be sorry if you flip it off, though

    HPC 24 May 10:14

  • LG pitches £7k 55in OLED TV, again

    Thin telly requires fat wallet

    Hardware 24 May 10:29

  • Biz law reform: Bad news for lawyers, good news for hippies

    Eco-tech funds in, tribunals out in draft bill

    CIO 24 May 10:33

  • Google quizzed AGAIN by French data watchdog

    CNIL unhappy with previous answers on privacy

    Government 24 May 10:44

  • Toshiba swaps skinny Android tablet's CPU

    OMAP out, Tegra 3 in

    Tablets 24 May 10:56

  • Zombies, Run!

    Exercise motivate-urgh, urgh

    Phones 24 May 11:00

  • Attack of the clones: Researcher pwns SecureID token system

    But RSA claims it would only work on rootkit-compromised gear

    Security 24 May 11:13

  • Reg readers love Private Cloud (true)

    Playing the SLA long game

    Cloud 24 May 11:30

  • SpaceX does what it HASN'T done before: Dragon in close ISS flyby

    Station 'nauts see light on but no one home on capsule

    Science 24 May 11:35

  • New smart meter tells Brits exactly what they already know

    Live 'leccy stats from the cloud to save 'millions'

    Science 24 May 11:48

  • How I went from Unix engineering to flogging Google apps

    My 25 years of comical IT buzzwords

    The Channel 24 May 11:58

  • Pipex 'silence' condemned punters' emails to spam blackhole

    ISP blocked for a week after 'ignoring' complaints

    Security 24 May 12:03

  • Met cops get new pocket-sized fingerprint scanners

    Mobile print-takers identify perps in seconds

    Law 24 May 12:22

  • NetApp streaks ahead, avoids trip-up by bum flash leg

    Don't want to be an all-flash also-ran

    The Channel 24 May 12:42

  • Sysadmins: Chucked your Exchange servers up? Let's enable SSO

    Keeping things simple for the users...

    Servers 24 May 13:02

  • Moshi Monsters pushed onto pint-sized kiddies' mobes

    Under-10s' social network spreads

    Small Biz 24 May 13:33

  • Fake Angry Birds app makers fined £50k for shock cash suck

    Making money-grabbing malware is too easy on Android, say experts

    Security 24 May 14:01

  • EMC denies big server biz plans ... but IS building servers

    Embedded ones, true, but what's wrong with off-the-shelf hardness?

    Storage 24 May 14:28

  • Mars rover Opportunity spots WALL-E in crater ramble

    Me and my shadow

    Science 24 May 14:50

  • Google to bring Raspberry Pi to Bash Street

    Computers for kids

    Hardware 24 May 14:53

  • Cookies on The Register

    The cookies we set and why

    The Company 24 May 15:08

  • Top Facebook exec begs students: 'Click on an ad or two'

    Keep Zuck's shareholders happy... please

    Financial News 24 May 15:25

  • Unions urge under-fire HP workers to 'resist' job cuts

    Attempts to protect 1,600 UK staff ... not including Lynch

    The Channel 24 May 15:33

  • Bigger, longer deals dangled at G-Cloud 2.0 launch

    UK.gov buffs incentives in revamped tech bazaar

    Government 24 May 15:59

  • How zombie LulzSec exposed privates' love lives with PHP hack

    Single soldiers site swallowed surprise load

    Security 24 May 16:28

  • China's home grown mobile platforms drive smartphone growth

    Xiaomi's Android-based MIUI hailed as Apple rival

    Mobile 24 May 20:00

  • Fantasy cabal sells off novel-as-app platform

    Neal Stephenson’s Subutai splits into content and publishing software companies

    Media 24 May 21:30

  • Australian government kicks off IT price discrimination inquiry

    ‘Oz tax’ under scrutiny

    Policy 24 May 23:19

  • Motorola Mobility loses to Microsoft in German patent battle

    All your long texts are belong to Redmond

    Business 24 May 23:21

  • Singtel to build pan-Asian storage and compute cloud

    VMware in the box seat in Oz, Singapore and Hong Kong

    Cloud 24 May 23:42