22nd May 2012 Archive

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  • Defend your phone against loose networks? There’s an app for that

    Researchers unveil ‘middlebox detection’ software

    Security 22 00:17

  • NextIO bags some more cash for virty server I/O push

    Mystery strategic investor pumps in US$12.3m

    The Channel 22 01:21

  • 3D TV fails to excite, gesture UIs to flop: analyst

    Apple, Sony, to pounce as connectivity craze catches

    Media 22 02:29

  • Kim Dotcom resists password grab

    Megaupload founder demands ‘judicial process’

    Law 22 02:34

  • Samsung boss warns of Chinese tech spending slow down

    Kim Young-ha is worried, but stats tell a different story

    Business 22 04:56

  • Review: Raspberry Pi

    Bare bones computing

    Hardware 22 06:00

  • Eugene Kaspersky frustrated by Apple’s iOS AV ban

    Wants to retaliate first before crooks crack iOS

    Security 22 06:32

  • News leech's fresh cash deal with rags 'reasonable' – tribunal

    Formerly 'uneconomic' costs suddenly affordable for article scraper

    Business 22 07:04

  • Chinese social network to recruit in-house censor

    Job ad for 'monitoring editor' points to web crackdown

    Security 22 07:05

  • China hits back at Pentagon's cyber spy allegations

    US needs to "change its mind-set", says PRC

    Security 22 07:07

  • Isilon Maverick flyboy in EMC World flyby

    I feel the need, the need for... reliability

    The Channel 22 07:29

  • The Falcon has taken off

    SpaceX Dragon roars at last

    Science 22 07:48

  • SpaceX Dragon, first private ship to the ISS, launched successfully

    Another giant step for Elon Musk's space programme

    Science 22 08:02

  • Mm, just what the boss wanted: Live charts about your cloud

    Real-time compute, storage and network stats mashup

    Cloud 22 08:29

  • Evernote

    Popular app gets Ice Cream Sarnie treatment

    Phones 22 09:00

  • Chrome spends a week at the top of the browser charts

    Asian and South American popularity pushes it to glory

    Applications 22 09:17

  • Barclays online banking falls over in outage riddle

    'No idea why, but our new Pingit app is working!'

    Financial News 22 09:38

  • Report: SAP exec charged with $1,000 LEGO bar-code caper

    eBay sales claimed

    The Channel 22 10:01

  • ICO: Managed to comply with Cookies Law? Go help the other kids

    Commish tells gov websites to learn as they go and share what they discover

    The Channel 22 10:14

  • Sony's customisable Xperia U hits retail

    Whatever NXT

    Mobile 22 10:22

  • EMC pushes out FORTY-TWO products at megalaunch

    Avamar, VPLEX, Atmos, Isilon gear and more

    The Channel 22 10:32

  • Vodafone's cash mountain rocked by eurozone emergency

    Hung up on Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece

    Management 22 10:43

  • Will Nvidia 'n' pals pwn future gaming?

    GeForce Grid could disrupt everything

    HPC 22 11:04

  • Virgin Media mauls UK.gov for pumping millions into BT

    Cash gift 'not in Blighty's best interests'

    Broadband 22 11:13

  • Ex-Yahoo! bigwig! admits! insider! trading!

    He spilled beans on Microsoft search deal

    Security 22 11:28

  • Kcom shrugs off revenue slip to boost profits

    Promises bigger dividends and brags about Cisco hookup

    The Channel 22 11:43

  • IT distributors: The only people adding value to the world economy

    More than just middlemen...

    The Channel 22 12:02

  • Activision may bung Bungie $2.5m ratings-based bonus

    Destined to make big bucks?

    Games 22 12:14

  • Titsup WHMCS calls the Feds after credit-card megaleak

    Web billing biz ransacked, smashed offline by hacktivists

    Security 22 12:21

  • Apple's trial experts are 'slavish fanbois who believe in magic'

    Samsung wants witnesses tossed out of patent battle

    Law 22 12:38

  • Why can't ICANN just 'get s**t done', ask dot-brand hopefuls

    gTLD registration site relaunches amid brickbats

    Hosting 22 13:04

  • Fake Facebook pull-down tricks social climbers into swallowing vile load

    Malware-slingers understand your need to network

    Security 22 13:17

  • Star Trek's Scotty boldly goes where he always wanted to

    James Doohan's ashes hitch a ride on the SpaceX Dragon

    Science 22 13:37

  • Official: Apple, IBM are world's most valuable brands

    While Microsoft is the McDonalds of the tech world

    The Channel 22 13:59

  • X-Com reboot invades Blighty this October

    Aliens in autumn

    Games 22 14:12

  • Google officially buys Motorola, hits refresh on CEO

    Plonks senior veep Dennis Woodside in driving seat

    Financial News 22 14:28

  • Steve Jobs' 'private Apple spaceship' seeks public love

    Can Cupertino locals swallow biz baron's glass doughnut?

    Management 22 14:28

  • VIA outs $49 Raspberry Pi-alike

    'Bicycle for your mind', apparently

    Hardware 22 14:47

  • EMC takes on Box, SugarSync and other sync 'n' sharers

    Buys Syncplicity

    The Channel 22 15:04

  • Greene King pubs to offer free beer Wi-Fi

    Ale Caesar

    Broadband 22 15:15

  • Orange pulls out of women's Fiction

    No longer the only kind of fruit

    Media 22 15:26

  • Big Bang secrets hidden in hundreds of petabytes of tape

    Blue Waters supercomputer spews into Spectra kit

    HPC 22 15:42

  • New UK MVNO offers white list calling for kiddies' mobes

    Data to follow in September

    Small Biz 22 16:02

  • US space programme in shock metric conversion

    Falcon 9 launch proves a 'small, one-metre step for man'

    Science 22 16:26

  • Amazon offers cloudy app test drives

    Casting Android handsets as very thin clients

    Cloud 22 17:31

  • Anonymous hacktivists dump 1.7GB load slurped from DoJ site

    US Justice Department: 'It was nothing major'

    Security 22 18:03

  • Microsoft's FDS data-sorter crushes Hadoop

    Getting Bing to sit up and bark

    HPC 22 18:37

  • iPad grabs lunch money from mobile PCs, pushes them in the stingers

    Steve Jobs' soul goes marching on ... in the Channel

    The Channel 22 19:01

  • Ballmer says 500 MILLION 'users' to 'have' Windows 8 in 2013

    Promises 'deepest, broadest' penetration with new tool

    The Channel 22 19:28

  • Big names unleash 1,000-node Hadoop stampede

    Coming of age for twee cartoon elephant?

    Servers 22 20:02

  • Social media off to war with propaganda posts

    Disinformation campaigns will start with NSFW honeypots

    Security 22 20:15

  • Wallace & Gromit teach Oz kids to respect patents

    Museum exhibit “contains strong and accurate IP messages”

    Media 22 21:00

  • Dell gets a frightful haircut in Q1

    Tough competitive environment

    The Channel 22 23:06

  • Boffins track birds ... from Spaaaaaaaace

    Endangered, not-so-angry, birds capture big data

    Science 22 23:15

  • Apple, RIM didn’t infringe Kodak patents

    Smartphone vendors rehearse grave dance

    Business 22 23:30

  • NSW gov backs mobile apps

    Seven projects for govt get cash

    Policy 22 23:59