21st May 2012 Archive

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  • IBM’s first tape drive turns 60

    Model 726 Magnetic tape reader/recorder replaced punch cards

    Storage 21 00:31

  • Noise can improve quantum computing, says ANU scientist

    It’s quantum computing: of course there’s a paradox

    Science 21 00:47

  • iinet poaches Internode CTO

    John Lindsay gets top technologist role

    Business 21 01:38

  • Alain de Botton wants better online smut

    Site will liberate net from "stupidity, brutishness, earnestness and exploitation"

    Media 21 02:23

  • Cloud mega-uploads aren't easy

    Google, Microsoft, can't explain how to get big data into the cloud, despite rivals' import services

    Cloud 21 02:55

  • Anonymous takes out Indian CERT as attacks continue

    DDoS aplenty in retaliation for site blocking order

    Security 21 03:42

  • Microsoft, NetApp, Citrix, team for FreeBSD on Hyper-V

    Cunning ploy to boost ONTAP-v virtual array?

    Virtualization 21 04:44

  • China blesses Google's Moto buy, patent problems persist

    Chocolate Factory must achieve fine balancing act

    Data Centre 21 05:36

  • Windows Phone beats iOS sales in China

    Where did all the fanbois go?

    Networks 21 06:00

  • Creatives spin copyright licence that sticks to web

    Using baton of new technology to enforce rights

    Law 21 07:02

  • Smoke-belching flash drive self-destructs on command

    Do not press the red button!

    Storage 21 07:27

  • UK mobile broadband carriers compared

    Network vs network

    Mobile 21 08:00

  • NHS car-crash spatters CSC accounts with red ink

    'Very poor' results, blubs CEO

    Financial News 21 08:19

  • Facebook and IM apps abused to spread social-climbing worm

    Points you to a .zip archive full of badness

    Security 21 08:38

  • New Oyster online service goes live at TfL

    Allows travellers to check the damage online

    Applications 21 09:05

  • Brit knits jumper for NASA space chicken

    Rubber mascot wraps up warm for solar eclipse mission

    Science 21 09:18

  • Yahoo! gets! $7.1bn! injection! from! Alibaba! stake! sale!

    Web biz flogs tasty slice of online tat bazaar

    Financial News 21 09:46

  • Met bobbies get CSI kit to probe perps' mobes

    Skip lengthy lab analysis, press here for clues

    Security 21 10:23

  • Zuck weds self to lady friend in surprise ceremony

    That's how you top a $104bn IPO... bitch

    Business 21 10:39

  • Sony starts taking advance orders for PSN titles

    Ready to play... on release

    Games 21 10:53

  • Raspberry Pi gets snappy with camera add-on

    Say cheese

    Hardware 21 10:59

  • Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12

    AirPlay exemplar

    Hardware 21 11:00

  • Acer crosses Ivy Bridge with latest laptops

    Drive up the M5 and Travelmate

    Laptops 21 11:02

  • T-Mobile slip exposes 1,100 punters' email addresses

    Telco sweats it in the Hothouse

    Security 21 11:19

  • Waterstones stores surrender to Amazonian invaders

    Kindle deal to fire up bookseller's bottom line

    Business 21 11:41

  • Another NHS trust coughs up £90k fine for lax fax acts

    Patients' privates sent to wrong address for months

    Security 21 12:03

  • Resistance is futile? Memristor RAM now cheap as chips

    UCL breakthrough after team toyed with LEDs

    Hardware 21 12:21

  • Brussels throws antitrust settlement lifeline to Google

    Almunia urges Schmidt to offer quick fix or face possible 'abuse' charges

    Management 21 12:28

  • What's copying your music really worth to you?

    Quite a lot, it seems

    Cloud 21 12:42

  • Ouch! Facebook slumps below IPO value on day 2

    Stock stumbles after mega-hyped debut

    Financial News 21 12:55

  • Core Wars: Inside Intel's power struggle with NVIDIA

    Kepler takes Knights Corner?

    HPC 21 13:01

  • Nasdaq red-faced after software snafu stalls Facebook IPO

    'Humbled' chief promises fix for temperamental public debut system

    Financial News 21 13:18

  • IP law probe MPs hunt for smoking gun, find plenty of smoke

    The IPO whodunnit continues

    Media 21 13:32

  • Does private cloud follow virtualisation?

    Consolidation or construction

    Cloud 21 13:46

  • Met cops' CSI mobe-snoop tech sparks privacy fears

    Data held onto even if you're cleared in court

    Security 21 14:01

  • Audi proposes PC-packing stunt bikes

    CPU assisted wheelies, anyone?

    Hardware 21 14:12

  • NVIDIA VGX VDI: New tech? Or rehashed hash?

    You comment, we respond

    HPC 21 14:31

  • IBM parks parallel file system on Big Data's lawn

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fattest of them all?

    Storage 21 15:03

  • ALL NHS patient records online by 2015

    If at first you don't succeed...

    The Channel 21 15:23

  • Google snubs Euro watchdog's 'abuse of dominance' claims

    Happy to have a chat about 'concerns'

    Business 21 15:37

  • 'Dated and cheesy' Aero ripped from Windows 8

    Never liked Windows 7 anyway

    Windows 8 21 16:03

  • Tech Data still feeling the burn from Brazilian shave

    Country exit keeps hitting sales, but profit creeps up

    The Channel 21 17:01

  • Backdoor sniffed in ZTE's US Android smartphones

    Dial R for Root

    Security 21 19:04

  • Oracle juices homegrown Xen to match own-brand Linux

    One Ellisonized kernel to bind them all

    Virtualization 21 19:43

  • Mindspeed gets China Mobile femto gig

    Must rig out support for political legacy, though

    Small Biz 21 21:01

  • IBM to park mainframes on the cloud

    Rolls out SmartCloud Enterprise+ for public consumption

    Servers 21 22:28

  • Cloaked light detector sees without being seen

    Invisible pixels a small, but large, step forward

    Science 21 23:00

  • Microsoft launches its own 'so.cl' network

    Redmond content for new service to co-exist with Facebook, Google

    Networks 21 23:46

  • Australia rocks to Spotify

    Would you like ads with that track?

    Media 21 23:52