17th May 2012 Archive

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  • Roman roads get the web maps treatment

    M-III traffic means Londinium to Venta (Winchester) takes 3.7 days

    Networks 17 00:03

  • Vixie warns: DNS Changer ‘blackouts’ inevitable

    Father of BIND fears ISP crisis in July

    Security 17 00:36

  • AWS CISO needs permission to visit his data centres

    He doesn't mind and you shouldn't either because they're not that interesting

    Cloud 17 01:46

  • Asia leads global BYOD race

    IT managers jump on the bandwagon

    Data Centre 17 04:15

  • GPS rival Beidou will cover Asia Pac by end of the year

    Chinese satnav project could go global as early as 2014

    Science 17 04:25

  • Sony NEX-7 24.3Mp APS-C compact system camera

    DSLR worrier?

    Hardware 17 06:00

  • Wild excitement over terahertz wireless demo

    It’s not the messiah, just a very fast modulation

    Networks 17 06:02

  • Hong Kong CERT wants bigger team to tackle cyber threats

    Region's multinationals a big target for hackers

    Security 17 06:06

  • Child support IT fail: Deadbeat mums 'n' dads off the hook

    NAO: Child maintenance computers unable to keep tabs on payments

    Government 17 07:03

  • Dell to cut UK workforce

    Box shifter 'grows business' by trimming headcount

    The Channel 17 07:32

  • Google offers up new mobile usage interface to attract ad loot

    Just the thing to bulk out any business pitch

    Business 17 08:02

  • Boffins smash 3Gbps speed barrier with 542GHz T-Rays

    Sky's the limit in terahertz territory

    Data Networking 17 08:19

  • Mobile net filters block legit content too – campaign group

    It even bins age-appropriate stuff

    Mobile 17 08:38

  • LOHAN starts to feel the barometric pressure

    Mulls spaceplane rocket motor trigger

    SPB 17 09:03

  • Soyuz hooks up with Space Station, delivers new 'nauts

    Full crew to be ready for Dragon arrival

    Science 17 09:19

  • Crooks sell skint fanbois potatoes instead of iPhones

    'I wanted an Apple, not a vegetable'

    Phones 17 09:44

  • Compare The Market can't touch web filth extension - simples

    First biz to lose .xxx cybersquat dispute

    Hosting 17 09:59

  • Off-the-shelf forensics tool slurps iPhone data via iCloud

    Cops don't need your actual phone any more

    Security 17 10:18

  • UK.gov IT slasher axes himself - after 5 months in new job

    Ian Watmore follows horde of civil servants streaming out the door

    Policy 17 10:37

  • SoundBrush

    Paint me a tune

    Phones 17 11:00

  • Distie business: Lines get blurry for channel big boys

    What can we learn from J Arthur Rank?

    The Channel 17 11:09

  • HP frogmarches new Xeon, Opteron chips into ProLiants

    Wants world+dog to know that it's also using E5-2400 two-socketeers

    Servers 17 11:21

  • Microsoft books stall at Appule - the Mac expo stiffed by Apple

    Redmond to flog Office at UK fanboi gathering

    The Channel 17 11:42

  • UK man to spend year in the clink for Facebook account hack

    21-year-old admitted breaking into US victim's profile

    Security 17 12:02

  • Steve Jobs' death clears way for rumoured 4in 'iPhone 5' screen

    Apple places order for large display, claim sources

    Data Centre 17 12:18

  • Watchdog tells Greenpeace to stop 'encouraging anti-social behaviour'

    Hippies told to stop asking for money to fund vandalism

    Science 17 12:42

  • Pinterest valued at $1.5 BILLION, bags $100m in funding

    Next stop: Japan

    Small Biz 17 13:02

  • Team up or miss out: Why the channel needs partners

    Your sales depend on making friends ...

    The Channel 17 13:09

  • Council fined £70k after burglars nick vulnerable kids' files

    Second data law breach in two years

    Security 17 13:32

  • Adobe sucks on Oracle brain drain for HTML5 game gain

    Java VM experts exit en masse

    Developer 17 14:04

  • Google, French watchdog to hook up over privacy

    Last encounter left CNIL unsatisfied

    Cloud 17 14:28

  • Google Knowledge Graph straddles semantic web and Star Trek

    Beyond Bing-blocking and screen-fiddling

    Developer 17 14:34

  • Pre-Pet Commodore micro up for grabs on eBay

    Kim-1 could be yours

    Hardware 17 14:48

  • Nvidia drops veil on game-changing might of VGX

    VDI'ing Your BYODs

    HPC 17 15:02

  • BBC shrinks Red Button: Loses 8 channels after the Olympics

    Extra 24 live HD streams during the Games

    Hardware 17 15:19

  • Finally a real use for NFC: Heart monitor in a credit card

    Pay-by-bonk becomes bleeding-edge tech

    Hardware 17 15:41

  • SGI skips future Xeon E7s, lobs E5-4600s into UV2 supers

    Adds Xeon E5s, Tesla K10 GPU coprocessors to rackable boxes

    Servers 17 16:03

  • Acronis creates new roles for biz and M&A hotshots

    Could be poised to snap up some juicy prospects

    Business 17 16:26

  • Seeing ads on Wikipedia? Then you're infected

    Click fraudsters are milking you for cash

    Security 17 17:01

  • Mutant number-crunchers win cluster popularity contest

    CUDA you dig it? Yes, you can

    HPC 17 17:21

  • You can feed 800 VMs off 1 of our boxes, startup brags

    Tintri wraps NetApp up in white paper

    Virtualization 17 18:02

  • Seagate, WD need to get a firm grip on solid disks

    Pro-tip: They should buy OCZ and STEC

    Storage 17 19:09

  • Dell forges GPU-enriched virty rack workstation

    Quadro graphics and Tesla compute tag team

    Servers 17 19:12

  • Whitman said to be planning massive HP job cuts

    25,000 to 35,000 HPers may face extinction

    Business 17 19:53

  • Symantec releases software as Amazon Machine Image

    Getting cloudy with managed services

    Cloud 17 21:00

  • Hybrid computing just like FLESH-EATING bacteria

    A scholarly comparison

    HPC 17 22:01

  • Governments may hit social networks with cyber attacks

    Arab Spring alerted governments to power of Facebook, Twitter et al

    Security 17 23:50