16th May 2012 Archive

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  • Button batteries BURN KIDS FROM INSIDE

    Where’s that dead CMOS battery you replaced last week?

    Science 16 00:11

  • Casablanca to screen for free on Facebook

    Not the beginning of a beautiful friendship outside the USA

    Media 16 00:52

  • South Australia plans digital evidence review

    Laws mentioning “telegram and telegraph” may not cover Internet adequately

    Policy 16 01:04

  • Graphics shocker: Nvidia virtualizes Kepler GPUs

    VGX revs virty desktops, fluffs gamy clouds, changes everything

    Virtualization 16 02:11

  • Apple places massive DRAM order at Elpida plant - report

    Memory-hungry fondleslabs and iPhones the culprits

    Data Centre 16 03:55

  • China steps up crack down on hi-tech exam cheats

    No, you may not take that tablet into the exam hall...

    Policy 16 05:22

  • Stuxnet ≠ cyberwar, says US Army Cyber Command officer

    AusCERT: What is cyberwar anyway?

    Security 16 05:31

  • Telstra denies IPTV shift

    Ellis review results hold staff in suspense

    Networks 16 05:34

  • 75,000 Raspberry Pi baked before August

    Distie says Arduino sales 'overtaken in an instant'

    Hardware 16 05:50

  • Nokia Lumia 900 WinPho 7 smartphone

    Bigger and better?

    Phones 16 06:00

  • Microsoft touts 400% Asia growth for Office 365

    SMBs make the leap online but Google benefiting too

    Cloud 16 06:47

  • IT bungle left dole office unable to check benefits for months

    Tech delay hit DWP's Work Programme

    Government 16 07:07

  • One in two punters don't mind cookie-spewing stalking ads

    Survey: Do not track, or do if you want

    Business 16 07:31

  • Hitachi GST releases skinny spinner

    Slim slow slider

    Storage 16 08:02

  • Only global poverty can save the planet, insists WWF - and the ESA!

    Windfarms for all, but without using steel or concrete

    Science 16 08:19

  • O2 dips toe into Groupon's pond with tat discounts

    Polls punters for special offer ideas

    Mobile 16 08:38

  • Facebook starting to go big in Brazil. Hmm ...

    Plus: Monaco and Iceland have more accounts than people

    Networks 16 09:01

  • Google+ dying on its arse – shock new poll

    Bet-the-company wager goes south

    Networks 16 09:21

  • EMC rounds up rival arrays, beats 'em into submission

    You will work with each other

    Storage 16 09:41

  • Sony outs 1080p skinny laptops

    Vaio Z revamped

    Laptops 16 09:47

  • ASA tuts at TalkTalk over broadband speed estimator

    Tool can stay, but ISP must add warning about potential inaccuracy

    Broadband 16 10:01

  • Carphone Warehouse touts cut-price iPads

    Catch: they're last year's model

    Tablets 16 10:07

  • The Incredible 4PB Hulk: EMC monsterises VMAX

    Last big primary data array push before flash tsunami

    Storage 16 10:14

  • Dell feeds Xeon E5s to hungry new PowerEdge beasts

    Cheaper duos and quads, so we hear

    Servers 16 10:28

  • HTC phones held up at US ports after Apple patent ban

    Stocks low as customs search boxes for illicit gear

    Mobile 16 10:47

  • Lost Winds 2: Winter of the Melodias

    Blow job?

    Games 16 11:00

  • Confused, pessimistic on G-Cloud? You must work in government

    VMware's ex-G-Cloud man's cure: communication

    The Channel 16 11:16

  • Fasthosts officially not the best in UK for virtual servers

    Boasts in adverts banned by ASA after rival complains

    Hosting 16 11:27

  • Watchdog bites bar over 'offensive' Facebook ad

    Stoke venue's man oysters leave ASA open-mouthed

    Bootnotes 16 11:45

  • Real-time drone videos get GPU-tastic

    Swimming in sensors, drowning in data

    HPC 16 12:02

  • 'Catastrophic' Avira antivirus update bricks Windows PCs

    rundll32.exe? cmd.exe? You clearly don't need those

    Security 16 12:17

  • Why GM slammed the brakes on its $10m Facebook ads

    Wheels fell off 'boring inefficient' car adverts

    Management 16 12:38

  • Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK

    Weights and measures a 'uniquely confusing shambles'

    Government 16 13:03

  • Social Network scribe to turn hefty Steve Jobs tome to popcorn-fodder

    Plus: Aston Kutcher grows creepy beard for role in the OTHER Jobs film

    Media 16 13:26

  • Google unleashes Chrome 19, flattens 20 bugs

    Hot fuzz spawns QuickTime patch

    Security 16 14:02

  • Pure pushes flash stash, mocks spinning disk with YouTube gag

    Cheap as NAND chips

    Storage 16 14:19

  • Juniper taps former HP man to sort out distribution matrix

    Channel bigwig Will Hamber signs up

    The Channel 16 14:20

  • BBC deletes Blue Peter from BBC One

    Children's TV staple sent away to digital

    Media 16 14:38

  • Logicalis profits throttled by tight-fisted biz

    UK earnings down a quarter

    The Channel 16 14:53

  • NASA found filming August's Mars landing in California desert

    'Just a rehearsal for the real one', insist rover boffins

    Science 16 14:58

  • Three pitches 'cheaper' MiFi mobile hotspot

    As good as the current model, but less expensive

    Phones 16 15:05

  • Britain has 10 million twits, tweets Twitter

    Why shout at the TV when you can yell at the web instead?

    Media 16 15:17

  • Is there life after ads for St Zuck?

    Facebook credits, and what they might buy

    Financial News 16 15:48

  • Speaking in Tech: The worst government IT deal of ALL TIME

    The one about the oversized Cisco routers

    Government 16 15:59

  • Samsung and SK Hynix shares slide on Apple snub

    Memory-makers hurt by losing contract to bankrupt Elpida

    Financial News 16 16:32

  • Mobile fee dodgers will get away with enough cash to bail out Greece

    US code paranoia lets cash trickle through cracks

    Management 16 17:01

  • Nvidia shows off superjuiced Kepler GPU

    From workhouse to racehorse

    HPC 16 17:27

  • UK.gov's G-Cloud 2.0 pushes back launch date

    Public sector IT bazaar turns to open source

    The Channel 16 18:03

  • Pirate Bay struggling to get on feet after DDoS to the knee

    Anonymous says 'not us, dude'

    Media 16 18:29

  • Australia's first space park launched

    WA set to track space stations Swedish style

    Science 16 20:00

  • Gates' Corbis busted again for fraud

    Infoflows wins US$12m in damages, Gates still mad

    Business 16 22:29