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Atlassian, Zynga among San Francisco's best town bikes

Australia’s developer darling Atlassian, Zynga, AirBnB, Rackspace and less-techy corporate brethren Levi's and Veritable Vegetable have been recognised as the most bike-friendly employers in San Francisco.
Natalie Apostolou, 14 May 2012
Apple iPad 2

Apple drops '4G' label from new iPad

Apple has stopped using the term “4G” to describe the new iPad in the UK and Australia, after regulators took it to task for doing so because the device would not work with what carriers call 4G in both nations.
Simon Sharwood, 14 May 2012

China and India scoop 17% of venture capital cash

Deals with Chinese and Indian web firms are helping to fill the pockets of Silicon Valley venture capitalists (VCs) with ever greater wodges of cash, with one quarter of the top 100 VCs now investing in the region, according to Forbes’ Midas List 2012.
Phil Muncaster, 14 May 2012
The Australian Light Armored Vehicle (ASLAV)

How to simulate a light armoured vehicle

The Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) is an eight-wheeled, 13,450-kilogram monster, which bristles with a grenade launcher, a pair of machine guns and a 25 millimetre M242 “Bushmaster” chain gun.
Simon Sharwood, 14 May 2012

China begins work on world-beating MEGA power cables

China’s apparently unceasing efforts to lead the world in every conceivable field continued on Sunday after engineers in the western region of Xinjiang began construction of what is claimed will be the largest capacity power line on the planet.
Phil Muncaster, 14 May 2012
Robo Bonobo prototype

Overclockers to fight for global supremacy

Overclocking enthusiasts around the world spent the weekend topping up their coolant tanks and tuning their rigs with unusual fervour, as they prepared to go into battle in the annual Chimp Challenge.
Simon Sharwood, 14 May 2012

Telstra to hand T-box customers to Foxtel

Telstra is expected to shut down its aggressive IPTV ambitions and hand over its 300,000 plus T-Box customers to Foxtel, once the merger of Foxtel and Austar is completed, sources close to the deal have told The Register.
Natalie Apostolou, 14 May 2012
Cat 5 cable

StorSimple, TwinStrata join in HP Cloud love-in

Cloud storage gateway suppliers are cosy-ing up to HP with both StorSimple and TwinStrata emphasising their HP Cloud Storage creds.
Chris Mellor, 14 May 2012

Heathrow CIO pledges seamless future with £1.5bn collaborative system

The CIO of the world's busiest airport has announced that £1.5 billion will be sunk into improving real-time and decision-making software systems at Heathrow.
Anna Leach, 14 May 2012

Ofcom: Now's your chance to make Local TV for Local People

Ofcom has received 87 expressions of interest from groups interested in running Local TV channels, and three companies interested in broadcasting them, so has launched the beauty contest to see who gets to be the next Alan Partridge.
Bill Ray, 14 May 2012

Behind the lens of NASA's self-adapting ISS space telescope

AnalysisFunding cutbacks and an arguably anti-science fiscal policy haven't stopped exciting new projects emerging from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in La Cañada Flintridge, California.
Matt Stephens, 14 May 2012
Freecom Hard Drive Sq 2TB

Freecom Hard Drive Sq 2TB

Geek Treat of the WeekFreecom’s Hard Drive Sq is a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hard drive which is clearly pitched at the growing number of us who have smart TVs and want to be able to record programmes without investing in a Freeview or Freesat DVR.
Kenny Hemphill, 14 May 2012
management management3

Stuck in a dull conference? You need Verity's survival guide

StobThe technical conference season is once more upon us. The speakers at these affairs spend a lot of time sharing their software design patterns and anti-patterns with us; as a regular attendee it seemed to me that we punters were overdue for revenge. Here is some of their own medicine.
Verity Stob, 14 May 2012

SpaceX sets new blastoff date for Dragon: 19 May

The flight of the Falcon 9 has once more been rescheduled, with a new launch date of 19 May, as Elon Musk's SpaceX decided to tweak the software one more time.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 May 2012
Tomb Raider Trilogy

Tomb Raider delayed for quality improvement

Lara Croft's rousing return to current-gen consoles has been pushed back to 2013, so developers at Crystal Dynamics can make Tomb Raider "the best game of their careers", apparently.
Caleb Cox, 14 May 2012

Cost-cutting Serco says UK economy improving

IT outsourcing behemoth Serco Group says the outlook for the UK economy is decidedly brighter as the nation feels its way through the economic gloom.
Paul Kunert, 14 May 2012
Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai Veloster coupé

ReviewTradition dictates that cars look the same from the left as the right. Not Hyundai’s new hatchback coupé, though. It has a rear door on the passenger's side but not on the driver’s. Clever idea or gimmick? More to the point, will it lure buyers away from the the obvious alternatives, the VW Scirocco and Vauxhall Astra GTC?
Alun Taylor, 14 May 2012

Never mind the buzzwords: How the landscape looks to resellers

By now you should all be busy filling in the latest channel survey, but it’s worth casting your eye over the results from our last channel survey, conducted at the back end of last year. It showed that resellers were increasingly getting out of their boxes - and not just because it was Christmas.
Joe Fay, 14 May 2012
Apple HDTV

Foxconn chief: we're gearing up for Apple 'iTV'

Foxconn chief Terry Gou reportedly reckons that Apple, one of the contract manufacturer's biggest customers, is indeed preparing the so-called 'iTV'.
Tony Smith, 14 May 2012

Antitrust probe looms over Windows RT 'browser ban'

US politicians are reportedly poring over complaints by Mozilla that Microsoft will block access to rival browsers in Windows 8 on ARM, aka Windows RT.
Gavin Clarke, 14 May 2012
Mark's Millinut payload, snapped just after launch from Dave's Cloud 7

What you should know about migrating to the cloud

Small businesses account for roughly half the UK economy. The technology requirements for a one-man band are wildly different from those of a 250-seat tech support service company, yet both fall under the SME banner.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 May 2012

Adobe backs down, patches critical Photoshop CS5 hole

Adobe backed down on Friday and promised to release a fix for earlier versions of its Photoshop software after previously insisting users who wanted to safeguard themselves from a critical security vulnerability had to pay for an upgrade.
John Leyden, 14 May 2012

Road deaths spark crackdown on jaywalking texter menace

VidCops in Fort Lee have fined 117 pedestrians in a fortnight for jaywalking while engrossed in their smartphone screens - after three people died by wandering into traffic.
Bill Ray, 14 May 2012

Headbanger plays Star Trek theme on floppy drives

VidStorage is weird, wonderful and sometimes very odd. Did you know floppy disk drives can be used for something other than emergency boots of legacy kit or as cool antiques?
Chris Mellor, 14 May 2012
The last Canon shot, above the clouds, showing the edge of space

Study shows SMB cloud security fears largely overstated

Research into small businesses in the US and Asian markets has shown that there's an increasing mismatch between the theory and practice of cloud security.
Iain Thomson, 14 May 2012

XMA sales throttled by UK gov belt-tightening

XMA lost a huge chunk of revenues in calendar 2011 as public sector austerity measures were pushed through by the Coalition.
Paul Kunert, 14 May 2012

Intel woos microserver makers with Xeon E3-1200 v2 singlers

For a company that had to be dragged to the microserver space – though not exactly kicking and perhaps muttering instead of screaming – Intel has certainly taken a shining to the market and is not about to give X86 rival Advanced Micro Devices and the army of ARM RISC server wannabes any chance of getting a toehold in this nascent but fast-growing part of the market. Particularly after AMD bought microserver poster child SeaMicro in February.
Broken CD with wrench

Intel goes wide and deep with Xeon E5 assault

If you were planning on buying new servers in the coming weeks and months, Intel just gave you a whole lot of homework. And if you work at Advanced Micro Devices, you're getting some homework, too.

EMC gobbled XtremeIO to Xterminate NetApp, says Xpert

A financial analyst reckons EMC bought XtremIO to fend off the threat posed by NetApp.
Chris Mellor, 14 May 2012

Next-gen MacBook Pro, iMac make benchmark site debut

Faster MacBook Pros have surfaced on the Geekbench benchmark collation site promising, if genuine, performance 17 per cent up on its predecessor.
Tony Smith, 14 May 2012

Mp3Tunes files for bankruptcy

For Michael Robertson, it’s déjà vu all over again. The same flexible and somewhat optimistic interpretation of copyright law that sank his music service in the dot.com bubble has also sunk his current music service, over what was essentially the same idea. On Friday Robertson’s cloud music locker – MP3Tunes – filed for bankruptcy protection, blaming music industry litigation.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 May 2012

Kelway accuses rivals of cloak-and-dagger cloud strategy

Kelway has accused rival service providers of using irrelevant metrics as a smokescreen to blind customers evaluating contracted cloud services.
Paul Kunert, 14 May 2012

Japanese operator to test quake-proof floating phone-mast BLIMPS

Japan's third-largest network operator will trial blimp-based cells that could be instantly deployed to 100 metres above the ground even if said terra firma is shaking uncontrollably or has disappeared under flood waters.
Bill Ray, 14 May 2012

Google shoves cybersquatter off 763 Googletastic domains

Google has seized over 750 domain names from a cybersquatter who used them to drive traffic to a series of "gay interest" websites and now wants Google's trademark cancelled.
Kevin Murphy, 14 May 2012

Nvidia launches Nsight CUDA dev tools into Eclipse

GTC 2012Nvidia kicked off its GPU Technical Conference today by launching an updated version of its Nsight development platform that wraps around the CUDA compiler set and now interfaces with Eclipse-based integrated development environments.
Buffalo AirStation AC1300 / N900 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router WZR-D1800H

Buffalo ships world's first 1.3Gbps Wi-Fi hardware

If you've been jonesing for faster Wi-Fi performance – not that you have any client devices that can yet take advantage of next-generation wireless networking technology – your wait is over: Buffalo has begun shipping the industry's first 802.11ac router and bridge.
Rik Myslewski, 14 May 2012
_taken_from_fox_news_still_on_youtube falcone lightsquared

LightSquared files for bankruptcy

Just hours before the expiration of a deal designed to keep it from defaulting on its debt, 4G wannabe LightSquared announced on Monday that it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
Rik Myslewski, 14 May 2012

Solving traffic jams with maths

A Swiss traffic management and transport economics expert believes a combination of queue management and computing can help solve the gridlock that plagues the modern city.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 May 2012

Physicists iron out lumps in quantum dots

Continuing to shrink the scale of electronics presents a host of problems, including the way surfaces interact with electrons. At the smallest scale, it's difficult to get a "ballistic" electron to follow a consistent path, something an international team of physicists hopes to solve.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 May 2012

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