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Ten Ultrabooks

Ten... Ultrabooks

Product round-up Product round-up It took a little while for the production lines to get going, but the first few months of 2012 have seen super-slim Ultrabooks completely outnumbering every other type of desktop or laptop PC coming our way. Intel’s tight definition of the Ultrabook category means that there are certain things you can more …
Cliff Joseph, 12 May 2012
The Register breaking news

'Shame on the register to post wrong informations'

Mailbag Heard the one about The Pirate Bay being ripped off? This week there was a lovely story of the Swedish scofflaws being annoyed by clone sites. Many of you enjoyed the wedding-cake sized dollops of irony in this, but some furious freetards didn't. El Reg has got it all wrong, they insist.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 May 2012

Look out, Amazon Cloud! HP's on the warpath

You might think the hard work for Hewlett-Packard is done, after it came from behind to build its own Amazon-style cloud so quickly. But the difficult part – taking on Amazon and winning with open source – lies ahead.
Gavin Clarke, 12 May 2012