9th May 2012 Archive

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  • Microsoft makes good with a 23-fix Patch Tuesday

    Busy Wednesday for BOFH

    Security 09 00:48

  • VMware CTO reveals future directions in VMUG vid

    Speech in Italy says acquired techs 'don’t work well enough together yet'

    Cloud 09 01:44

  • Let’s send 3D printers TO THE MOON

    Sci-Fi fuelled big ideas group wants “moonshot ecosystem”

    Science 09 02:39

  • Broadcasters get cash for vacating LTE spectrum

    Clearing the air for Australia's 2014 spectrum auctions

    Policy 09 04:22

  • AMD's Hondo APUs ready for Windows 8 Q4 launch - report

    Chip giant's tablet-friendly silicon on the way

    Hardware 09 04:40

  • Asia Likes Facebook, but friends in China are harder to find

    India has stronger adoption than Indonesia ... for now

    Business 09 04:45

  • Sony Vaio L VPCL22V1E 3D PC

    All-in-one with finger fun

    Hardware 09 06:00

  • Microsoft makes carbon neutrality pledge

    Divisions will be responsible for offsetting own emissions

    Business 09 06:04

  • Twitter turns to feature phones for world domination

    Low-bandwidth web app sets up Facebook face-off beyond developed nations

    Business 09 06:42

  • NHS rolls out open-source test results service for renal patients

    UK-wide system lets kidney patients see results before doctors do

    Government 09 07:02

  • MPs: Unified EU patent court framework would hurt small biz

    Good in theory, but extra red tape will choke Blighty's SMBs

    Small Biz 09 07:32

  • FalconStor accelerates dedupe, drives finances over a cliff

    Reliably cranking out continuing losses

    Financial News 09 08:03

  • Kelvin MacKenzie blasts 'footie rights warehouse' BSkyB

    Battle for the Johnstone's Paint Trophy taken to Ofcom

    Media 09 08:32

  • Apple's HTML5 bet against Android extermination

    To be closed, one must support 'open'

    Developer 09 09:02

  • Advertising prefect spanks Virgin

    'I must not say my broadband is the fastest in the UK.' Whack. 'I must not...'

    Broadband 09 09:13

  • Speaking in Tech: VMware polishes post-PC virty tools

    This time it's virtual...

    Virtualization 09 09:19

  • Virgin Media site goes titsup in Pirate Bay payback attack

    Anonymous claims takedown victory

    Media 09 09:37

  • Jetting off abroad? Pack protection ... for your Wi-Fi

    Feds warn of malware attacks on hotel net surfers

    Security 09 10:01

  • US court tosses out Proview's IPAD trademark gripe

    Monitor biz and Apple told to end spat in China

    Law 09 10:17

  • Scandal ad slingers cough up $100k in 'Facebook clickjack' case

    Marketing biz 'earning $1.2m a month' settles out of court

    Security 09 10:42

  • HP intros not-quite-Ultrabook Sleekbook laptops

    Reserves Ivy Bridge chippery for new Envy Spectre

    Laptops 09 10:48

  • Head over Heels

    Cute creatures and perfidious puzzles

    Games 09 11:00

  • RIM's new BlackBerry Curve 9320 tempts teens

    One-way Curve

    Phones 09 11:01

  • Leaked Twitter accounts 'mostly banned spammers'

    Tweet site downplays dump of 55,000 passwords

    Security 09 11:12

  • Samsung outs Ivy Bridge notebooks

    Desktop replacements

    Laptops 09 11:21

  • BT outage kills phone lines in Eastbourne and Brighton

    Sussex hospital, businesses, schools cut off

    Broadband 09 11:24

  • Cloud data fiasco forces bosses to break out the whiteboards

    Atlassian team-tracker outage caused by disk failure

    Cloud 09 11:43

  • Hated Visual Studio 11 beta in HIGH-ENERGY colour blast

    I can C clearly now the grey has gone

    Developer 09 12:01

  • Queen unveils draft internet super-snoop bill - with clauses

    Her Maj opens Parliamentary session with clear nod to CCDP

    Law 09 12:12

  • Cisco hits the roof in Olympics marketing dash

    Not just 3D, but Fry-D™

    Data Networking 09 12:32

  • UK recession rattles Sage's cage as revenue growth flattens

    Abacus-sliding software pushers post H1 figures

    The Channel 09 12:44

  • PHP devs lob second patch at super-critical CGI bug

    If at first you don't succeed, compile, compile again

    Security 09 13:02

  • Carmageddon coder seeks gamers' cash for revamp

    Driving licence to kill

    Games 09 13:24

  • Telefonica touts new free VoIP app to cut off rival Skype

    Telco bets future of mobile on TU Me

    Mobile 09 13:32

  • Miniature woolly mammoths once roamed Crete

    Dog-sized hippos, dumbos also wandered holiday paradise

    Science 09 13:48

  • US TV overlords retreat from White Space invaders

    This town is big enough for the both of them

    Hardware 09 14:28

  • T-Mobile punters can now buy Orange broadband

    (and not pay extra)

    Broadband 09 14:53

  • Three kingpin: Mobe termination-charge cuts can't hurt us

    Get on with 4G auction already, pleads UK cell challenger

    Mobile 09 14:58

  • Apple orders 10in iPad, moles claim implausibly

    Rounding error?

    Tablets 09 15:13

  • Yahoo! director! bows! out! after! CEO! CV! blunder!

    Board sets up three-man team to investigate Thompson

    Business 09 15:27

  • Sony pops top on 13Mp Xperia

    Takes smartphones into LTE territory too

    Mobile 09 15:32

  • PayPal beds Softbank to spawn mobile cash in Japan

    New joint venture will make Japanese mobes into wallets

    Business 09 15:54

  • Biz prof disses Big Data as a fetish for info hoarders

    Not a good model for success, says doc

    HPC 09 16:02

  • Billion-dollar high-tech ghost town to run itself without humans

    Uninhabited 'smart city' will be boffins' playground

    Science 09 17:03

  • Dell gives microservers an Ivy Bridge boost

    Cloudy things come in smaller thermal packages

    Cloud 09 18:04

  • SSD sweetheart STEC swings to Q1 loss

    First mover disadvantages for industry pioneer

    Financial News 09 19:00

  • Red faces abound as boffins build gamma ray lens

    Focusing on targets near and far

    Science 09 20:04

  • Amazon takes on Microsoft Azure head-on

    Ballmer-less elastic SQL Server and .NET frameworks

    Cloud 09 20:04

  • WD bigshots spin superfast disk roadmap

    Hybrids and tech transitions

    Storage 09 20:06

  • Papua New Guinean tongue saved from extinction?

    Recently deceased language preserved online

    Science 09 21:00

  • Kim Dotcom to hit the big screen

    Megaupload founder about to get downloaded

    Media 09 22:09

  • Cisco hits the targets in fiscal Q3

    Ready to fight Huawei in China or anywhere else

    Financial News 09 22:37

  • WiFi Alliance pimping Passpoint

    Make public hotspots easier to use, bake DRM into kit

    Networks 09 22:45

  • Researchers propose solution to ‘bufferbloat’

    New fix for age-old problem

    Networks 09 23:15

  • Navman outsources satnav hardware to US vendor

    CalAmp sets up R&D shop in NZ

    Business 09 23:30