8th May 2012 Archive

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  • US Judge says IP addresses don't identify pirates

    “Abusive litigation” by copyright trolls criticised

    Policy 08 01:03

  • Lenovo targets mobile market with new R&D centre

    Smartphones and tablets on the way from the Chinese giant

    Data Centre 08 01:34

  • Apple and Proview in talks to end IPAD dispute

    Report suggests "big gap" between parties over settlement amount

    Business 08 02:45

  • Hong Kong turns factories into datacentres to fuel cloud growth

    SAR aims to beat Singapore as leading Asian digital hub

    Business 08 05:44

  • Chrome beats IE for a weekend

    Google creeps up on leisure time browsing crown

    Software 08 05:56

  • WTF is... Intel's Ivy Bridge

    Inside Core i's third generation

    Hardware 08 06:02

  • Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770K quad-core CPU

    The generation game

    Hardware 08 06:04

  • Boffins embiggen data storage space with 'phase-shifting' material

    'Works 100 times faster' than current flash

    Storage 08 07:02

  • UK's big-spender councils shovel IT workers into a skip

    West Sussex County Council axes 9-in-10 techies

    Government 08 07:32

  • WH Smiths tills insist shop sells The Queen's Knickers only

    It was a cockup by us NOT hackers, insists firm

    Bootnotes 08 07:58

  • Microsoft delays license price hike for current SPLA users

    'Our customers expect consistency'

    The Channel 08 08:18

  • Old-school Mars rover water findings confirmed

    Veteran machine to resume work as summer approaches

    Science 08 08:39

  • Skynet emerges in Greenwich, monitoring hearts to light switches

    'City operating system' controls environment with sensor matrix

    Networks 08 08:58

  • TSMC zaps 3.1GHz ARM processor with 28nm shrink ray

    Dual-core Cortex-A9 turbocharged for microservers

    Hardware 08 09:21

  • Finally, it’s the year of Linux on the desktop IPv6!

    Are you following protocol?

    Servers 08 09:42

  • Cheap MacBook Airs for all!

    Apple pondering 25 per cent price cut, apparently

    Laptops 08 09:44

  • Boffins baking big-data single chip architecture

    Graphene, electrons and the end of 'conventional silicon electronics'

    Hardware 08 10:00

  • Microsoft scrapes Windows Azure name off cloudy kit

    Marketing blues or something more?

    Cloud 08 10:16

  • 2,000 dot-word bids rocket ICANN onto $350m cash pile

    gTLD explosion four times bigger than expected

    Hosting 08 10:31

  • Yahoo! chief! says! sorry! for! CV! snafu!

    Thompson says will cooperate with board's review

    Management 08 10:44

  • National Rail Enquiries

    The train now arriving on Platform 3...

    Phones 08 11:00

  • Planet systems with 'hot Jupiters' PULVERISE innocent strays

    Should help boffins narrow search for Earthlike second home

    Science 08 11:14

  • Now India snaps on gloves, bends Google over for antitrust probe

    'Competition is a click away' ad giant retorts

    Law 08 11:28

  • NHS's chances of getting world's best IT: 80% ... maybe*

    *Assuming its CIO meant 8 in 10, not 8 in 100

    Government 08 11:44

  • Exercises to keep your data centre on its toes

    Flatten the structure to stay nimble

    Data Networking 08 12:00

  • Apple 'iTV' looks like Cinema Display, says Throat

    But with Siri and a webcam

    Hardware 08 12:10

  • Investors queue for chance to glance at Zuck's FACE

    But scrutinising the BOOK might yet throw up some furballs

    Management 08 12:23

  • Zombie PCs exploit hookup site in 4Square-for-malware scam

    Ill-used 'adult' dating site riddled with infection

    Security 08 12:38

  • Java jury finds Google guilty of infringement: Now what?

    All eyes on Judge Alsup as big questions remain unanswered

    Applications 08 12:57

  • Micron chucks down $2.5bn lifeline to Elpida

    If bid succeeds, embiggened firm will be number 2 in DRAM industry

    Financial News 08 13:28

  • AMD girds its engineering cloud for X86 battle

    No Intel Inside – and whitebox Solaris workstations

    Cloud 08 14:01

  • Apple Store moped raider suspect to face trial in October

    Bloke denies involvement in iPad grab caper

    The Channel 08 14:17

  • Avaya poaches Huawei veep Culmer to run UK ops

    Exec fires parting shot at bureaucratic Chinese giant

    The Channel 08 14:41

  • Samsung, Qualcomm team up to take on Wireless Consortium

    SIII's wireless charging part of WiPower relaunch

    Broadband 08 15:01

  • The Pirate Bay cries foul over Pirate Bay copycats

    Leeching proxies face leechers' wrath

    Media 08 15:19

  • CCS to dish out Tony Sale award for computer restoration

    Crypto-machine rebuilder honoured with new annual prize

    Hardware 08 15:37

  • Solar quiet spell like the one now looming cooled climate in the past

    Vast fireball as big as a million Earths does affect us

    Science 08 15:58

  • Dell puts Sputnik open-source laptop on launch pad

    Drivers engaged, set course for Planet Github

    Laptops 08 16:22

  • VeriFone takes on Square with cheaper iPhone-friendly kit

    But is it hip to be triangular?

    Cloud 08 16:43

  • Secret's out: Small 15K disk drive market is 'growing'

    Not just flash and trash

    Storage 08 17:02

  • Google's self-driving car snags first-ever license in Nevada

    Gambling state lets Google spin its wheels

    Science 08 18:38

  • Microsoft, Motorola legal bickering sparks judicial disgust

    'Arbitrary, arrogant, and based on hubris'

    Business 08 19:54

  • Apache releases new OpenOffice build, promises faster upgrades

    New graphics focus and more to come from IBM additions

    Applications 08 21:47

  • Oz candidate menaces Facebook users

    Ex-soldier’s ballistic response to satirical article

    Policy 08 22:00

  • Budget cash for online services trials

    Australia funds MOBILE MUSEUM ROBOTS, data mining, e-health, OLPCs

    Policy 08 22:47

  • NASA spots the light of a ‘super-Earth’

    Spitzer space ‘scope serves up surprise

    Science 08 23:15

  • Understanding data retention in Australia

    A primer: what you need to know

    Policy 08 23:45