7th May 2012 Archive

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  • China shoots for 800 million web users by 2015

    Half a BILLION is not enough, apparently

    Networks 07 01:32

  • ABC seeks help for digital content sharing plans

    “End-to-end digital file based work-flows” sought across radio, TV, web

    Policy 07 02:35

  • US, Australia may share SmartGates

    Information sharing experience leads to possible e-passport access for both nations

    Policy 07 04:01

  • Indian callers could see bills DOUBLE after spectrum auction chaos

    Operators in dire warning as government mulls proposals

    Networks 07 06:48

  • WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo

    Fast file store

    Hardware 07 07:00

  • RIM’s Wake Up is a mini-manifesto

    'Do different', outside the middle, or something

    Business 07 08:19

  • Philips HMP2000 HD Media Player

    Jumping on the Netflix bandwagon

    Hardware 07 11:00

  • US gov boffins achieve speeds FASTER THAN LIGHT

    'Loophole' found in Special Theory of Relativity

    Science 07 13:04

  • Fanbois froth as Apple claims 'iPhone5.com' rights

    Time to rethink naming scheme, à la 'The new iPad'?

    Business 07 18:13

  • Apple updates iOS, mum on Wi-Fi, battery fixes

    Don't upgrade your iDevice over iTunes

    Operating Systems 07 20:17

  • Dinosaur flatulence may have warmed Earth

    Sauropod emissions blow away cows, came close to modern methane volumes

    Science 07 20:21

  • 'ACTA is dead,' says Europe's digital doyenne

    Until the next ACTA, that is...

    Business 07 20:45

  • Partial victory for Oracle in Java case

    Google files for a mistrial

    Business 07 21:08

  • IEEE commits Wi-Fi refresh to standard

    Rubber-stamp applied to 3.6 GHz kit, mesh, et al

    Networks 07 22:07

  • VCs back P2P game booster

    Tech from Oz think-tank may also help large-scale data exchange

    Networks 07 22:59

  • Groupon CEO plans to 'reinvent local commerce ecosystem'

    Moving beyond digital coupon clipping

    Cloud 07 23:11

  • Intelligence a genetic mistake

    Badly copied genome boosted brains, kinda

    Science 07 23:30