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China shoots for 800 million web users by 2015

The Chinese government is hoping to close the country’s digital divide further by bringing a whopping 800 million of its citizens online by 2015, according to its latest pronouncement.
Phil Muncaster, 07 May 2012
Samsung LE52M87 - "Frontline" image copyright ABC

ABC seeks help for digital content sharing plans

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is seeking “ … business consultancy services for transition of file based content ...”.
Simon Sharwood, 07 May 2012

US, Australia may share SmartGates

Years of experience sharing intelligence data about airline passengers has given the USAand Australia confidence to put the data to work as a queue-buster, after the nations announced they would explore expedited access to immigration services in their respective airports.
Simon Sharwood, 07 May 2012

Indian callers could see bills DOUBLE after spectrum auction chaos

Mobile phone bills in India could double if the government agrees to new regulatory proposals for upcoming 2G spectrum auctions, the country’s major operators have warned.
Phil Muncaster, 07 May 2012

RIM’s Wake Up is a mini-manifesto

RIM’s controversial attempt to Wake Up Australia to the wonders of its products has been revealed.
Simon Sharwood, 07 May 2012
Philips HMP2000 HD networked media player

Philips HMP2000 HD Media Player

ReviewPhilips describes its new HMP2000 as a ‘smart media box’, along the lines of rivals such as the AppleTV and Western Digital’s WDTV Live. However, it would probably be more accurate to describe it as a Netflix box, since Netflix is clearly its primary raison d’être.
Cliff Joseph, 07 May 2012
Beam of light

US gov boffins achieve speeds faster than light

Scientists working in a US government laboratory say they have managed to transmit a signal from point to point faster than the speed of light in a vacuum - in a development apparently violating the laws of physics.
Lewis Page, 07 May 2012
Flemming Apple Superbowl critique

Fanbois froth as Apple claims 'iPhone5.com' rights

Apple has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Association against the owners of the domain name "iphone5.com", but devotees of the site to which that name links are not giving up without a fight.
Rik Myslewski, 07 May 2012
Relative yearly sales statistics for Apple's Mac versus its iOS products

Apple updates iOS, mum on Wi-Fi, battery fixes

Apple has released an update to its iOS mobile operating system, version 5.1.1, which it claims remove some bugs and improves reliability of some options, but which does not address the wireless connectivity problems – well, at least not overtly – that have had some fanbois fuming.
Rik Myslewski, 07 May 2012

Dinosaur flatulence may have warmed Earth

Giant herbivorous dinosaurs may have emitted sufficient methane to warm the Mesozoic  climate, according to a new paper in Current Biology.
Simon Sharwood, 07 May 2012
Members of Poland's Ruch Palikota protest their country's signing of ACTA

'ACTA is dead,' says Europe's digital doyenne

The European Commission's VP for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes has signaled that the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is dead, and the world's copyright industry will have to change to suit people, rather than vice versa.
Iain Thomson, 07 May 2012

Partial victory for Oracle in Java case

After deliberating over the weekend, the jury in the Oracle v. Google Java-copyright trial has returned a partial victory for Larry Ellison's crew.
Iain Thomson, 07 May 2012

IEEE commits Wi-Fi refresh to standard

Wi-Fi standards have received a refresh that formalizes various technologies developed in the last four years under the IEEE’s standards processes.
Richard Chirgwin, 07 May 2012
T-Mobile US' MDA and SDA smart phones

VCs back P2P game booster

An advanced peer-to-peer networking technology, Scalify, developed over four years at National ICT Australia (NICTA) has secured $2million in VC funding as it ramps up its commercialisation.
Natalie Apostolou, 07 May 2012

Groupon CEO plans to 'reinvent local commerce ecosystem'

In an open letter to shareholders Groupon CEO Andrew Mason has outlined plans to take the firm into local ecommerce services with a series of products designed to expand beyond its core business.
Iain Thomson, 07 May 2012

Intelligence a genetic mistake

It’s not quite the “key to intelligence”, but a study published in the journal Cell at least offers a hint to how human brains changed post-hominid: a miscopied gene that seems to let the brain form more connections, faster.
Richard Chirgwin, 07 May 2012

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