3rd May 2012 Archive

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  • Black hole swallows star in GALACTIC SUPER-GUZZLE!

    Astroid-gazing telescope catches distant star flare-out

    Science 03 00:04

  • EA unplugs Rock Band for iOS

    The day the music dies is May 31

    Games 03 00:19

  • Software functionality not subject to copyright: EU court

    WPL-vs-SAS case gets Court of Justice opinion

    Policy 03 01:08

  • Pilots asking not to fly F-22 after oxygen problems

    Take my breath away

    Policy 03 01:24

  • Facebook's new Open Compute V2 servers

    AMD and Intel do boards for high freaky trading

    Cloud 03 02:02

  • Why embossed credit cards are here to stay

    Mobile blackspots, global compatibility, keep bumpy numbers alive

    Business 03 04:51

  • Google unleashes BigQuery analytics tool

    Big Data reaches the cloud

    Cloud 03 05:28

  • European Space Agency heads for Jupiter's moons

    JUICE mission will inspect Europa, Callisto and Ganymede

    Science 03 05:51

  • SnapGuide


    Phones 03 06:00

  • Wayward footballer turns to iPod cure

    The crowd roars

    Bootnotes 03 06:30

  • RIM wakes up woozy in Australia

    Apple store stunt snares blogger, criticism

    Business 03 06:44

  • Office 365 in the real world

    The Devil, and much of the goodness, is in the detail

    Small Biz 03 07:00

  • HP: Our 3PAR kit can cram twice as many VMs into your server

    Offers 'virtual guarantee' to back punchy boast

    Storage 03 07:20

  • BSkyB boss: 'I don't work for Rupert Murdoch, remember'

    He's just some guy

    Broadband 03 07:38

  • Britain prepares for government by iPad

    Fondleslab rule as MPs offered free fruitware

    Government 03 08:02

  • Pentos Systems goes titsup

    HP and Microsoft minnow calls in the administrators

    The Channel 03 08:11

  • Telly is becoming moving wallpaper for constantly online Brits

    Plus: UK is nation of liars - only 14% admit viewing porn

    Media 03 08:20

  • NHS trust goes 100% over IT budget in patient records rollout cockup

    A £1m here, a £1m there ... it adds up after a while

    Government 03 08:38

  • Hampshire council throws BYOD party, hires extra security

    Just in case a mobe gets lost - with your info on it

    Security 03 09:11

  • Praise for slick six's entries in dirty snaps compo

    Old computer buffs get the glory

    Hardware 03 09:34

  • Beyond the macro jockies: Salesforce lures devs with Java juggle

    Serious enough in an Amazon world?

    Management 03 10:02

  • Everything Everywhere flexes 4G muscles at Ofcom, rivals

    Telco gives high-speed mobe bandwagon a shove

    Mobile 03 10:22

  • Scotland Yard officers cuff ex-cop in latest police bung probe

    27th arrest in Op Elveden inquiry – courtesy of tip-off from News Corp

    Law 03 10:32

  • Nokia: 'hybrid' mobiles will save us

    Finnish first

    Phones 03 10:38

  • Oracle: HP settlement is 'not going to happen'

    Lawsuit over Itanium processor to hit trial on 29 May

    Law 03 10:42

  • ARM creators Sophie Wilson and Steve Furber

    Part Two: the accidental chip

    Hardware 03 11:00

  • TVonics, RNIB launch speech-synthesising DVR

    'You have been watching...'

    Hardware 03 11:01

  • GCHQ's spy death riddle shines light on UK hacker war

    Was Gareth Williams spotted at Blackhat or Defcon?

    Security 03 11:14

  • O2 drops Joggler family tablet

    No more support for Linux gadget

    Mobile 03 11:29

  • Symantec: Big as ever... just not growing

    Tripled profits but flat revs in Q4 disappoint shareholders

    Financial News 03 11:31

  • Insight biz tremor topples EMEA operating profits

    But global sales machines keep on pumping cash

    The Channel 03 11:39

  • London Olympics 'not immune' to cyber attack

    Blighty puts together crack team to guard against intrusion

    Security 03 11:46

  • Microsoft mulls phone-style contracts for Xbox

    Subsidised console coming?

    Games 03 11:51

  • Star Trek's Wesley Crusher blasts Google+ landgrab

    Wil Wheaton asks blogosphere to Stand By Him on Choc Factory outrage

    Media 03 12:01

  • Virgin Media cuts Pirate Bay access for millions of punters

    First major telco to implement court order

    Hosting 03 12:19

  • UK's new drivers now in safe hands... of laser-wielding robots

    Credit-card chip biz promises 80m non-forgeable licences

    Science 03 12:38

  • Crazy old black hole's X-ray ultra-belch makes galaxy blush

    Space telescope sniffs outburst more powerful than MILLION Suns

    Science 03 13:02

  • Botnet army flicks 'off' switch at UK crime agency website

    Suspiciously close to Soca's shutdown of stolen-data shops

    Security 03 13:26

  • Man sues pr0n starlet after Twitter rejection

    Follow me or face the judge

    Phones 03 13:54

  • Glider pilot 'swallowed camera memory' say plunge tragedy cops

    Attempt to purge the record will backfire, say plods

    Law 03 14:02

  • Microsoft kills Windows Live brand

    Windows 8 incriminated

    Management 03 14:28

  • EA asks for customer opinion on Origin

    Let off some Steam

    Games 03 14:53

  • Acer vows to lose its rep as cheap consumer tat-pusher

    Bins reseller programme, rolls out new shiny B2B scheme

    The Channel 03 14:57

  • Google counters juice V8 Javascript engine

    Beta channels primed

    Developer 03 14:59

  • Globe-spanning patent bombs touted by Euro, UN pen-pushers

    EPO, WIPO agree to revamp worldwide rights treaty

    Law 03 15:33

  • iPad swipes more of tablet market

    Apple defies gravity as Kindle burns low

    Tablets 03 15:46

  • Suppressed data on mutant H5N1 human-killer virus PUBLISHED

    Information wants to be free

    Security 03 16:01

  • Apple to dominate tablet biz, PC market for years

    Fondleslabs more popular than notebooks by 2016

    Tablets 03 16:15

  • Data warehouse sales soar in Q1 for Teradata

    Marketeers of the world, crunch!

    Financial News 03 16:28

  • Bought a new Mac Pro? 1-in-100 chance it'll destroy your data

    Dodgy drives spark Apple UK recall

    The Channel 03 16:59

  • 'Giant vampire squid' seeks social media guru

    Money talks, Goldman Sachs tweets

    Jobs 03 17:33

  • Samsung shows 'designed for humans' handset

    Galaxy S III offers 'whole new experience like never before'

    Phones 03 19:07

  • Oracle claims $777m in new trial over SAP infringement

    TomorrowNow business balls-up haunts SAP

    Business 03 19:41

  • ElasticHosts makes cloudy servers newbie friendly

    Partners with Cloudways, Hybrid Sites

    Cloud 03 19:42

  • Baidu sets up shop in Australia

    China's Google-slayer wants your searches

    Business 03 21:48

  • Facebook lowballs on initial IPO price

    Let a thousand bubbles bloom

    Business 03 22:32

  • MSFT kicks Chinese partner over security leak

    Hangzhou DPTech stripped of partner status

    Security 03 22:38

  • Princeton solar researchers take leaf from plants’ book

    Rough surfaces better at capturing sunlight

    Science 03 22:41

  • iOS Rock Band gets back together

    Blue note as error spread confusion, anger

    Games 03 23:27