2nd May 2012 Archive

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  • Crocodoc tries to take bite out of Adobe dominance

    Office and PDF viewer aims to assassinate Acrobat

    Cloud 02 00:00

  • Computer prices down 8.1% per year … since 1984

    Computer and mobile phone now a “relative necessity” for Australian households

    Business 02 00:15

  • Mystery as Google offloads SketchUp 3D drawing tool

    Spatial specialist Trimble partners with big G to keep SketchUp warehouse alive

    Business 02 02:50

  • Moon at annual perigee this weekend

    No need to duck, panic, batten down for mega-tides

    Science 02 03:39

  • ARM creators Sophie Wilson and Steve Furber

    Your phone, your tablet - their chip tech

    Vintage 02 06:00

  • Chinese feel pressure to work longer hours

    Ineffectual unions may mean Foxconn is the norm

    Jobs 02 06:25

  • UK plc 'needs a chief engineer' - also a chief trick-cyclist

    Plonk technical bods in Blighty's driving seat, say MPs

    Government 02 07:03

  • Hitachi GST to demo first 12Gbit/s SAS SSD

    Doubles the speed limit

    Storage 02 07:34

  • ICO mulls stiffer probe into Google Street View Wi-Fi slurp

    Fresh revelations may pave way for some actual punishment

    Law 02 08:01

  • Teradata gobbles eCircle to biggen digi-marketing message blast

    German data weapons will target customers ANYWHERE

    Cloud 02 08:21

  • Public sector exempted from swingeing Microsoft UK price hike

    Redmond keen to avoid another Maude handbag

    The Channel 02 08:37

  • TLC flash gets tender loving care from DensBits boffinry

    DSP claims to boost endurance to 10,000 erase cycles

    Storage 02 09:03

  • Sony outs its first Ultrabook

    Not its first slimline laptop

    Laptops 02 09:03

  • Speaking in Tech: What's a Klouchebag, is it anything like Apple?

    Tax dodges, EMC World and the Oracle v Google smackdown

    Networks 02 09:18

  • REVEALED: Samsung Galaxy S III is a PHONE

    Looks like one. Smells like one

    Phones 02 09:21

  • 'Oppressive' UK copyright law: More cobblers from IP quangos

    Write out 100 times, this has nothing to do with consumer rights

    Law 02 09:38

  • Nokia's 41Mp cameraphone shoots towards retail

    PureView to a thrill

    Phones 02 09:46

  • Dinosaurs were DRAINED of blood by GIGANTIC HORROR FLEAS

    Huge insect bites 'like having a hypodermic shoved in'

    Science 02 09:58

  • GCSE, A-level science exams ARE dumbed down - watchdog

    Are tests too easy? A: Yes. B: Yes. C: All of the above.

    Jobs 02 10:19

  • Dell sneaks out Ivy Bridge special edition Inspirons

    14- and 15-inchers

    Laptops 02 10:22

  • Systemax profits tumble as US punters keep wallets closed

    Reseller giant's bottom line slides 48 per cent in Q1

    The Channel 02 10:33

  • Barnes & Noble plans instore NFC Nook-book bonk-buying

    Can we expect a 'publish to Nook' button in Word?

    Hardware 02 10:43

  • Total War Battles: Shogun

    Play it again, Samurai

    Games 02 11:00

  • RIM shares take a bath after uninspiring BlackBerry 10 unwrap

    Last Chance Saloon bouncers eye troubled Canadian drinker

    Financial News 02 11:14

  • Intel chums up with Huawei for Oriental style flexible 4G push

    Eastern fancy for time-duplexing not so inscrutable

    Mobile 02 11:43

  • Black Ops II to take gamers to open worlds... and destroy them

    Future Call of Duty to lose linearity

    Games 02 11:48

  • Rowdy clusters put to the grindstone by Grid Engine 8.1

    Batch number-crunching in the trendy cloud era

    Cloud 02 12:01

  • Fanboys excited by ancient Google Qwerty Nexus plan

    Keyboard smartphone a thing of the past

    Phones 02 12:35

  • The Ethernet Alliance is thinking fast

    Terabit speeds are round the corner

    Data Networking 02 12:38

  • Facebook IPO: The date is set, Zuckerberg casts the dice at last

    Ads and free content - you know you want more ... bitch

    Financial News 02 12:38

  • Microsoft's Twilio VoIP cloud deal buffs Apple and Amazon

    Windows Azure climbs on shoulders of giants

    Cloud 02 13:01

  • Publishers' club lauds UK e-book sales surge

    But Brits buying fewer books

    Tablets 02 13:33

  • How politicians could end droughts FOREVER: But they don't want to

    They'd rather ration your water than do some simple sums

    Government 02 13:37

  • HP elbows Apple off global PC throne

    Just 40,000 sales separate tech titans in Q1

    The Channel 02 13:58

  • Kaspersky: Apple security is like Microsoft's in 2002

    Get ready for the era of the sick Mac

    Security 02 14:27

  • Spotify dances onto iPad

    Slatest hits

    Phones 02 14:47

  • OCZ flexes its Flash guns, predicts further embulgement ahead

    Bulked-up new kid barges onto the SSD biz block

    Storage 02 14:56

  • Facebook button triggers tidal wave of human organs

    We're all heart. And liver, kidneys, pancreas ...

    Networks 02 15:26

  • Nokia cries patent 'Havoc!', unleashes dogs of law on two continents

    HTC, RIM and Viewsonic face slavering Finnish pack

    Business 02 16:01

  • Google finally wins DoI cloud apps contract

    Two years of battling against Redmond bears fruit

    Cloud 02 17:11

  • CPU and RAM hogs overstaying their welcome? Here's a fix

    exLudus's Linux layer takes care of unwanted guests

    HPC 02 18:00

  • VMware gussies up View and Horizon post-PC virty tools

    Project Octopus file sharing goes beta

    Cloud 02 19:23

  • Apple blocking Dropbox SDK over in-app buying

    Storm brews over cloud storage fine-print

    Cloud 02 20:00

  • Facebook unfriends 19-inch data center racks

    Time for a new standard, says Open Compute

    Cloud 02 22:19

  • Optus hangs up on 750 staff

    Creates new division for customer care, with less

    Networks 02 23:08

  • NZ erupts over Dotcom corruption accusations

    Megaupload millionaire’s political donations under scrutiny

    Policy 02 23:21

  • In-house social media struggles in local government

    Yammer stammers in Australia, as staff resist extra comms channel

    Policy 02 23:40

  • Amazon Cloud Drive updates for Windows and Apple desktop

    Playing catch-up in competitive cloud market

    Cloud 02 23:47