30th April 2012 Archive

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  • Nokia still has a patent business

    Apple and Micrsoft royalties prop up Nokia's balance sheet

    Business 30 00:13

  • Study finds water cycle accelerating with warming

    Wet gets wetter, dry gets drier

    Science 30 00:14

  • Tabcorp bets on IPTV

    Live races, punting, coming to tablets and IPTV

    Networks 30 00:27

  • Wind farms create local warming

    Turbines stir things up

    Science 30 01:19

  • Optus’ free broadband: the details

    Has there been a bigger naked DSL rollout in Oz?

    Networks 30 02:36

  • Beijing removes all online mentions of fleeing activist Chen

    'According to relevant laws ... these search results cannot be shown'

    Government 30 03:49

  • Judge delays decision in key web freedom case

    Thai journo faces TWENTY years for insulting royals

    Policy 30 05:59

  • Thais have a taste for tablets after flood chaos

    Electronics market a curate's egg but outlook is more rosy

    Hardware 30 06:00

  • Expert: UK would break its own rules with web-snoop law

    Hello there, Data Protection Act

    Law 30 07:02

  • HP and Epic 'preferred bidders' for UK eHospital plan

    NHS trusts to ink 10-year deal to move to shared platform

    The Channel 30 07:28

  • Server flash-pusher Fusion-io is running out of steam

    Record revenues ... but firm still reports $5m Q3 loss

    Storage 30 08:02

  • Windows Phone 7 'not fit for big biz ... unlike Android, iOS'

    Enterprise sec expert bigs up Microsoft rivals

    Management 30 08:29

  • Lenovo signs with C2000, plots SME assault

    Takes two years to fill gap left by Northamber

    The Channel 30 08:35

  • Descriptive Camera develops text instead of images

    Picture tells a thousand words

    Hardware 30 08:50

  • Griffin Helo TC Assault

    Minicopters... ATTACK!

    Hardware 30 09:00

  • LG readies Dropbox, iCloud alternative

    USP: on-the-fly video transcoding

    Broadband 30 09:25

  • YouView: You're delayed - Sugar

    Set top box 'to miss Olympics 2012' deadline

    Media 30 09:38

  • Half of UK smart TV owners don't know what the 'smart' bit is for

    Bought to be up-to-date, not to connect to interweb

    Hardware 30 09:44

  • Freed Facebook hack Brit vents fury at $200k cleanup claim

    Mangham longs for security job after sentence halved on appeal

    Security 30 10:02

  • Revealed: Inside super-soaraway Pinterest's virtual data centre

    How to manage a cloud with 410TB of cupcake pictures

    Cloud 30 10:13

  • Woz says Windows Phone 'sets the mark' for mobile UI

    Would pick it over Android

    Phones 30 10:13

  • Hosting firm suffers 'innocent' intrusion after billing system hacked

    Sore eUKHost: No financial data was taken

    Hosting 30 10:28

  • Boffins cross atom-smasher streams, 'excited' beauty pops into being

    Like Weird Science on a sub-atomic scale

    Science 30 10:44

  • Relationship between private and public cloud

    help us to explore this further...

    Management 30 10:53

  • Lenovo U300s Ultrabook

    'Ang on, lads, I've got an IdeaPad

    Laptops 30 11:00

  • Bank dumps customers in 'irrigation ditch'

    House repossessed? Please update your address details

    Bootnotes 30 11:16

  • LOHAN enjoys a silicone lightbulb moment

    Cracks hypobaric chamber seal

    SPB 30 11:29

  • Star Wars set to expand into Disneyland

    Space conversion in Paris

    Hardware 30 11:33

  • Foxconn daddy's shares slip on weak Q1 profit

    Hon Hai is spending more on staff and new factories

    Financial News 30 11:46

  • Google KNEW Street View cars were slurping Wi-Fi

    Wheels fall off 'one rogue engineer' claim

    Security 30 12:00

  • Welsh NHS fined £70k for patient psych file leak blunder

    Email address typo leads to ICO spank first

    Security 30 12:16

  • What smaller businesses should look for in cloud software

    Cutting SaaS down to size

    Small Biz 30 12:30

  • Google's latest webspam crusade 'breaks' search results

    Webmasters label Penguin update a dud

    Developer 30 12:41

  • LightSquared founder Falcone steps aside on creditor's orders

    Swaps power for seven-day debt extension

    Financial News 30 13:02

  • The truth about Apple's mind-boggling low tax rate

    NYT reckons it's 9.8 per cent - and that's BONKERS

    Financial News 30 13:33

  • Everything Everywhere rolls out the 4G astroturf

    Celebrities line up to deny involvement

    Mobile 30 14:01

  • BT to swing axe at sales account managers – sources

    Redundancies feared at Engage IT as Dabs staff face chopping block

    The Channel 30 14:28

  • Microsoft stuffs $300m into Nook, bolts B&N app to Windows 8

    Let's go double-team college students and forget about that Android

    Financial News 30 15:03

  • Nokia, private equity chat about €200m bling phone firm sale

    Vertu is its own reward?

    Phones 30 15:12

  • Judge: Big Five ISPs must block The Pirate Bay

    'Musicians, sound engineers, video editors deserve to be paid for their work'

    Law 30 15:26

  • Boy wrecks £22k worth of MacBooks by weeing on them

    IT department gets pissy

    Laptops 30 15:35

  • Visa Europe muscles in to UK cloudy wallet market

    Another day, another payment platform...

    Financial News 30 16:01

  • BT missing from Pirate Bay High Court slap-down

    ISPs, entertainment industry react to web blocking order

    Law 30 16:15

  • Zunicore adds GPUs to clouds

    Cloudy child follows hosting parent into HPC

    Cloud 30 16:39

  • Over 1,200 dot-word bids flood ICANN at $180k a pop

    Domain explosion showers net overlord with cash

    Hosting 30 16:43

  • Cedexis helps admins fight performance anxiety

    And shop for cloudy infrastructure

    Cloud 30 16:59

  • Fusion-io's flash drill threatens to burst Violin's pipes

    Both touting in-mem databases with SSD backing

    Storage 30 17:28

  • SpaceX test-fires Falcon 9 rocket as Dragon sleeps

    Launch rescheduling confirmed for 7 May

    Science 30 18:01

  • At last: Violin to push out HANA appliance

    It's why SAP invested

    Storage 30 18:26

  • Red Hat opens up OpenShift platform cloud

    The species of Origin

    Cloud 30 21:16

  • EU plans summer launch for Optimis cloud toolkit

    Smaller businesses targeted for cloud deployment

    Cloud 30 21:17

  • Yahoo! tacks! two! more! patents! onto! Facebook lawsuit!

    Denies FB's claims, moans about lack of integrity

    Law 30 21:35

  • WA sex criminals get tracked by satellite

    Perverts get their own GPS systems

    Policy 30 22:21

  • Australia 'needs' powers to ensure net neutrality

    Review suggests new regulatory body, structural separation for broadcasters

    Law 30 22:30

  • UK Ministry of Defence eyes GPS patent payoff

    US cries foul over inventor’s ‘insider’ status

    Policy 30 23:00

  • Moore's Law has ten years to run, predicts physicist

    Silicon reaching the end of the road

    Hardware 30 23:00

  • Nvidia: What would you do with a petaflops super?

    One freebie Kepler GPU down, 999 to go

    HPC 30 23:07

  • RuggedCom will block industrial control backdoor

    Races to fix years-old vulnerability

    Security 30 23:30