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Investors circle Barnes & Noble as it plans Nook spin-off

Barnes & Noble has had a troubled few years. Part of the problem is that it continues to be a tablet business with a chain of bookshops connected to it rather than the other way around – with the tablet and ebook reader business growing at a savage pace, while the bookshop dawdles. But it clearly needs a new owner, and to that extent the financial vultures are circling – and a particularly clever and ruthless vulture, in the form of Jana Partners, has acquired just under 12 per cent of the business, in a new share issue, so clearly a move approved by Barnes & Noble management.
Faultline, 29 Apr 2012

Australia to look at IT price gouging, but what can it do?

After a year of lobbying by MP Ed Husic, the Australia government decided over the weekend that it will hold a parliamentary inquiry into retail pricing in the IT sector.
Richard Chirgwin, 29 Apr 2012

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