27th April 2012 Archive

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  • Predatory IP threatening the progress of open innovation

    PARC celebrates 10 years anniversary with a warning

    Business 27 Apr 01:44

  • TV Now was too good, and that was its downfall

    Optus loss not the end of the road

    Media 27 Apr 02:00

  • Patriotic hackers face off in South China Sea

    Dispute over islands claimed by China and Philippines goes online

    Security 27 Apr 04:21

  • New satellite will blow your socks off - and spot them from spaaaace

    WorldView-3 can pick out things as small as 31cm

    Networks 27 Apr 04:51

  • Basic instinct: how we used to code

    In praise of Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

    Vintage 27 Apr 06:00

  • No sex please, we're Telstra

    No more NSFW vids on BigPond

    Networks 27 Apr 06:24

  • Microsoft guns for web sales biz in piracy crackdown

    Seeks ONE MILLION pounds from pesky license evaders

    Policy 27 Apr 06:28

  • Northamber lay-offs put it in the red

    Back in profit at operating level, though

    The Channel 27 Apr 07:00

  • You can flog 'used' software, but read Ts&Cs first – ECJ

    Program-makers don't lose all their rights when cash touches palm...

    Law 27 Apr 07:04

  • Samsung DOUBLES profits on strong phone sales

    Battle of the superlatives as Huawei predicts great things

    Business 27 Apr 07:15

  • Blackpool ICT boss: BYOD doesn't save money

    It would cost less for council to cough for new kit

    Government 27 Apr 07:27

  • Oz court blows away cloud PVRs

    Carriers don’t have same copying and time shifting rights as individuals

    Cloud 27 Apr 07:45

  • Ghost of HTML5 future: Web browser botnets

    With great power comes great responsibility ... to not pwn the interweb

    Security 27 Apr 08:01

  • The Big Reg data centre survey

    Calling all the unsung data centre heroes

    Data Centre 27 Apr 08:16

  • 'We're going to have a renaissance – let's do it'

    Plus: 'We just want people to invent their own stuff'

    Bootnotes 27 Apr 08:34

  • Arcam rPac

    Sound investment?

    Laptops 27 Apr 09:00

  • The shortest Google Drive review you'll read today

    Known unknown error leaves Mac in neutral

    Cloud 27 Apr 09:21

  • FTC hires hotshot lawyer for Google antitrust probe

    Paves way for courtroom showdown with Larry Page

    CIO 27 Apr 09:41

  • MIT boffins play BUILDING-SIZED Tetris

    Video: Now this is what you call 'scale out'

    HPC 27 Apr 10:02

  • Steve Jobs' death clears way for Broadway star to play Woz

    But we STILL don't know who'll play Ballmer

    Bootnotes 27 Apr 10:18

  • Barclaycard site falls over, web payments impossible

    DNS failure locks out punters for 16 HOURS and counting

    Small Biz 27 Apr 10:39

  • Nintendo: PS3 rules Europe, Xbox tops US

    Go figures

    Games 27 Apr 10:42

  • Computer nostalgia is 10 PRINT 'BOLLOCKS'

    Memory wobblier than a Sinclair Rampack

    Hardware 27 Apr 11:00

  • Gigantic lava spirals wreck Mars ice valley theory

    Student goes looking for water, finds yet more rock

    Science 27 Apr 11:12

  • Samsung... no, Apple... no, Samsung tops Q1 smartphone sales chart

    Bean counters come up with different totals

    Phones 27 Apr 11:20

  • Standing NEXT to an HTML coder is like standing NEXT TO GOD

    Give me the boy

    Small Biz 27 Apr 11:28

  • Panasonic touts monster 8k by 4k 'flickerless' plasma

    145in big enough for ya?

    Hardware 27 Apr 11:29

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS: Like it or not, this Linux grows on you

    Happiness is HUD+Unity

    Operating Systems 27 Apr 11:43

  • Inside Turing: Computer boffinry to cuffing cups to radiators

    Life celebrated at Bletchley as Reg reader crafts Android Enigma

    Bootnotes 27 Apr 12:01

  • James May 'hologram' raves about old tech at Science Museum

    Top Gear's Captain Slow stars in mobe app

    Applications 27 Apr 12:16

  • Microsoft squashes Hotmail password hijack bug

    Hackers offer to crack accounts for £12

    Security 27 Apr 12:31

  • Shock sales surge sends Amazon shares soaring

    Investors reassured by Q1 results

    Financial News 27 Apr 12:42

  • Europe seals air passenger name-swap deal with US

    PNR welcomed by EU council

    Government 27 Apr 13:02

  • Sony planned Xperia Play with dual keyboard design

    Brick layers

    Phones 27 Apr 13:16

  • Betting on Box in a SkyDrive and Google Drive world

    Documents in the sky

    CIO 27 Apr 13:32

  • Samsung overtakes Nokia, Apple in mobile handset race

    Objective one, achieved

    Phones 27 Apr 14:01

  • Zynga shares wobble as biz bleeds $85.4m in Q1

    Farmville HQ reports net loss despite revenue hike

    Financial News 27 Apr 14:24

  • Cure IT ills with a holistic approach to management

    Lighten the load

    Service Assurance 27 Apr 14:42

  • Elgamal, Marlinspike join dream team tackling SSL screw-ups

    Security superheroes turn e-commerce Avengers

    Security 27 Apr 15:02

  • Space-cadet Schwartz blows chunks out of Oracle's Java suit

    Thanks Jonathan. Come back any time

    CIO 27 Apr 15:32

  • Apple fanboi offers to change name to get WWDC ticket

    Will also do your community service - too late for Lohan

    Developer 27 Apr 15:49

  • Shuttle Enterprise comes home to New York

    Buzzing the Big Apple

    Science 27 Apr 16:20

  • Redmond man unmasked: UK.gov open standards stalled

    Findings scrapped after 'conflict of interest'

    Government 27 Apr 16:27

  • Google to FCC: Protecting Street View coder didn't derail probe

    No need to out engineer in Wi-Fi data slurp, says ad giant

    Business 27 Apr 17:01

  • WD soaked in sales cash bonanza after Thai flood hell

    Number 2 HDD maker banks record net income

    The Channel 27 Apr 17:29

  • iPhone 5 in ICE CREAM SANDWICH photo riddle

    Microsoft browser on Android, according to shock snap

    Bootnotes 27 Apr 18:07

  • Intuit ups SMB cloud credentials with Demandforce buy

    $425m in cash for cloud marketing machine

    Cloud 27 Apr 20:19