26th April 2012 Archive

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  • 3.2 billion pixel sky-watcher a step closer

    Now this is a digital camera

    Science 26 Apr 00:01

  • Quantum cruncher beats today's computers by 1080

    300 atoms do more than computer “larger than known universe”

    Science 26 Apr 00:56

  • Data visualization: Big Data's hot cousin

    Clever coders make data fun and easy, as vendors add tools to catch up

    Software 26 Apr 02:22

  • 'Apple will coast, and then decelerate' says Forrester CEO

    Tim Cook can't replace Steve Jobs' charisma, vision

    Business 26 Apr 02:59

  • Feds bust plot to smuggle US military tech to China

    Taiwanese pair arrested, claim to be acting for Chinese spooks

    Security 26 Apr 05:16

  • Nest cloud storage for backup fun

    Put your Google Drive or SkyDrive in your DropBox

    Cloud 26 Apr 05:36

  • Twelve... classic 1980s 8-bit micros

    6502 and all that

    Vintage 26 Apr 06:00

  • China goes green with rare earth plea

    We're trying to save the planet, man...

    Business 26 Apr 06:10

  • Facebook shares URL blacklists with security companies

    Creates “AV marketplace” with free AV software from five vendors

    Security 26 Apr 06:14

  • Nokia's fontastic Pure wins 'design Oscar'

    So THAT'S why Microsoft bedded the mobe-maker

    Bootnotes 26 Apr 07:01

  • Baidu thrives as Google Drive is blocked in China

    Cloud storage service joins Dropbox on the banned list

    Cloud 26 Apr 07:03

  • Tech City hailed as saviour of THE ENTIRE PLANET

    Profit isn't that important – Silicon Roundabout ambassador

    Small Biz 26 Apr 07:27

  • UK biz needs fattening up on gov IT contracts, says No10 bod

    Downing St adviser wants to spread wealth - as long as it stays in Blighty

    Small Biz 26 Apr 08:03

  • IPCom's 'priority call' patent ruled too broad, world+dog faints

    Nokia quickly chucks mobes back on shelves

    Mobile 26 Apr 08:34

  • Samsung heralds quad-core chip 'first'

    Galaxy S III processor outed?

    Phones 26 Apr 08:54

  • Ofcom: The Office of Screwing Over Murdoch?

    How the Tories' broken quango promise came back to haunt them

    Media 26 Apr 09:01

  • Oracle RMAN straps on rocket, hands admins launch button

    Data Domain Boost cuts bandwidth by stonking 99%

    Storage 26 Apr 09:19

  • Graham: ICO will blow £3m on IT services

    Plus: 'Web-snoop law can't be honey-pot for anyone'

    Government 26 Apr 09:38

  • UK2.NET smashed offline by '10-million-strong' botnet

    Punters' websites go titsup after DNS servers nobbled

    Security 26 Apr 10:02

  • Seagate's latest GoFlex kit 'bolts into stores

    Speed of Thunder

    Hardware 26 Apr 10:12

  • HUS dual-controller array muscles into the mid-range

    ASICs, FPGAs and four NAS controllers

    Storage 26 Apr 10:13

  • Report: Microsoft tried and FAILED to offload Bing on Facebook

    Cites anon insiders familiar with talks

    Financial News 26 Apr 10:28

  • Brydge pledges to turn iPads into MacBooks

    Span in the works

    Tablets 26 Apr 10:37

  • Maxima brags of £6m deals to woo admirers

    Flashes potential buyers from shop window

    The Channel 26 Apr 10:38

  • O2 launches Wallet: Plays pay-by-text card, again

    Tired of waiting for technology and regulation

    Mobile 26 Apr 10:43

  • CloudOn

    Microsoft Office on your iPad, courtesy of the cloud

    Phones 26 Apr 11:00

  • Office 365 in the real world

    The Devil, and much of the goodness, is in the detail

    Business 26 Apr 11:16

  • Opera retires Unite, widgets in latest browser cut

    Stroke our extension instead, browser biz tells devs

    Developer 26 Apr 11:32

  • Indiana cops arrest violent 6-year-old

    Serial offender kicked school principal

    Bootnotes 26 Apr 11:43

  • White Space trial: First Cambridge, then... THE WORLD

    'Do your worst, Dolly Parton – we'll win in the end'

    Hardware 26 Apr 11:59

  • Good Tech: Apple dominates mobile enterprise

    iPad 2, iPhone 4S choices of big biz

    Phones 26 Apr 12:03

  • Murdoch 'sorry' he didn't shut News of the World years ago

    'Felt blast of Milly Dowler phone-hack scandal come through window'

    Media 26 Apr 12:17

  • Star Trek role-players' privates sniffed by alien invader

    Cryptic Studios coughs to database hack

    Security 26 Apr 12:38

  • Google throws weight behind network of 'reformed terrorists'

    Choc Factory think tank dips elbows in counter-radicalisation

    Media 26 Apr 13:01

  • Infosec and B-Sides: Security biz exhibitions face off in London

    Contrasting picture of infosecurity tech

    Security 26 Apr 13:26

  • HP confirms Hunter to head up PC-and-printer borg

    Who's on Bradley's list?

    The Channel 26 Apr 14:01

  • Global cop squad busts 36 credit card data-selling sites

    SOCA, Feds and others shut down fraud-in-a-trolley scammers

    Security 26 Apr 14:31

  • Commentards! Know a good hosting firm? Recommend a good laptop?

    Readers want your advice

    Site News 26 Apr 14:49

  • Bendy, twisty keyboard wins Microsoft input tech competition

    Designer devices

    Hardware 26 Apr 14:55

  • Doh! Sage Pay forgets to renew SSL certificate

    Second screw-up in 2 days

    Security 26 Apr 15:02

  • Avnet TS sales slide but operating income up

    EMEA boosted by cutting costs and unprofitable business

    The Channel 26 Apr 15:10

  • Simple ways to tune your private cloud infrastructure

    Put the symphony on hold

    Service Assurance 26 Apr 15:18

  • Netgear scores 802.11ac basestation first

    Router 1, Clients 0

    Hardware 26 Apr 15:27

  • G-Cloud boss begs UK.gov wonks: 'Speak out against s**t IT'

    Outsourcing handed suppliers the keys to Blighty's tech

    Government 26 Apr 15:41

  • Linux Left 4 Dead port fuels Steam for Ubuntu talk

    Valve picks open source OS for games console?

    Games 26 Apr 15:54

  • E-health FAIL: £1.59 iPhone apps dole out drugs to kids in A&E

    Stop watching Star Trek and get some blood on your screens

    Science 26 Apr 15:59

  • Networking giant Emulex stumbles at third quarter hurdle

    Oops: Did we say FCoE was going to be the next big thing?

    Financial News 26 Apr 16:17

  • Mobile phones still safe... probably

    Pesky mathematical laws still deny certainty

    Mobile 26 Apr 16:39

  • IOV tech could give Violin storage platform status

    Flash array startup could pull off a NetApp

    Storage 26 Apr 16:58

  • HP spreads Superdome vPar partitions across Integrity line

    Tweaks other virty tools for HP-UX Unix

    Virtualization 26 Apr 17:12

  • Intel to use Cray IP to score boffo DARPA dosh

    But what’s Cray going to do with the Intel cash?

    HPC 26 Apr 17:32

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS strikes Hyper-V first with Microsoft

    Cloud before politics, says Canonical

    Developer 26 Apr 17:59

  • University of Florida drops plans to axe CompSci for sports

    Geeks win out over meatheads (for once)

    Jobs 26 Apr 18:07

  • Lenovo forced to expand 'flaming' PC recall

    In other recall news: saw blades pose laceration hazard

    Bootnotes 26 Apr 18:50

  • Scientists slurp conductive fluid for paintable solar panels

    Sunshine-converting paint moves a step closer

    Science 26 Apr 19:33

  • Swedish men ordered to present cervices in database flub

    Health official promises 'in-depth' investigation

    Data Warehousing 26 Apr 19:37

  • Hard disk prices help shore up Ingram Micro sales

    But post flood bonanza will dry up in Q2

    The Channel 26 Apr 21:21

  • Cray revenues spike on XE6, XK6 super sales

    Swings to a profit, looks for an edge in software

    Financial News 26 Apr 22:05

  • 'Geek' image scares women away from tech industry

    Girls in ICT Day suggests new ways to attract women to the field

    Jobs 26 Apr 22:26

  • Saturn's moon Phoebe may be captured planetoid

    It came from the Kuiper belt

    Science 26 Apr 22:53

  • Rugby League kicks back, wins Optus TV Now appeal

    Next stop, the High Court

    Law 26 Apr 23:09