23rd April 2012 Archive

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  • Higher ground: plants seeking colder temperatures

    Flowers take up mountaineering

    Science 23 Apr 00:10

  • US okays release of bird flu research

    Ferret-killer research deemed to have public health benefits

    Science 23 Apr 01:00

  • Microsoft automates Office 365 installs

    Deployment Toolkit 2012 released, helps Windows 7, 8 rollouts too

    Software 23 Apr 01:30

  • Megaupload case near collapse: report

    Farce piled upon farce

    Networks 23 Apr 02:00

  • Google Street View comes to Israel

    Security officials insist only public areas snapped

    Cloud 23 Apr 02:45

  • China hits back at US cyber snooping allegations

    Satellite exports to China will be tightened

    Policy 23 Apr 06:51

  • Vodafone agrees to Cable and Wireless buy

    £1bn deal to boost UK enterprise business, cut costs elsewhere

    Business 23 Apr 06:51

  • Sony and Nokia still a hit with Asian consumers

    At last some good news for the under-fire duo

    Business 23 Apr 06:58

  • Woman cuffed for smuggling iPhones in beer bottles

    Empties packed fruity contraband

    Policy 23 Apr 06:58

  • Online criminal records checks to save Surrey council £300k

    Will slash CRB process from 6 weeks to a few days

    Government 23 Apr 07:02

  • Turing's rapid Nazi Enigma code-breaking secret revealed

    Maths homework kept in GCHQ vault for 70 years

    Government 23 Apr 07:26

  • EU-US name-swap deal actually gives passengers MORE privacy

    Better than interim deal ... but still keeps your data for 5 years

    Government 23 Apr 08:04

  • Plumbers of the interwebs vow to kill IP hijacking

    Task force to send 'Rover' out to wild web galaxy

    Networks 23 Apr 08:31

  • Happy 30th Birthday, Sinclair ZX Spectrum

    The story of an historic micro

    Hardware 23 Apr 08:39

  • Asus: Ice Cream Sandwich Transformer Pad out in May

    Dixons exclusive for tablet-cum-laptop

    Tablets 23 Apr 09:02

  • From the Department of WTF: New USB tampon flash drive

    Thieves will probably give it a miss

    Hardware 23 Apr 09:23

  • HP, Microsoft hop into bed for VS3 private cloud kit romp

    For the sysadmin who needs 6,000 VMs, stat

    Cloud 23 Apr 09:39

  • Taxan touts tablet for bathing beauties

    Shower and tell?

    Tablets 23 Apr 09:51

  • LG 3D phone revamp hits Europe

    Guess what, it's lighter, slimmer...

    Phones 23 Apr 09:58

  • Adobe Cloud offers leg up over Creative Suite's price wall

    Monthly subscription for casual turtleneck types

    Cloud 23 Apr 10:02

  • CSC axes another 640 UK IT workers

    NHS computer bungle biz slashes Blighty workforce by over 1,000

    CIO 23 Apr 10:17

  • IBM fires Power-powered Penguins at x86's weak spots

    Linux-only servers to gobble piece of a $10bn pie

    Virtualization 23 Apr 10:42

  • Adonit Jot Flip precision tablet stylus

    A fine line

    Tablets 23 Apr 11:00

  • Microsoft lobs out first Skype for Windows Phone

    Now does straight-up video calls

    Broadband 23 Apr 11:18

  • Martha Lane Fox hits caps lock, yells at small biz websites

    UK web champ thinks Blighty can do better online

    Small Biz 23 Apr 11:41

  • Lovefilm, Netflix 'no competitive constraint' on Sky Movies

    Ofcom: satellite broadcaster has more power

    Media 23 Apr 11:44

  • Microsoft mulls backside display for mobiles

    Rear guard action

    Phones 23 Apr 11:46

  • Northamber coughs £6.35m to snap up its warehouse

    Blows nearly half cash reserves on Surrey-based premises

    The Channel 23 Apr 11:56

  • Ofcom probes Sky News over Canoe man email hacks

    Watchdog mulls public interest defence

    Security 23 Apr 12:01

  • Reader experts thrash LOHAN's mighty rod

    Why not a launch rail for the Vulture 2 spaceplane?

    SPB 23 Apr 12:18

  • PC World, Currys, Dixons websites all go titsup

    Not enough fibre

    The Channel 23 Apr 12:18

  • Telegraph website falls over in outage riddle

    Breaking news

    Networks 23 Apr 12:36

  • Getting rich off iPhone apps is b*llocks, say UK devs

    MPs told sales can't cover costs while Apple coins it

    Small Biz 23 Apr 12:46

  • Security bug stalls new dot-word TLD land grab AGAIN

    ICANN's domain explosion backfires, fizzles out

    Networks 23 Apr 13:01

  • How to wrestle storage in virtual server bear pits

    Training server admins into server-and-storage admins

    Virtualization 23 Apr 13:28

  • Amazon Kindle Touch touches down early

    Reader revival

    Tablets 23 Apr 14:00

  • Enterprise apps to bring bespoke BACK FROM THE DEAD

    Yo SME sysadmins, break out your Hammer pants, it's the '90s again...

    Servers 23 Apr 14:02

  • Facebook beds silent-bonking mobe coupon biz Tagtile

    App-gobbling spree continues with NFC upstart

    Small Biz 23 Apr 14:29

  • Sony updates iPod docks with Bluetooth playback

    Hi-fi fo fum

    Hardware 23 Apr 14:56

  • Solaris shops bunged cash to upgrade old duffers

    Oracle spring cleans Sparc base

    CIO 23 Apr 15:03

  • DARPA overjoyed that its hypersonic glider came apart, blew up

    REAL inventors and scientists cause explosions

    Bootnotes 23 Apr 15:33

  • LightSquared pays off $56m debt with Brit biz Inmarsat

    What could possibly be up mobile broadband wannabe's sleeve?

    Business 23 Apr 16:01

  • EMC 'poised' to gobble flashy upstart Xtremio

    NetApp also perusing the menu - report

    Storage 23 Apr 17:02

  • VC Horowitz: 'Why we only made $78m on $1bn Instagram sale'

    Duo banked return that was 312 times their $250k stake

    Small Biz 23 Apr 17:36

  • Chinese web tat bazaar takes profit hit, 'invests in quality'

    Alibaba admits 25% profit droop in Q1 results

    Financial News 23 Apr 18:02

  • Microsoft and Facebook in $1bn pass the IP parcel play

    Old vet and new media upstart bond - looks like trouble

    Financial News 23 Apr 18:16

  • Courier mishap sends woman's corpse to shopping club

    Box marked perishable

    Bootnotes 23 Apr 18:52

  • Intel lets loose with 3rd gen Ivy Bridge tri-gate chips

    Claims massive OEM push for Core i5 and i7 systems

    Hardware 23 Apr 19:10

  • Dell fuels up Precision workstations with Xeon E5s

    Ivy Bridge rocketsled to launch next month

    HPC 23 Apr 19:34

  • Facebook prospectus shows jump in users, fall in profits

    SEC requirements are a bitch

    Financial News 23 Apr 21:00

  • Apple sued for every touchscreen device by Flatworld prof

    Finger-based tech man makes massive money grab

    Hardware 23 Apr 21:24

  • Teradata gets partly cloudy to rein in big data

    Forges SAS in-memory analytics beast

    Cloud 23 Apr 22:09

  • Google farewells apps in spring clean

    Bye-bye Blackberry Sync, Picasa for Mac and Linux

    Software 23 Apr 22:44

  • Arctic Ocean may be releasing its methane

    New source of greenhouse gas identified, but not yet explained

    Science 23 Apr 23:15

  • Gore, Bush, and Berners-Lee rock into 'net Hall of Fame

    Internet Society ready to roll

    Networks 23 Apr 23:45