20th April 2012 Archive

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  • iiNet wins High Court trial

    AFACT says decision exposes 'failure of copyright law'

    Policy 20 00:09

  • Curtin Uni app comp goes national

    oZAPP prize open in August

    Software 20 00:15

  • How iiNet beat Big Content

    Lawyers explain the crucial bits of the case

    Policy 20 02:55

  • Microsoft CRM to go browser and mobile OS agnostic

    Chrome, Firefox welcomed, native iOS, Android and WP7 clients coming

    Software 20 03:52

  • ISPs facing global clamp down on piracy

    Service providers told to up their game in spite of court win for Oz ISP

    Policy 20 04:09

  • Lytro light field camera

    Shoot first, focus later

    Hardware 20 06:00

  • Intel to ship 30 MILLION Ultrabooks in 2012 - report

    Chipzilla's target is 40 per cent of consumer notebooks by end of year

    Hardware 20 06:18

  • Just NINE per cent of Asia Pac operators have commercial 4G

    Must try harder...

    Networks 20 06:45

  • Stray SMS leads to aborted landing

    This is your Captain texting

    Mobile 20 07:00

  • Killers laugh in face of death penalty threat, say US experts

    Expensive executions fail as a deterrent

    Government 20 07:03

  • Three questions Fusion-io's rivals face after flash API bombshell

    Apps bypassing OS and disk to store hot data - chaos or breakthrough?

    Storage 20 07:29

  • Channel bites Apple's hand off for any old iPads in Q1

    Euro sales via indie disties soared by 42%

    The Channel 20 08:01

  • Top UK.gov CIOs dealt string of pay cuts and freezes

    Purses and wallets tightened over past four years

    Management 20 08:32

  • Norwich FC scores own goal in net kit leak

    Fans cry foul over bully boy tactics

    Media 20 08:55

  • iKlip Studio

    The ideal tablet stand for musos?

    Tablets 20 09:00

  • NetApp dips a toe into Flash Pool

    New NAND stuff at Sunnyvale

    Virtualization 20 09:17

  • Sony Xperia P glows for advance orders

    NXT generation display

    Phones 20 09:25

  • Battlefield Earth ruled worst film EVER

    Sci-fi cobblers cops Reg reader shoeing

    Media 20 09:38

  • Microsoft seeks Skype for Xbox engineering gang

    Talking tiles

    Hardware 20 09:53

  • 'Searching staff emails would be time-consuming'

    Plus: 'You got it all wrong, I LOVE Facebook and Apple'

    Bootnotes 20 10:02

  • Apple, Google and Intel to face angry ex-IT workers in court

    Class action suit over no-poaching rules goes ahead

    Jobs 20 10:13

  • New tech revolution: Small biz begins to lock out industry giants

    VDI, BYOD, SaaS and cloud salad could free us all from vendor lock-in

    Servers 20 10:32

  • Nvidia: phone GPUs to outplay current consoles by 2014

    End of gaming as we know it?

    Phones 20 10:34

  • Everything Everywhere begs Blighty to back 4G push

    Grassroots campaign spotted in greenhouse

    Broadband 20 10:46

  • What kind of LOSER sits in front of a PC...

    ...to read a book?

    Tablets 20 11:00

  • No more 'rip-off' IT disasters – UK.gov will be too busy tweeting

    RT @SirHumphrey_Appleby A courageous move, minister

    Government 20 11:14

  • Analyst: 'revolutionary, compelling' iPhone 5 out in October

    Waiting for Qualcomm

    Phones 20 11:21

  • Biologists create synthetic DNA capable of EVOLUTION

    Morph-happy bio-soup strained

    Science 20 11:29

  • Rapidshare tells world+dog: Stop PIRACY now!

    Cyberlocker says it's on the straight and narrow

    Media 20 11:46

  • Mellanox rides the Xeon E5 wave

    Big supers bump up network gear sales

    HPC 20 12:01

  • Home Office 'technologically clueless' on web super-snoop law

    Ex-top cop, net experts trash real-time UK packet sniff

    Government 20 12:19

  • 2,500 copycat hack attempts on abortion provider site – report

    BPAS under siege following hacker's arrest

    Security 20 12:38

  • Public IT supplier frameworks aren't baffling – gov organ

    'No confusion' over trio of overlapping deals... say procurement peeps

    The Channel 20 13:00

  • Nanodot memory smashes RAM, sets new speed record

    Electro-optics boffins on a charge

    Hardware 20 13:28

  • Behind Facebook's $1bn Instagram antitrust dodge

    A free pass for Zuck, not Microsoft

    Management 20 14:03

  • Ten... mad materials made into tech

    Substance abuse?

    Hardware 20 14:27

  • Hamburg court: Google must police YouTube content

    GEMA notches up another copyright victory

    Jobs 20 14:32

  • Qualcomm runs out of chips as punters wolf down SnapDragons

    Can't make 'em fast enough for smartphone boom

    Hardware 20 15:01

  • 'I'm no visionary': Torvalds up for $1.3m life-changing gong

    Anyone who's used the Linux supremo's Git tool certainly agrees

    Developer 20 15:27

  • Nokia's older mobes infringe IPCom patent – court

    Firm: New ones are fine so we don't care

    Law 20 15:59

  • Oracle v Google round-up: The show so far

    What’s going on here? Who’s winning?

    Law 20 16:24

  • Ubuntu signs HP as heavy-metal support act

    Pair enter pact for x86, ARMed Linux cloud tour

    Servers 20 17:01

  • Oracle pops cork as cut-price ZFS array creams NetApp rival

    Plenty more bang for your bucks in SPECsfs2008 benchmark

    Storage 20 17:33

  • Anonymous crashes Formula One site over Bahrain protests

    Nervy petrolheads face three days of protests

    Security 20 17:38

  • Sandisk's revs circle drain as mobile flash demand drops

    Heads for a second quarter loss

    Storage 20 18:02

  • Workers' comp covers sex-related injuries, judge rules

    Peace of mind while on the job AND on the job

    Jobs 20 19:31

  • Apple claims Aussie 3G is so good it's 4G

    Novel defence for Australian iPad 4G connection claims

    Mobile 20 19:43

  • Google offers I/O tickets to atone for Code Jam snafu

    Developers get happy ending

    Developer 20 20:40