18th April 2012 Archive

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  • Aus mobile stalwart sets up HQ in US

    Retriever puts on its cowboy boots

    Business 18 00:25

  • Prince of Persia author releases 1980s source code

    Lucky find a glimpse into game history

    Games 18 00:25

  • Twitter poses patent non-aggression treaty to unblock industry

    No first-use patent pledge to stem legal madness

    Policy 18 00:43

  • Oracle considered entering smartphone market

    “Project Java Phone” kicked off in 2009, also thought of buying RIM, Palm

    Software 18 01:59

  • Amazon Web services revamps partner program

    New Partner Network offers tech and sales support for cloudy companions

    Cloud 18 03:02

  • Google updates Chrome for Android

    More languages, no flash, still in beta

    Software 18 03:33

  • Notebook makers hit hard in pre-Ivy Bridge lull

    April is the cruellest month ... for ODMs

    Hardware 18 04:40

  • Ten... smartphone survival accessories

    Protect and deploy

    Phones 18 06:00

  • Singapore most 'liveable' Asian city for ex-pat IT pros

    Hong Kong needs to clean up its act.

    Jobs 18 06:33

  • French perfume house bottles 'Eau de new MacBook'

    Whoever smelt it dealt it

    Small Biz 18 07:02

  • Indonesian ID card will deduct fines from bank accounts

    Police plan to merge data with national identity database

    Policy 18 07:05

  • Quantum brandishes LTFS tool for cheap-as-chips tape

    Low-cost storage for media types

    Storage 18 07:31

  • Tosh UK rewards competition hopefuls by exposing their privates

    ICO slaps wrist after URL twiddling leaked personal info

    Security 18 08:03

  • Compulsory coding in schools: The new Nerd Tourism

    Chattering classes go mad for gap-year angle brackets

    Developer 18 08:32

  • Chinese and US military square off for cyber war games

    Tensions mount as APT attacks continue

    Security 18 08:58

  • Microsoft bigs up open source, then stuffs it under the sofa

    Big Blue got it right, why can't Redmond?

    Management 18 09:19

  • Computacenter UK biz hit by spending 'freeze' in banks

    Continental operations lift group numbers

    The Channel 18 09:28

  • Tunbridge Wells' car park bonking offered new NFC logo

    N-Marks the spot

    Broadband 18 09:39

  • Microsoft, Intel reportedly partner to crush Apple

    Want iPad market share to plunge below 50% next year

    Tablets 18 09:39

  • Gmail goes titsup for 30 MILLION PUNTERS

    POP3, IMAP users can engage smugmode

    Applications 18 09:58

  • 10x power boost for Freeview as London analogue signal cut

    Retune your telly

    Hardware 18 10:00

  • O2 declares 4G trial success... with 1000 users

    Rhetoric ramp-up ahead of Ofcom auction

    Mobile 18 10:13

  • Wasteland sequel given $3m green light

    Classic RPG follow-up Kickstarted into action

    Games 18 10:20

  • Vodafone fights India's retrospective tax grab

    Law change may force telco to cough up

    Financial News 18 10:32

  • JCB builds Android blower for brickies

    Construction gets tough

    Phones 18 10:38

  • Zuckerberg blew $1bn on Instagram 'without telling Facebook board'

    No bankers or lawyers in sofa-based deal, says report

    Management 18 10:44

  • Hunters 2

    Stand-up fight - or another bug hunt?

    Games 18 11:00

  • BT's 'unbeatable' Infinity broadband ads banned by ASA

    Not to Infinity and beyond, actually

    Broadband 18 11:13

  • Dell recruits storage guru to get cozy with resellers

    Mark Hiley will push hard on infrastructure kit

    The Channel 18 11:16

  • Rare! Yahoo! revenue! growth! spotted! in! Q1!

    It's alive! It's alive!

    Financial News 18 11:27

  • Public sector IT buyers 'hogtied by mess of red tape'

    Purchasing rules overlap sparks channel handwringing

    The Channel 18 11:44

  • Canon suspends EOS 5D Mk III shipments

    Undesirable exposure

    Hardware 18 11:59

  • US judge orders Apple, Samsung CEOs to get a room

    Patent battle ideally needs to end before heat death of universe

    Management 18 12:02

  • PLANET-SWAP shock: Stars grabbed dirtballs from other clusters

    Galaxy was young then, explain boffins

    Science 18 12:19

  • NAO: Gov open data policy disorganised and costly

    Calls for cost-benefit analysis

    Government 18 12:38

  • Berners-Lee: Net snoop law tosses human rights into the shredder

    Web grandfather slams UK.gov's online surveillance plan

    Security 18 13:01

  • Oakley: 'smart' sunglasses ready to shine

    Shade us the way

    Hardware 18 13:18

  • Unlock the business value of your information

    Information management initiatives that work for you

    Site News 18 13:30

  • Channel wild-child Cisco vows to be more predictable partner

    Dangles tempting rebates over resellers

    The Channel 18 13:31

  • Unemployed offered money to watch grass grow

    Indolent 'Automatic Lawnmower Supervisor' sought

    Bootnotes 18 13:47

  • Phone-hack saga: Prosecutors mull charges for 11 suspects

    Four hacks, one cop and six citizens on CPS dartboard so far...

    Law 18 13:59

  • RIP Ceefax: Digital switchover kills off last teletext service

    How are we going to impress Americans now?

    Media 18 14:27

  • Reg readers tell us why implementing change is so hard

    Unravelling symptom and cause

    Service Assurance 18 15:00

  • Sony whips out new optical mass storage format

    Hirai's bid for glory looks a lot like Blu-ray...

    Hardware 18 15:02

  • PR mag: Let promoters edit clients' Wikipedia entries

    Public relations bods found 'errors' there, natch...

    Media 18 15:34

  • Spy tech exports from Europe face tighter scrutiny

    Strasbourg mulls new rules on surveillance software by 2013

    Security 18 15:58

  • NHS IT fiasco workers threaten lunch-hour revolt over job cuts

    Union to form picnic line over CSC redundancies

    Government 18 16:17

  • Morphlabs forges OpenStack cloud rack

    Ready to run virty machines

    Cloud 18 16:44

  • Sergey Brin REALLY ADMIRES Apple, Facebook

    But net's biggest gatekeeper not a fan of other gatekeepers...

    Management 18 17:01

  • Caringo greases up CAStor product, slips out VM versions

    File access to objects

    Storage 18 17:32

  • Techie stages 'strip down' protest at TSA 'harassment'

    Naked but unstressed man does 'something with internet'

    Bootnotes 18 18:21

  • Microsoft retunes Intune for full Android, iOS app integration

    But did spirit of Steve Jobs scotches iPhone demo?

    Cloud 18 18:28

  • HDS to launch unified storage systems

    HUS replaces AMS

    Storage 18 19:02

  • White House issues privacy warning on CISPA-style laws

    Even Berners-Lee and the EFF weigh in

    Government 18 20:49

  • VMware still shines in a Facebook world

    Executive shuffle as CFO departs for Workday

    Virtualization 18 22:17

  • CSIRO orders 2,144 core, 174,720 GPU upgrade

    Xenon Systems signed to deliver 120-teraflop supercomputer

    HPC 18 23:00

  • Boffins tout solar efficiency boost

    Sydney Uni scientists catch low-energy photons

    Science 18 23:30

  • Larry Page has painful day on stand in Oracle Java case

    Deploys James Murdoch defense over smoking email

    Financial News 18 23:43

  • Intel: Chinese server market second only to US

    More Xeon E5s 'in the not-too-distant future'

    Servers 18 23:54