16th April 2012 Archive

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  • NBN essential for faster mobility: Vodafone

    Confident Huawei meets trust requirements

    Networks 16 00:59

  • AWS bids for cloudy SharePoint

    Own experiences translated into how-to guide

    Cloud 16 01:51

  • Intel shows Apple how to win a trademark dispute in China

    Shenzhen-based Inteljet ordered to fork out £20,000

    Business 16 03:44

  • Telstra says it could work with Libs NBN FTTN policy

    Turnbull fierce on home networking costs

    Networks 16 04:20

  • Google's Brin admits he under-estimated Chinese censorship

    They've managed to put genie back in the bottle

    Policy 16 04:44

  • Android Trojan distracts Japanese with anime and porn

    Video trailers mask data pilfering malware

    Security 16 05:36

  • NHS trust loses personal data of 600 maternity patients, kids

    Hands up whether patients' info should be encrypted. Anyone?

    Government 16 07:04

  • Is Dropbox good enough to be called 'good enough'?

    Our man wanders lonely as a personal Cloud

    Storage 16 07:30

  • UK server-makers weather Q4 sales droop

    HDD shortages, poor demand and delayed purchases blamed

    The Channel 16 08:01

  • If Google's only taking a COPY of your personality, why worry?

    Privacy, property and permissions

    Media 16 08:33

  • Mobee Magic Numpad

    Turn your touchpad into numeric keys, kind of

    Hardware 16 09:00

  • Sony: UK ebook shop open for business

    Apple and Amazon alternative

    Tablets 16 09:12

  • UK.gov: Firms can't fondle your smart meter privates...

    ...Unless you want them to

    Science 16 09:21

  • ISPs should get 'up to' full fee for 'up to' broadband

    Wispa's campaign against Ofcom turns shouty

    Broadband 16 09:38

  • Samsung S III to enter Galaxy next month

    Prepare for take off

    Phones 16 09:50

  • Google fined for stalling Street View cars' Wi-Fi slurp probe

    Must pay pocket change for gobbling unencrypted packets

    Law 16 10:01

  • Larry vs Larry: Oracle and Google in courtroom smackdown

    Ellison's Java suit against Choc Factory goes to trial

    Law 16 10:14

  • HP ships hack-friendly all-in-one

    Crack open the Z1 and tinker to your heart's content

    Hardware 16 10:26

  • How EMC stuffs channel cakeholes with VSPEX recipes

    Storage biz fattens up SMB clouds

    The Channel 16 10:28

  • Lesser-spotted Raspberry Pi FINALLY dished up

    Cheap-as-chips ARM computer hits doormats

    Hardware 16 10:46

  • Apple TV third-generation (2012)

    Set-top stop-gap for the 'iTV'?

    Hardware 16 11:00

  • BT blows fibre into 'multiple biz units' for first time

    Hopes FTTP tech will help grow Acorn House

    Broadband 16 11:23

  • How far can you shift the shape of cloud software?

    Tweak and ye shall find

    Cloud 16 11:30

  • Himalayan glaciers actually GAINING ice, space scans show

    An inconvenient truth

    Science 16 11:44

  • Apple can't agree with Australian regulator on iPad 4G

    Case against Cupertino continues after talks fail

    Law 16 11:58

  • Brits get red PlayStation 3 next month

    Scarlet fever

    Games 16 12:15

  • MI5 stinks up website with dead SSL certificate

    Secret policeman's balls-up

    Security 16 12:16

  • Hacker jailed for 32 months for attack on abortion-provider site

    Judge: No excuse for targeting the vulnerable

    Law 16 12:29

  • Bulletproof iPhone case set to survive shootouts

    Protected in iRaq?

    Phones 16 12:33

  • Local gov buying group inks £50m software framework

    Twelve resellers bag place on Pro5 agreement

    The Channel 16 12:34

  • Gov: New G-Cloud chief is no 'part-timer'

    Rain will fall as planned, Whitehall says

    The Channel 16 12:47

  • Bytes' NHS deal loss hits revs – but biz margins rise

    Profits up, sales plunge at Bytes Technology Group

    The Channel 16 12:48

  • Rackspace eats own OpenStack heavenly dog food

    Betas cloudy database, block storage, virtual networks

    Cloud 16 13:03

  • RIP wind power: Minister blows away plans for more turbines

    Everyone off the gravy train

    Science 16 13:28

  • EU boots UK phone cash bonk threesome out of bed

    Telco trio must wait until August for NFC green-light decision

    Broadband 16 14:01

  • Apple fights off ebook suit with anti-Amazon defence

    Win or lose, the US gov will lose

    Law 16 14:31

  • Google's top female cheese nominated to serve on Walmart board

    Marissa Mayer maps way to world's largest retailer

    Management 16 14:58

  • Fanboys frolic on recyled rumours of Q3 iPad Mini debut

    Tech speculation will eat itself

    Tablets 16 15:11

  • Peeling back the skins on IBM's Flex System iron

    More Power – and x86 – to you

    Servers 16 15:28

  • EA confirms Crysis 3 release

    Bow to the Nanosuit

    Games 16 16:09

  • Pirates not to blame for Big Media's sales plunge

    Evil empire caught in logic loop ... arrrrrr

    Servers 16 16:32

  • VMware buys up benchmarketeer tools

    Helping you to help us help ourselves

    Virtualization 16 17:03

  • Moody's downgrades Nokia to near-junk status

    Finns failing at high and low end of market

    Financial News 16 19:34

  • 'Not guilty' plea in Utah cop site hacking case

    Police twitter feed doesn't wait for court hearing

    Security 16 21:44

  • IBM ringing up retail system biz sale to Toshiba?

    Checking out of POS market

    The Channel 16 21:46

  • SATELLITE SMACKDOWN: Turnbull vs. Quigley

    We replay their NBN Joint Committee brawl

    Networks 16 21:59

  • German software giant plucks London software outfit

    my-Channels is now Software AG's

    Cloud 16 23:03

  • Microsoft sharpens Azure media tools ahead of Olympics

    Redmond goes Vegas to tempt big media

    Cloud 16 23:37

  • Pew study finds one in five Americans still won't go online

    Luddite fringe exposed as internet use plateaus

    Hosting 16 23:50