15th April 2012 Archive

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  • Yahoo! enters! last! chance! saloon!

    ... through the revolving door

    Management 15 12:06

  • AssangeTM TV broadcasts this week

    Max Headroom meets Andy Warhol

    Security 15 21:35

  • ANU puts quantum random numbers online

    Your quantum device on a USB key

    Security 15 22:00

  • Yet another OSX/Java Trojan spotted in the wild

    Kaspersky Labs tags MS Word as the vector

    Security 15 23:10

  • Oz parliament may investigate tech price discrimination

    Gouging to go under microscope?

    Business 15 23:11

  • Cloudy QR code bike theft stopper gets Police thumbs up

    Victoria Police will need BYOD QR code reader to make it work

    Cloud 15 23:41