12th April 2012 Archive

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  • Sweden: talk, text and drive? OK

    A ban wouldn’t work anyway

    Bootnotes 12 00:03

  • Bacteria isolated for four million years beat newest antibiotic

    Ancient bacteria share genes with bugs exposed to modern medicine

    Science 12 00:30

  • Cloud Foundry aiming to be 'the Linux of the cloud'

    One year in and VMware adds new features

    Cloud 12 00:47

  • Intel discloses sub-10-watt 'Centerton' Atom chip

    You've seen microservers - behold the, um, picoserver?

    Servers 12 02:30

  • Over half of IT hires in Asia are duds

    Employers not happy with recruits

    Jobs 12 04:14

  • NetBank unavailable to 'many customers'

    CBA looking into problems with 64-bit Windows 7 and Internet Explorer

    Software 12 04:27

  • Aus apps take on Chinese handsets

    Smart Trans gets appy with Digitone

    Networks 12 04:54

  • Japanese bank palms off customers with biometric ATMs

    “You are the cash card”, apparently

    Security 12 05:30

  • Ten... Kitchen Gadget Treats

    'Why didn't *I* get any soup?'

    Hardware 12 06:00

  • Chinese coders beat all-comers

    Technology gulf between east and west clear to see

    Software 12 06:48

  • Gov: Give Ofgem clout to force energy firms to cough up

    Regulator 'well-placed' to haggle over compensation payments

    Science 12 07:02

  • Softphones strangled by smartphone battery life

    PC startup times also an issue, says ShoreTel

    Networks 12 07:20

  • Microsoft opens trenchcoat, reveals 'in-memory' Big Data column

    Just the (100 billion) facts, man

    Applications 12 07:32

  • UK.gov has shaved off 16% of IT staff in 4 years

    Department for Transport ICT lost 1 in 5 workers

    Jobs 12 08:02

  • Dot-London squeaks under ICANN deadline

    Offshore firm picked to run capital's vanity address

    Hosting 12 08:27

  • Most anticipated videogames of 2012 revealed

    Which titles whet your appetite?

    Games 12 08:31

  • LOHAN dives into Reg forums mosh pit

    Get to close quarters with our heavenly sky queen

    SPB 12 09:00

  • Publishing giants sue open textbook startup over layout

    Suit alleges web firm nicked pagination, image-labelling

    Law 12 09:18

  • Banks on the business end of DDoS attack surge - report

    Shorter, bigger attack trend continues

    Security 12 09:39

  • Break out the bubbly: World PC market GREW 2.3%

    Doom'n'gloom analysts caught with pants down in first quarter

    The Channel 12 10:01

  • Teens break up with Facebook

    Bad for IPO, good for Twitter ...

    Management 12 10:16

  • Amazon green-lights in-app purchasing for Android

    Whacks down another plank in Googleplex assault

    Applications 12 10:29

  • Sony axes 10,000 workers, eyes up mobile and medical biz

    Cash-squandering giant in global spring clean

    Management 12 10:44

  • 'Woz' wants $100,000 for Mac 128K prototype

    Early integrated 5.25in drive included

    Hardware 12 10:50

  • Wondershare PowerCam

    Powerful photo effects with no editing

    Phones 12 11:00

  • Death Star dinosaur aliens could rule galaxy

    Boffin: 'We would be better off not meeting them'

    Science 12 11:16

  • Emirates wedges national ID cards inside NFC phones

    ID-by-handset to become norm after gov inks deal with Etisalat

    Broadband 12 11:32

  • Whitehall needs to dump 'unacceptable IT' – outbound G-Cloud chief

    Our cloud or the highway (please pick our cloud)

    The Channel 12 11:46

  • .XXX registry in .porn, .adult, .sex extension grab bid

    ICM promises not to stiff smut stars

    Hosting 12 12:00

  • 1&1 outage knocks down websites in Spain, UK

    But hosting company's UK team 'not aware' of issues

    Hosting 12 12:13

  • LARs to Microsoft: Please make deal reg programme that works

    Tool still useless months after launch

    The Channel 12 12:29

  • Scotland Yard under fire over ex-Murdoch man role

    Cop watchdog: 'Professional boundaries became blurred'

    Law 12 12:36

  • Real-time movie FX editing on the Flash PCIe cards

    Fusion-io ioFX's 420GB block bluster for blockbusters

    Storage 12 13:01

  • Nintendo puts 3DS in the Louvre

    Itsa me... Mona Lisa

    Hardware 12 13:06

  • Motorola's bid to sink Windows, XBoxes sales snubbed

    US judge rules German Microsoft ban bid is kaput

    Law 12 13:26

  • Reseller insolvencies at 9-year high: 89 firms hit the wall

    Graydon stats show no let-up in pressure on channel in Q1

    The Channel 12 13:41

  • Apple, publishers and ebook pricing – what does it all mean?

    Answer: Champagne corks popping at Amazon

    Media 12 13:59

  • Naked gyrating iPad vid exposes truth behind Apple's billions

    Behind-the-scenes shock tape rocks web

    Hardware 12 14:26

  • Max Payne shoots onto mobiles

    Slow-mo phone blows

    Games 12 14:36

  • We were right: EMC's VSPEX will take on FlexPods

    Sub-Vblocks built by channel

    The Channel 12 14:58

  • Nokia on 'brink of failure', warns analyst

    Prepare Plan B

    Phones 12 15:28

  • Facebook updates data archive tool, upsets privacy warriors

    Falls short of handing TOTAL CONTROL to users

    Media 12 16:02

  • Publishers fork out $52m in Apple ebook pricing settlement

    US states follow DoJ suit, but they're looking for cash

    Law 12 16:29

  • Student's Linux daemon 0-day triggers InfoSec Institute outcry

    Network software fingered in after-school game

    Security 12 17:04

  • OnApp spins up bullet-proof SAN, punts it to cloud providers

    Bombastic sprog or the real thing?

    Storage 12 17:31

  • Amazon turns A9 search engine into a cloud service

    CloudSearch added to other heavenly wares

    Cloud 12 17:43

  • El Reg hurls EMC onto the rack, drills into VSPEX

    Channel, software questions answered

    The Channel 12 18:03

  • Red Hat joins OpenStack community

    Governance suits Shadowman, finally

    Cloud 12 19:15

  • Developer leaks Microsoft product plans for next two years

    Launch details on Office 15, Phone and IE 10

    Windows 8 12 19:30

  • Top US science wonk wants Grand Challenges and 3D printers for the kids

    But asks for curiosity driven jellyfish poking to continue too

    Science 12 21:15

  • Boeing plans super-secure Android smartphone for top echelons

    Stealth phone due to take off later this year

    Mobile 12 21:31

  • Google splits stock in bonus for investors, but keeps control

    Revenue results at top end of estimates

    Financial News 12 22:09

  • Map of Tasmania to be redrawn

    State government kicks off Spatial Information Foundations project

    Policy 12 22:27