11th April 2012 Archive

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  • Unexpected nanotube heat transfer suggests new way to cool processors

    Spooky action at a (small) distance

    Science 11 00:01

  • SpaceX taps Texas for 'commercial Cape Canaveral' site

    Hang in there for the tedious environmental review, Mr. Musk

    Science 11 00:19

  • Massive organ blown with Kinect

    Melbourne Town Hall's instrument gets hands-free performance

    Hardware 11 00:49

  • NBNCo sets up contact centre on the Gold Coast

    130 new jobs for GC

    Networks 11 01:36

  • Julian Assange™ telemovie coming to Oz TV

    Portrait of the artist as a young hacker

    Security 11 02:00

  • Wavii aims to transform news delivery with social data

    Machine learning used to guess headlines of interest

    Applications 11 04:01

  • IBM gets flexible with converged Power, x86 system

    Cloudy server, storage, networking, and software mashup

    Servers 11 04:22

  • Chinese app stores host malicious apps

    Government scolds carriers for poor security efforts

    Security 11 04:39

  • Trojans target pro-Tibet organisations

    Gh0st RAT implicated again in attacks targeting Mac and Windows systems

    Security 11 05:10

  • MS Office coming for Symbian

    Dying platform gets more productive

    Software 11 05:31

  • The Hardware Hacker's Guide to Home Automation

    Doctorin' the house

    Hardware 11 06:00

  • Crowdfunding, startup fever, come to Indonesia

    Kickstarter clones sprout, hope for better payment technologies

    Business 11 06:24

  • Android spanking iOS in world's BIGGEST mobile market

    Google OS wins up to 70 per cent of China's mobile market

    Networks 11 06:37

  • 'As seen on TV' claims can't be made about unbranded props

    Ad body: Cannot refer to appearance in paid-for ad either...

    Media 11 07:02

  • NHS farms out £125m deal for hardware, medical tech

    Health service sets out tender for X-ray kit, laptops and more

    The Channel 11 08:03

  • LOHAN lifts lid on revised mission summary

    Where we are with our audacious spaceplane plan

    SPB 11 08:32

  • Too small to fail: Obama signs Nontrepreneurs Act

    Accountability, disclosure rules relaxed for webtastic startups

    Small Biz 11 08:59

  • Amount of ice in Bering Sea reaches all-time record

    Hippies get it wrong again

    Science 11 09:18

  • New ZeuS-based Trojan leeches cash from cloud-based payrolls

    Adds phishing mules to employee roster

    Cloud 11 09:39

  • DARPA boffins seek Terminator-style disaster-zone rescue robot

    Car-driving, tool-using tsunami-surviving android needed

    Science 11 09:57

  • Apple to maintain tablet lead over Android

    RIM, Microsoft elbow in as rivals fight

    Tablets 11 10:08

  • Kelway gulps down Microsoft reseller, plots march on Europe

    Irish BSS embiggens swollen belly of serial UK acquirer

    The Channel 11 10:13

  • Microsoft seals up Windows zero-day flaw in April Patch Tuesday

    Kill Bit for every MS boy and girl

    Operating Systems 11 10:28

  • Yahoo! pleads! for! ad! juice! as! products! guru! exits!

    CEO tells staff it's time for YET ANOTHER makeover

    Management 11 10:43

  • Jazz Jackrabbit

    Easter Bunny?

    Games 11 11:00

  • Speaking in Tech: Is Instagram really worth $1 BILLION?

    Bubble 2.0 ready to burst, plus: Cloud wars, sucky mobe apps

    The Channel 11 11:14

  • Hardware hacker knocks up own Google AR glasses

    Smashing Project Glass attempt

    Hardware 11 11:20

  • AOL investor: $1bn Microsoft patent deal not good enough

    Selling IP to Redmond – good. Not giving us the cash – bad

    Financial News 11 11:28

  • Samsung sales-floor rejig leads to layoffs in B2B push

    Names Graham Long veep of corporate and channel sales

    The Channel 11 11:47

  • Vintage alien tech crash-lands in field

    Reg reader in Staffordshire Nazca lines shocker

    Bootnotes 11 12:01

  • Dream:ON iPhone app-maker seeks sleepy fanbois for testing

    You won't feel a thing...

    Applications 11 12:18

  • Nokia drops Lumia 900 price to $0 in response to bug outrage

    Hey, no mobile data - it's a feature not a <arrgh>

    Mobile 11 12:29

  • DoJ could start Apple ebook price-fixing lawsuit this week

    US Justice Dept gears up to throw sueball

    Law 11 12:37

  • iPad to reign unchallenged as KING of FONDLESLABS

    Moses would have used Apple tablets

    The Channel 11 12:47

  • MPs: Border Agency's own staff don't trust airport-scanner tech

    Bioscanning e-Gates and £9.1m IRIS cash splurge were big mistakes – report

    Government 11 13:02

  • Spotify adds web button: Just push... Play

    Like SoundCloud, but with added ColdPlay

    Developer 11 13:32

  • Nokia shares fall as it drops first quarter forecast

    Finnish phone firm didn't get off to a good start this year...

    Financial News 11 13:57

  • Leisure Suit Larry set for second coming

    Antique code growth

    Games 11 14:40

  • Employers' group: New comp sci GCSE driven by vendor agenda

    Prepare 'em for life, not Microsoft MCSE

    Government 11 15:02

  • Hands on with the Huawei Ascend G300 low-cost Android phone

    Budget blower packs a punch

    Phones 11 15:07

  • Malware-infected flash cards shipped out with HP switches

    Vendor fields ProCurveBall

    Security 11 15:26

  • BT fattens fibre customer pipes for free - with a contract extension

    Requires commitment before coming across

    Broadband 11 15:42

  • Apple trails behind world+Microsoft in 'Flashback' malware debacle

    Finally pulls head from sand, pledges patch

    Security 11 15:56

  • How Apple revived publisher-set pricing and got sued for it

    But DRM got off, scot-free

    Tablets 11 16:09

  • 170m people 'upgrade' to Google+, but how many stick around?

    Major UI revamp leaves us with more questions than answers

    Applications 11 16:17

  • SGI storage gets a head transplant

    ZFS-based Nexenta NAS head

    Storage 11 16:37

  • Citrix chomps Podio for cloudy workspaces

    GoTo heavenly project management

    Cloud 11 17:01

  • Judge: Checking Facebook at work is not a crime

    'Sometimes we use computers for ... play'

    Jobs 11 17:17

  • US sues Apple, publishers over ebook pricing strategy

    Alleges conspiracy to fix prices and stick it to Amazon

    Law 11 17:38

  • WD pushes out super-slim shock-resistant Ultrabook drive

    Single platter

    Hardware 11 18:01

  • US Trade Rep criticises tech trade barriers in Oz, NZ

    Wary of telecoms, cloud, patent and copyright rules

    Policy 11 22:41

  • German scientists link two labs with ‘universal quantum network’

    Communicating with entangled distant atoms

    Science 11 23:48

  • SAP flashes cash to pump up HANA biz

    In-pocket database, in-face Larry

    Software 11 23:55