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Chinese military contractor hits back at hacktivist Hardcore Charlie

A Chinese military contractor has strongly denied recent allegations that it was hacked by the Anonymous-affiliated ‘Hardcore Charlie’, but the hacktivist has responded by leaking more documents including US military data which he claims the firm has shared with Vietnam, Ukraine and Russia.
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Intel introduces 'Ivy Bridge'–ready chipsets

Intel has announced that its new 7-series "mainstream" chipset family is now available and being used by OEMs in mobile and desktop systems for the current 2nd Generation Core processors today, and will be ready to support the "Ivy Bridge" 3rd Generation Core processors when they appear later this quarter.
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CSIRO patent-trolls ALL OF AMERICA!

With a skillful combination of nationalistic dog-whistling and misinformation, Ars Technica has created a storm of outrage against Australia with the claim that the country’s CSIRO has patent-trolled its way into American WiFi users’ pockets.
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US government service improves after virus takes out email

A virus attack which hit the US Economic Development Administration (EDA) was so severe the agency pulled the plug on its email systems. Twelve weeks later the agency is yet to fully restore email and has only a rudimentary web site in place.
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Halfbrick links with GetJar

Australian gaming developer Halfbrick is working on strategies to monetize its hit games such as Fruit Ninja with indie app store GetJar.
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Dark matter hits you once a minute

Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPS) hit you about once a minute, according to a new paper titled Dark Matter collisions with the Human Body.
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Culture jammers connect Lego clones with 3D printer files

Sy-Lab and The Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab, a self-described “organization dedicated to enriching the public domain through the research and development of creative technologies and media”, have released a set of 3D printer files that will “enable complete interoperability between ten popular children’s construction toys.”
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Foxtel gets foxed by ACCC

Foxtel’s ambitious IPTV plans have been significantly thwarted following the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s conditions which will allow Foxtel’s AUS$1.9 billion takeover of pay- TV operative Austar to go ahead.
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HTC struggling as profits drop 70 per cent

HTC’s fortunes took another turn for the worse on Friday after the Taiwanese handset giant revealed that first quarter net profits dipped a massive 70 per cent from the same period last year, as the firm continues to struggle against the likes of Samsung and Apple.
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HP opens up public cloud beta in May

Contrary to earlier reports, HP is not yet ready to launch its first public cloud, and it is not rolling the HP Cloud Services in May as HP execs had hinted last month. What HP is doing, however, is talking a bit more about its public cloud – including new block storage and database services – and telling everyone that it is opening it up for a public beta next month.
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HotLink's SuperVisor hooks deeper into VMware

HotLink, the startup that came out of stealth last year with a kind of über-visor for managing incompatible hypervisors all from the same console, is beefing up its integration with VMware's vCenter management console.
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China sets up association to handle rare earth disputes

The Chinese government has set up a new association for companies in the rare earth industry which will be tasked with promoting development and handling international trade disputes in the increasingly fractious sector.
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Ten... Living Room Gadget Treats

Gizmo Week Gizmo Week Once, living rooms were the places kept solely for entertaining guests. Now they’re games rooms, home cinemas – and places to crash when you’re just too exhausted from all the fun to do anything else. But kitting out your living room isn't just a matter of picking a TV and a console. There's a host of gadgets you …
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India gobbling up chips to the tune of £5.8 BILLION

India’s semiconductor consumption is set to grow 20 per cent this year to reach revenue of over $9bn – the fastest growing market in the world thanks to an explosion in mobile phone, LCD TV and PC production.
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Amplidata smashes the object pedal against the metal

Amplidata has pushed the accelerator pedal to the floor with its AmpliStor XT object storage system. It's increased throughput, raised the IOPS rate and dropped latency, saying these things make its product better suited to big unstructured data applications.
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Facebook's facial recog bots can't eat your face without your say-so

Social networking sites need to obtain users' "informed consent" before suggesting to other users that those individuals feature in photos that they are uploading to the site, an EU privacy watchdog has said.
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TITANIC 'UNLIKELY' TO SINK AGAIN, says prof - apparently

Amazing news on the science wires this morning as - by an amazing coincidence, just ahead of the centenary of the tragedy ocean collision plunge sinking of famous real-life blockbuster movie ocean liner Titanic - we read the headline: Titanic Disaster 'Unlikely to Happen Again'!
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Forensic snoops: It doesn't take a Genius to break into an iPhone

Analysis Forensic tools against smartphones allow basic 4-digit phone passcodes to be bypassed in minutes.
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Councils get online arsenal to battle billion-pound bloodsuckers

Local authorities will be able to use a set of online products to help them fight housing tenancy, council tax and blue badge parking frauds, under new government guidelines.

Toshiba to demo vid streaming without any work by the CPU

Toshiba's NPEngine hardware directly streams video from SSDs to IP networks without using host server CPU cycles or memory.
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Sony 2011 losses are TWICE as bad as expected

Sony has more than doubled its forecast for losses in fiscal 2011 to ¥520bn ($6.4bn, £4bn) after figuring out it will owe an extra ¥300bn ($3.69bn, £2.32bn) in taxes in the fourth quarter.
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RIM: BlackBerry sales to US gov still on the rise

The White House and American government departments are still buying BlackBerrys, RIM's senior VP of security told Bloomberg, claiming that RIM had increased its share in the federal contract market.

Sony waves hello to Vaio lappy with gesture control

Sony has unveiled its latest notebook refresh, the Vaio E series 14, a lightweight laptop with gesture control.
Caleb Cox, 10 2012
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Whisky IN SPAAAAACE: Zero-G Scotch is matured aboard the ISS

A Scottish whisky distillery has sent its malt where no whisky has been before – into orbit above the Earth.
Renualt Twizy

Renault Twizy budget e-car

First Look Some vehicles are more suited to certain geographical locales than others. Case in point: Renault's new two-seater electric runabout may not make much sense in central Manchester on a cold, dark, drizzly December evening.
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Anonymous plans DDoS attack on GCHQ in snoop law protest

Analysis The Home Office website is back online following a weekend of disruptive denial-of-service attacks by Anonymous.
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US ecosystems basically unaffected by global warming, studies show

Scientists monitoring water flow in streams at test sites across the USA have found, unexpectedly, that the global warming seen in the late 20th century had basically no effect on most of the ecosystems they studied.
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Android App of the Week TED - or Technology, Entertainment and Design - is a series of conferences run by a private not-for-profit organisation called the Sapling Foundation. In its own words, it was formed to disseminate "ideas worth spreading".
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Learn everything you need to know about System Center 2012

Among Windows systems administrators System Center 2012 is arguably the most hotly anticipated software release in nearly a decade.
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Google answers less than half of watchdog's privacy tweak questions

Google only partially responded to French data protection regulator CNIL late last Thursday about the company's controversial privacy policy tweak in March.
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What's happening in data management today?

Live broadcast On April 19th at 12:30 BST, our host Jon Collins will be joined by a band of experts to discuss the current state of data management, and how new approaches work with old principles to solve the business problems of today.
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Microsoft-Accenture venture to fluff Azure clouds

Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud is leaking out of Redmond through a joint venture with Accenture.

Cisco and NetApp to fling cheaper mini FlexPods at small biz bods

Cisco and NetApp are broadening the market for their FlexPod converged server-storage-networking-and-software systems with an entry-level system designed for 500 to 1,000 users.
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Iran's plan to UNPLUG the INTERWEBS back from the dead

Analysis Iran's plans to unplug consumers from the internet – replacing the network with an insular walled-garden intranet restricted to the Islamic republic – are unlikely to come to anything.
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Mega-star HD 10180 could have more planets than the Sun

Headline-hogging HD10180, the Sun-like star that fired the imaginations of alien-lovers everywhere back in 2010, may be the biggest planetary system ever detected.

UK retailers start taking Nokia Lumia 900 orders

Nokia's next Windows Phone, the Lumia 900, was made available for pre-orders today, with British punters able to pick one up free on contracts starting from £36 a month.
Caleb Cox, 10 2012
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EMC VSPEX storage torpedo could sink FlexPods

Comment The consensus among storage insiders is that NetApp and Cisco's FlexPods are in EMC's sights with its coming VSPEX validated bundle of bits.
Toshiba 7.7in Android tablet concept

Toshiba prices up 13in monster tablet

Toshiba will out its 13.3in, 1600 x 900 monster Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet in the US this coming June.
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Nationwide Building Society website goes on the blink

Customers of the UK's Nationwide Building Society have suffered intermittent service to the bank's website since this morning, and the access problems are ongoing.
Lenovo Yoga

Lenovo readies Yoga Ultrabook-cum-tablet for Blighty

Lenovo today heralded the UK arrival of the IdeaPad Yoga - an Ultrabook with a display that folds right round to turn the machine into a tablet.
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Sharp bags partners for LCD biz, forecasts bigger loss for 2011

Sharp has found two new partners to help with its LCD factory as it forecasts an annual loss of ¥380bn ($4.7bn, £2.97bn).
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Big Four US carriers vow to switch off stolen smartphones

In order to combat rising cases of phone theft, America's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is planning to create a national database of stolen smartphones with the goal of ensuring that the mobes never work again.
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Citrix kicks down door, breaks up OpenStack cloud party

Open ... and Shut Two years ago, Rackspace went after Amazon in a big way, launching an open-source cloud initiative called OpenStack. Since that time, more than 150 companies have signed up to the anti-Amazon party. Last week, however, one big participant decided to leave OpenStack to create an after-party that by many accounts fixes a slew of problems inherent in OpenStack's design-by-committee approach.
Matt Asay, 10 2012
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Shuttle Discovery to buzz Washington DC at 1,500 feet

Updated Stateside Reg readers in our nation's capital will be treated to a farewell flyover of the Space Shuttle Discovery between 10am and 11am on Tuesday, April 17.
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Woz warns that patent palaver will stifle startups

Apple cofounder and number-one fanboi Steve Wozniak has warned that the current land rush for patents is going to stifle innovation and could cripple the next generation of startups.

Oracle forges Xeon E5 racks and blades

Oracle has launched five new servers – three rackables and two blades – based on Intel's new Xeon E5-2600 two-socket server processors.

OnLive goes legit with licensing downshift for virtual Windows

Updated Microsoft has claimed a partial victory in getting OnLive to change its Windows-on-an-iPad service to comply with Windows 7 licensing terms.
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Wellcome Trust backs boffins in open publishing row

The Wellcome Trust, one of the world’s largest non-government funders of science, has reiterated its open-access policy, in a move seen as supporting the growing scientists’ revolt against major academic publisher Elsevier.
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Matt Groening reveals location of Simpsons' Springfield

Simpsons creator Matt Groening has revealed the location of Springfield, the setting for The Simpsons.