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'Don't break the internet': How an idiot's slogan stole your privacy...

Special Report"I am the head of IT and I have it on good authority that if you type 'Google' into Google, you can break the Internet. So please, no one try it, even for a joke. It's not a laughing matter. You can break the Internet" - Jen, The IT Crowd
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Apr 2012

WTF is... UltraViolet

Tony Smith, 09 Apr 2012
long hair, long goatee

The 10 worst IT admins of all time

In 2008 a survey of 300 sysadmins by Cyber-Ark grabbed a lot of press coverage when a whopping 88 per cent of respondents said they would steal company information if fired.
Drew Cullen, 09 Apr 2012

Intel engineer turned chip spy pleads guilty

A former Intel engineer who worked on the company's Itanium processors for servers and who is accused of stealing documents relating to future processor designs and chip fabrication processes has pleaded guilty to the charges.

Amazon's S3 object count kisses 1 trillion

It started out so small, a mere 200,000 objects, with the 2006 launch of the Simple Storage Service (S3) object storage companion to the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) compute cloud. Six years later, and Amazon's infrastructure cloud is getting ready to handily bust through 1 trillion objects under management.

Facebook to acquire Instagram for $1bn

Facebook has announced that it will acquire photo-sharing service Instagram in a $1bn cash-and-stock deal.
Rik Myslewski, 09 Apr 2012

AOL sells Microsoft 800+ patents for over $1bn

AOL has confirmed that it is selling Microsoft a bundle of over 800 pieces of its patent portfolio for $1.056bn, and will be licensing its remaining intellectual property to Redmond and others.
Iain Thomson, 09 Apr 2012

'Unibody' iPhone 5 said to debut in October

Apple's next iPhone will be released in October, not June, and it will have a unibody construction similar to that of the MacBook Pro – that is, if you believe the latest crop of rumors.
Rik Myslewski, 09 Apr 2012

Red Hat clustered storage goes beta

The first iteration of the Gluster clustered file system that is going through the Red Hat annealing process is coming closer to market with the launch of a the first beta of the tool since Shadowman acquired Gluster last October.

Sony to cut 10,000 jobs in quest for profitability

Sony is planning a major restructuring, with around 10,000 jobs – about 6 per cent of the company's global workforce – expected to get the chop after a press conference this Thursday.
Iain Thomson, 09 Apr 2012

FBI frets about dumb security in smart meters

The FBI is seeing increasing hacks on electricity smart meters, with most attacks designed to let consumers get power without paying for it.
Richard Chirgwin, 09 Apr 2012
DVD it in many colours

Commodore founder Jack Tramiel dies at 83

ObituaryThe founder of Commodore, one of the driving forces in the early history of the personal computers, has died at the age of 83.
Iain Thomson, 09 Apr 2012

China's Internet Society backs online censorship

Non-governmental organisation the Internet Society has decided to wade into the murky waters of Chinese online censorship by calling on firms to increase scrutiny of the content on their sites, as the fall out from recent coup rumours continues.
Phil Muncaster, 09 Apr 2012

Twitter open sources MySQL enhancements

Go get the code at GitHub Twitter has open sourced numerous tweaks it has made to MySQL, stating in a blog post that the open source database “is the persistent storage technology behind most Twitter data: the interest graph, timelines, user data and the Tweets themselves.”
Simon Sharwood, 09 Apr 2012

Iran preps Internet cutoff

Iran has moved to protect its citizens’ privacy against American Imperialist Data Harvesters*; unfortunately for Iranians, the plan involves taking the whole country off the Internet.
Richard Chirgwin, 09 Apr 2012

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