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Zuckerberg escapes scrutiny in Facebook ownership case

Paul Ceglia, who is claiming ownership of half of social-networking giant Facebook, won't get to cross-examine CEO Mark Zuckerberg or examine his computer records, a court ruled on Wednesday – but he has bought himself some time to get in expert witnesses.
Iain Thomson, 06 Apr 2012

NASA reviews nine astrophysics missions, loves 'em all

NASA has published its biannual Senior Review of Operating Missions, and the news is good for space-science buffs: all nine missions reviewed will receive continued funding, including the Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Hubble Space Telescope, which are identified as "the two most important missions in this Senior Review."
Rik Myslewski, 06 Apr 2012

China blames web for gun smuggling crims

The Chinese authorities are blaming the world wide web and multinational delivery companies for a rise in gun smuggling into the People’s Republic.
Phil Muncaster, 06 Apr 2012
HTC One X quad-core Android smartphone

HTC One X Android smartphone

ReviewHTC messed up in 2011 by releasing too many similar handsets. There was nothing actually wrong with phones likes the Sensation, Sensation XL, Sensation XE or Incredible S but equally none of them had me itching to upgrade my Desire HD ahead of schedule.
Alun Taylor, 06 Apr 2012

APAC IT spend to grow THREE TIMES faster than rest of the world

Asia Pacific is powering ahead of the rest of the world and driving a recovery in global IT spending forecast to total $3.7 trillion (£2.3tr) in 2012, according to the latest data from Gartner.
Phil Muncaster, 06 Apr 2012

Hacktivist 'Hardcore Charlie' claims China military hack

A hacker affiliated to hacktivist group Anonymous and dubbed Hardcore Charlie claims to have broken into the IT systems of a Chinese military contractor and exposed documents related to the US war effort in Afghanistan.
Phil Muncaster, 06 Apr 2012

Windows 3.1 rebooted: Microsoft's DOS destroyer turns 20

Yes it crashed a lot. It crashed less than its predecessor though, and kept Microsoft on the path to desktop domination. This was Windows 3.1, released on 6 April 1992, nearly two years after Windows 3.0 was pushed out in May 1990.
Tim Anderson, 06 Apr 2012

Facebook: 'Outrageous, wanton, reckless, callous, disgraceful, wilful'

QuotWThis was the week when 70,000 stalkers/just friendly guys were left without a a way to cyber-search out the ladies.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 06 Apr 2012

The iPad 3 would make me so horny...

Something for the Weekend, Sir?In my Dad's generation, middle-aged men of means would buy new cars at the end of every July because that's when new licence plates came out. Their old cars would be traded in as part-exchange, sold to third parties through classified ads, or passed magnanimously to relatives.
Alistair Dabbs, 06 Apr 2012

US job creation stalls in March

The US economy lost a bit of momentum in March, if you gauge it by job creation, falling well short of the needed 200,000-plus net new jobs that are needed just to keep up with population growth, and well below any level necessary to make a dent in the unemployment rate.

Sergey Brin creates spectacle with Project Glass prototypes

Sergey Brin has been showing off Google's prototype Project Glass augmented-reality spectacles at a charity event in San Francisco.
Iain Thomson, 06 Apr 2012

Apple flooded with iPad 3 wireless connection complaints

A tsunami of complaints about Apple's "The new iPad" – aka the iPad 3 – are filling Cupertino's discussion forums, claiming that the 3G and 4G connectivity of Apple's überpopular fondleslab is bollixed.
Rik Myslewski, 06 Apr 2012

MPAA boss: 'SOPA isn’t dead yet'

Former senator and current head of the Motion Picture Ass. of America Chris Dodd hopes to resurrect the reviled SOPA anti-piracy legislation in another form, but it appears the US House of Representatives is beating him to it a new bill that makes SOPA look sensible.
Iain Thomson, 06 Apr 2012

AT&T to allow unlocking of out-of-contract iPhones

Beginning this Sunday, AT&T will let some customers unlock their iPhones, thus allowing them to use another carrier's service – provided, of course, that the carrier's network is compatible with the newly unlocked iPhone.
Rik Myslewski, 06 Apr 2012

Twitter slams top five spammers with legal suit

Twitter has filed a legal suit against five entities for selling tools that send out spam tweets and clog up its network.
Iain Thomson, 06 Apr 2012

Rabid skunks attack US

A persistent drought and a mild winter has caused a spike in the number of rabid skunks invading the the suburban landscapes of states from up in South Dakota to down in New Mexico.
Rik Myslewski, 06 Apr 2012

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