2nd April 2012 Archive

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  • Austar one step closer to Foxtel

    While Foxtel battles parent piracy claims

    Business 02 00:22

  • Oz to review copyright law for digital age

    Law Reform Commission asked to consider social networks, time-shifting

    Media 02 02:30

  • Free CompSci 101 finally launches this month

    Stanford lecturer's course teaches true coding secret: projects always run late

    Software 02 04:34

  • China purges coup rumours from social media

    Six arrested, sites shuttered, after reports of Beijing coup spread online

    Policy 02 04:41

  • Big Blue to handle SKA's Big Data about Big Bang

    Dutch government hands over €32.9m for exascale computer

    HPC 02 06:34

  • Huawei looks to India to spur 4G revenue growth

    Chinese telecoms equipment giant set for 40 per cent growth

    Business 02 06:35

  • Chelsio box-o-SSDs does 1.1 million IOPS

    JBOSSD di tutti JBOSSD

    Storage 02 07:01

  • Bring-your-own-mobe pilot for BlackBerry-shunning council bods

    Fandroids and Apple fanbois out themselves to bosses

    Government 02 07:27

  • Analysts see no Oracle hardware-biz recovery on horizon

    Sun sinks slowly in the west

    The Channel 02 07:58

  • Blighty slaps £100m spending cap on govt IT projects

    MPs fed up of blowing millions on crap contracts

    Government 02 08:31

  • Battling remote-control helicopters

    Aerial combat

    Hardware 02 09:00

  • Druva adds BYOD crenellations to its data fortress

    Fondleslab'n'mobe package lets you manage users not boxes

    Cloud 02 09:18

  • Are you an ECO POET? Climate science needs YOU

    Creative writing and global warming formally allied

    Science 02 09:42

  • Red Hat: Amazon love 'yes', its own cloud 'no'

    'We don't use Oracle as a model'

    Cloud 02 09:57

  • Nokia v Apple nanoSIM format war: Victor will be named next month

    4FF: Even smaller than it sounds

    Mobile 02 10:14

  • Game chain sold

    Retailer rescued by Comet owners

    Games 02 10:20

  • Freeview TV shoved aside for iPad-compatible 4G

    Ofcom mulls 2018 frequency bump

    Hardware 02 10:29

  • Tibetan activists' Macs targeted using trojan-laden MS Office files

    Backdoors popped by unusually sophisticated methods

    Security 02 10:43

  • UK.gov to unveil reborn, renamed net-snoop plans in Queen's Speech

    If at first people protest, try telling them on Sunday

    Security 02 10:55

  • Sony opens up with comfortable headphone collection

    MA in design

    Hardware 02 10:58

  • Toshiba AT200 Excite

    The world's thinnest tablet, apparently

    Tablets 02 11:00

  • Steve Jobs' death clears way for Ashton Kutcher's role of a lifetime

    But WHO will play Ballmer?

    Hardware 02 11:14

  • Limber up for a more dynamic approach to managing change

    Put away your fire-fighting kit

    Service Assurance 02 11:30

  • Pastebin.com hiring staff to get rid of activists' dumps

    No matter how I scrub, stink of leakage still on me

    Hosting 02 11:44

  • Groupon bungles figures, slides $65m into the red

    Investors squirm at web upstart's Q4 accounts gaffe

    Financial News 02 11:59

  • Capita job cuts, offshoring 'driven by expectations', says MD

    Union rattles strike sabre as management gets out chopper

    Jobs 02 12:14

  • Adam Sandler's cross-dresser shocker is Razzies stonker

    Jack and Jill sweeps all ten movie dishonours

    Bootnotes 02 12:31

  • Coders' 'lives sucked out' by black-and-white Visual Studio 11

    Beta testers feel trapped in 1920s Metro movie madness

    Developer 02 12:46

  • Big Blue preps 'next gen' machines that manage themselves

    Well let's just see you install yourself, Mr Clever

    Servers 02 13:01

  • Vodafone deputy chairman to quit amid CWW rows – report

    Sir John Buchanan legging it to ARM

    Broadband 02 13:19

  • No-strings nookie radar tugged offline in stalking backlash

    Women-hunting app was for 'geo-social exploration', say devs

    Mobile 02 13:39

  • Check Point in domain expiry snafu

    How to firewall off your website - the wrong way

    Hosting 02 13:57

  • What does the Titanic's sinking tell us about modern science?

    No, we didn't get that the wrong way round

    Science 02 14:11

  • Dell's bespoke server unit pushes over $1bn of tin

    Five years old, and growing like a weed

    Servers 02 14:32

  • Qualcomm's S4 chip set to shrink laptops further

    Ultrabooks aren't light enough, apparently

    Laptops 02 14:44

  • Visa dumps Global Payments after it flashed 1.5m US card numbers

    Processing firm: This was our first intrusion...

    Financial News 02 15:02

  • Internet Explorer nibbles browser rivals, swells by 1%

    Microsoft celebrates market share rise as competitors droop

    Applications 02 15:19

  • Mac Java hole exploited by wild Flashback Trojan strain

    Flaw fixed for Windows, Apple fanbois left out

    Security 02 15:38

  • Terrafugia flies first prototype: Flying cars 'within a year'

    Unleaded fuel-chugging wing-mobile passes the test

    Science 02 15:50

  • Thin-client giant Wyse gobbled by Dell

    Someone's in a hurry to pump clouds into desktops

    The Channel 02 15:55

  • Ice Cream Sandwich gives Android mobes brainfreeze – Sony

    Phones choke on big, slow and crashing upgrade

    Mobile 02 16:17

  • HTC sues fans for premature unboxing

    One X-posed

    Phones 02 16:28

  • Microsoft withdraws software silos from Germany in patent war

    Distribution HQ moves to The Netherlands to dodge Motorola showdown

    The Channel 02 16:36

  • Proview snatched from liquidators' jaws to pursue iPad fight

    Fat lady hasn't sung on trademark battle with Apple

    Law 02 17:01

  • Violin Memory flashes $50m wad from SAP

    HANA in-memory database prospect

    Storage 02 17:31

  • Parents shocked by priestly PowerPoint pr0n

    'No crime committed' says church

    Security 02 18:14

  • Apple relents, doubles EU warranty (sort of)

    Another victory for 'European Socialists'

    The Channel 02 19:07

  • Net access restrictions lifted for ‘Megaupload four’

    Dotcom also allowed to go swimming, record an album

    Media 02 22:05

  • Google, Oracle settlement talks fail, trial to begin April 16

    Java, Android patent tussle to have its day in court

    Law 02 22:14

  • Fujitsu fires up first petaflopper PrimeHPC FX10

    A chip off the new K

    HPC 02 23:00

  • Scientists refine smart self-assembling building blocks

    'Smart sand' replication algorithms proven

    Science 02 23:08

  • Neutrino mass, dark energy measurements refined

    South Pole Telescope spots cosmic Shadows

    Science 02 23:48

  • Sydney's CBD heading off the grid

    Recovered heat from buildings, small gas generators, will make city 70% self-sufficient

    Science 02 23:50