29th March 2012 Archive

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  • Amazon boss finds Apollo 11 engines on seabed

    Plans to salvage historic rockets for display

    Science 29 01:00

  • PM launches Oz network three-year 3.5m premises rollout

    Don't mention Huawei

    Networks 29 03:36

  • Tim Cook, Chinese vice PM agree IP pact

    Apple boss presses the flesh at Zhongnanhai

    Business 29 04:35

  • Lucy in 3.4 million-year-old cross-species cave tryst

    New homonin fossil discovered

    Science 29 04:55

  • Microsoft says scale-out storage not needed for big data

    SQL Server guru also thinks data scientists also have limited role … for now

    Management 29 04:59

  • Acer set to unleash 15in fibreglass MONSTER

    Taiwanese hardware maker to expand Ultrabook range

    Hardware 29 05:01

  • Digitech iPB-10 guitar effects pedalboard for iPad


    Hardware 29 06:00

  • With this ring, I thee frag

    Marriage proposal in Team Fortress 2 after Valve helps with free virtual bling

    Games 29 06:28

  • ZTE profits crash 37 per cent in 2011

    Chinese telecoms kit maker getting squeezed

    Business 29 06:29

  • Chinese to burn iPads in upcoming celebrations

    Fondleslabs go up in smoke in honour of ancestors

    Hardware 29 07:01

  • Gov IT contractors hire staff in India to work on benefits system

    But we're not moving existing UK jobs, these are new ones

    Government 29 07:32

  • Gridiron keeps DRAM tight lid on boxes of flash chips

    No details on million-plus IOPS kit, nothing on current gear either

    Storage 29 08:03

  • Everything you thought you knew about cybercrims is WRONG

    Forget teen hackers, they're aging gangsters with off-the-shelf web weapons

    Security 29 08:34

  • A million TVs to go dark across London

    Analogue switch-off is coming

    Media 29 09:01

  • Raspberry Pi supplier coughs to ship date delay glitch

    CE testing demand holding up supply

    Hardware 29 09:05

  • NSA's top spook blames China for RSA hack

    Says People's Republic trousers loads of US military IP

    Security 29 09:18

  • Third European supply podule docks with space station

    'Smooth, gentle' mating at 28,000 kph

    Science 29 09:36

  • Warner, Sony commit to UltraViolet in UK

    Buy a disc, stream it for free

    Hardware 29 09:42

  • Behold! Or rather, don't: Bendy see-through DRAM

    You like windows, you like bendy things, you like memory

    Storage 29 09:58

  • London ambulances on second try with CommandPoint 999 software

    'Lessons learned' after last year's eggface debut

    Government 29 10:14

  • New Google tool lets you PROBE YOURSELF

    'I had no idea what a pervert I was until now'

    Cloud 29 10:28

  • HP offers contractors a choice: 5 per cent pay cut ... or 100 per cent

    Not fooling about April Fool's Day cost slash

    The Channel 29 10:43

  • TopWrite

    Messaging made (really) easy

    Phones 29 11:00

  • Wags unroll Twitter toilet paper

    From blog to bog

    Hardware 29 11:20

  • Adobe auto-update eases Flash update chore - on Windows only

    Backdoors plugged without lifting a finger

    Security 29 11:32

  • PlayStation 4 'Orbis' pegged for 2013 release

    4K by 2K gaming, anyone?

    Games 29 11:39

  • Facebook to halt secondary market trading ahead of IPO - report

    Let's sell this bubble before it bursts ... bitch

    Cloud 29 11:42

  • Nintendo DSi sends child abuser to the slammer

    Photo evidence yields confession

    Hardware 29 11:53

  • Microsoft: Keep Moto vid codec patent fight in US, not Germany

    Pleads for meaningful relief, offers $300m

    Financial News 29 11:58

  • Quitting your job? Here's how not to do it

    He deleted most of the source code – the little @£$%%...

    Jobs 29 12:40

  • NDS says Beeb's Panorama emails were 'manipulated'

    Look! They moved the 'To' line up one!

    Media 29 12:58

  • Ukrainian cops silence old-skool virus tinkerers' playground

    'It's not a game any more, chummy'

    Security 29 13:29

  • UK government says no to turbo e-bike

    No speed please, we're British

    Science 29 13:38

  • World IT sales up 15 per cent in Q4 ... er, 5 if you remove Apple

    Giant rollneck-clad fatty scoffs all the growth

    The Channel 29 13:57

  • Dot-word TLD registration closes tonight, maybe for many years

    Last chance to buy a thing that might be useless!

    Hosting 29 14:24

  • Osborne+ and Schmidt+ say 'the internet' = 8.3 per cent of UK GDP

    Chancellor can't tell advertising from technology

    Cloud 29 14:50

  • Brush up your Microsoft skills, win date with Ferrari

    And chance to win a Nokia Lumia 800

    Jobs 29 14:56

  • 'Half baked' Brussels data law fails to thrill

    'Regrettable level of ambition', sniff advisors

    Law 29 14:58

  • Dell blows Clouds of love into the channel

    Choking fog of vendor vapours thickens

    Cloud 29 15:13

  • Kelihos zombies erupt from mass graves after botnet massacre

    Pumping spam, entering backdoors again almost right away

    Security 29 15:29

  • ALL Visa cards blab punters' names - not just Barclaycards

    Wireless Pay-by-bonk fraud risk widens

    Security 29 15:44

  • This interactive wind map is a Big Data lava lamp

    And you thought Big Data wasn't really that useful!

    Bootnotes 29 16:01

  • Panasas kingpin: What's the solid state state of play?

    Garth Gibson on HPC - buffering the brute-force burst

    Storage 29 16:28

  • EXTREME weather blown away from unexpected direction

    Give us back our doom, plead hippies

    Science 29 17:28

  • Apple's Cook tops Page, Otellini in 'Favorite Boss' survey

    Microsoft's Ballmer? Unloved and sinking

    Jobs 29 18:38

  • Munich's mayor claims €4m savings from Linux switch

    Lower costs and fewer support calls than Windows

    Operating Systems 29 19:24

  • Apple slapped with second Siri senility lawsuit

    False advertising claim against bungled 'breakthrough'

    Mobile 29 19:51

  • West Australian WiFi mesh sniffs out bushfires

    Edith Cowan University team re-write MAC protocol to build meshed sensors

    Networks 29 20:59

  • Intel: Xeon E5s to surf impending server upgrade wave

    Chipzilla's data center queen gives peek into internal IT

    Servers 29 21:31

  • Apple fires up Antennagate settlement payout

    You may be due a princely $15 – get on it!

    Mobile 29 22:05

  • Harvard bio-boffins build gut-on-a-chip

    Micromachine for medicine research

    Science 29 22:15

  • Obama gets the big data bug

    Swings swags of simoleons at science

    Cloud 29 22:24

  • Tweet to the archive

    Victoria state government proposes social media as public records

    Policy 29 23:30

  • Balsillie bails as RIM reports terrible quarter

    $125m loss prompts (another) management reshuffle

    Financial News 29 23:44