28th March 2012 Archive

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  • Fujitsu gets cloudy with home-grown logistics apps

    Use our SaaS, dump your code

    Cloud 28 00:05

  • Google I/O conference sells out in 20 minutes

    Profit-hungry scalpers flock to eBay

    Developer 28 00:10

  • Zuckerberg flies to Shanghai for Apple Store visit

    Facebook founder goes walkabout in China

    Business 28 05:04

  • ZTE winds down Iran biz after espionage claims

    Chinese telecoms equipment firm not touting for new business

    Security 28 05:07

  • Australia urges miners to become data miners

    New electromagnetic survey offers a chance to go deep with big data

    Management 28 05:52

  • Motorola Motoactv GPS fitness tracker

    For the wandering weight watcher

    Hardware 28 06:00

  • Apple Oz offers refunds for confused 4G iPad owners

    Box-besmirching stickers rejected

    Hardware 28 06:17

  • F1 team wins CAD copyright war, wakes up to £700k hangover

    Court battle over blueprints used to build rival cars

    Law 28 07:04

  • Actively cooled rocket primed for easy re-entry

    German SHEFEX II mission trials new heat shield, sharp-edged design

    Science 28 07:04

  • China wants global ecommerce crown

    Gov to 'guide' industry to £1.4tr in sales by 2015

    Business 28 07:05

  • London wage slaves face hour of Cloud discharge a day - official

    Free Wi-Fi rolled out on Overground platforms

    Broadband 28 07:32

  • Scality shoves sparkling file system into its RING

    Fourth major release

    Storage 28 08:01

  • Oxford Uni chucks big brains at ivy-covered cybersecurity hub

    CompSci bods join academics at new money-spinner

    Security 28 08:29

  • 'Thermal cloak' designed, could solve major chip, spacecraft issues

    Nuclear Mars cruisers, mega nano-electronics (... hmm)

    Science 28 08:56

  • Who killed ITV Digital? Rupert Murdoch - but not the way you think

    Snobbery and Tranmere Rovers dunnit, not smartcard pirates

    Media 28 09:18

  • Microsoft to upgrade Windows Kinect kit

    Suite spot

    Hardware 28 09:22

  • Amazon sets date for Kindle Touch UK touchdown

    Touchscreen kit arrives on 27 April

    Media 28 09:43

  • Novatech pushes affordable Ultrabook

    Yours for 430 quid

    Laptops 28 09:51

  • Whitehall's G-Cloud: Hype or hope?

    Big-swinging reform or buzzword bingo?

    The Channel 28 10:01

  • Hasbro fails to win Asus Transformer Prime ban

    Tablet vs toy robot... FIGHT

    Tablets 28 10:09

  • HTC One X priced up for UK punters

    Tempted by the Tegra 3 talker?

    Phones 28 10:12

  • That latest student craze sweeping China: Supercomputing wars

    Dozens of universities battle for cluster contest slot

    HPC 28 10:14

  • FBI nabs AWOL soldier for stealing Paul Allen's debit card

    Feds unseal charges alleging bank fraud against Microsoft biz baron

    Security 28 10:29

  • UK copyright exchange man: Nontrepreneurs are just stingy

    Former Ofcom deputy chair is deaf to special pleading

    Government 28 10:46

  • Dell pulls Magirus out of the trenches for data centre assault

    UK arm finally gets the call up

    The Channel 28 10:52

  • Angry Birds Space

    High jinks in low gee

    Games 28 11:00

  • 'Special relationship': Oracle bags UK.gov contract renewal

    Cabinet Office sticks to big biz for Whitehall database – with some caveats

    Government 28 11:13

  • Terrifying TV chimera born from Sharp, Foxconn lords' fling

    Hon Hai spunks billions into struggling LCD biz

    Media 28 11:25

  • What system builders need to know about solid state drives

    Get the best from flash technology

    The Channel 28 11:37

  • Adobe reels in game coders with a quick free Flash

    Then taxes apps that bank more than $50k

    Developer 28 11:58

  • Sony pushes PlayMemories picture suite to PS3

    Customise content on the console

    Software 28 12:07

  • FTC, RockYou settle after 32 MILLION passwords pillaged

    We will, we will, fine you

    Law 28 12:19

  • Apple IP details tech for 'iTV' innards

    Cupertino HD TV to get FFS, FFS

    Hardware 28 12:22

  • Republicans shoot down proposed ban on Facebook login boss-snoop

    House legislation on jobseekers' rights breach shot down

    Jobs 28 12:39

  • ONS: Growth forecast for Blighty worse than expected

    Stats-crunchers revise down final 2011 quarter numbers. Ouch

    Financial News 28 12:58

  • UK public sector IT jobs rebound - for permies

    Web devs feel the outsourcing squeeze

    Jobs 28 13:13

  • Dotcom hike will net MEEELLIONS of bucks for Verisign, ICANN

    Domain prices to soar by a third in draft deal

    Hosting 28 13:32

  • Sarkozy hails 'success' of Hadopi's pirate cops

    Soft stick approach to copyright infringement working?

    Media 28 14:02

  • No conclusions on EU's Google probe for weeks

    Antitrust chief: 'We won't be rushed! Besides we're on hols'

    Government 28 14:29

  • Staggering Kelihos zombie army smacked down AGAIN

    Resurrected spam-spewing network sinkholed by security bods

    Security 28 14:52


    Billions more across the galaxy - stand by for aliens

    Science 28 14:58

  • Europe to assemble crack cyber-intelligence nerve centre

    ... as MEPs propose fresh hacking laws

    Security 28 15:37

  • Egenera bags new OEM agreement with Fujitsu

    Virty server control freakery for BX900 blades

    Servers 28 15:53

  • HDS channel boss: We must become relevant to resellers

    Even if it means working with only a chosen few

    The Channel 28 15:55

  • Nimbus flashes flash cache cash at NetApp stars

    Upstart biz woos bigwigs to boost sales'n'tech

    Storage 28 16:01

  • EU mobile biz barons agree to slash roaming charges

    Brussels strikes cheaper deal with operators

    Mobile 28 16:28

  • Plan ahead to make virtualisation work

    Head for a better life

    Service Assurance 28 16:44

  • Nokia threatens to elbow Apple's rival nano-SIM off a cliff

    Finns refuse to license vital patents in mobe tiff

    Mobile 28 16:58

  • MIT's building-block dev kit goes NFC

    Wireless connectivity for idiots

    Broadband 28 17:27

  • China passes the US in free iPad app downloads

    Actually paying for them? That's another story...

    Applications 28 17:57

  • Sality botnet takedown plans posted online

    Valid attack could seize infected machines

    Security 28 17:57

  • Speaking in Tech: Enterprise... but with clothes on

    Like to tap that IaaS? El Reg's consumer and biz tech-cast is baaaack

    Cloud 28 18:01

  • Cisco snarfs ClearAccess for remote broadband apps

    Making service provider play

    Applications 28 18:03

  • Google offers Oracle slice of Android profits for patents

    Small payment and 0.515% of revenues until 2018

    Software 28 21:12

  • Funding deal saves Australian synchrotron

    A measly $AU100 million keeps the particles moving

    Science 28 22:06

  • Multi-color laser created by UCSB scientists

    Excitons with extra zing could make networks sing

    Science 28 23:01

  • Microsoft to open source ASP.NET Web API and Web Pages

    Outside developers invited to submit patches and new code

    Software 28 23:04

  • Red Hat accelerates through $1bn in sales

    Shadowman fills pockets

    Financial News 28 23:35

  • ARM-Android to outship Windows-Anything by 2016

    Rise of the 'droids

    Operating Systems 28 23:38