27th March 2012 Archive

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  • Climate change linked to EXTREME weather surge

    Global warming = 'loaded dice'

    Science 27 00:49

  • James Cameron back from dive to world's deepest point

    Sadly, no pacifist aliens found in the abyss

    Science 27 00:55

  • Apple's Tim Cook visits China, meets officials

    Groups petition Apple CEO over labour practices again

    Business 27 03:06

  • Decision delayed for 100-petabyte Oz research storage cloud

    RDSI host universities and vendors must wait for crucial meeting

    Cloud 27 03:12

  • Female Chinese astronauts must have no scars, straight teeth

    Shenzhou-9 mission will have two women on board

    Science 27 03:37

  • Twitter a poor predictor of movie success

    Weak link between good reviews and real-world success could mean marketing rethink

    Media 27 04:43

  • Apple New iPad 3 Wi-Fi + 4G

    My generation

    Tablets 27 06:00

  • Scality opens Ring for close scrutiny

    First object storage to be openly performance tested

    Storage 27 07:01

  • Sitting down all day is killing you

    Get off your butt and make some tea if you want to live

    Science 27 07:11

  • OFT warns wallet-raiding debt collectors over web ads

    Regulator cooks up rules on false or misleading claims

    Media 27 07:28

  • EC tears duvet off Universal-EMI mega-music romp

    Eurocrats snap on glove, prepare to probe takeover

    Management 27 08:02

  • Oz regulator to Apple: Don’t call it 4G if you can’t connect

    Caveat emptor starts now

    Networks 27 08:03

  • Cleversafe pumps up object store, slaps on big data sticker

    Cheaper boxes for bigger data

    Storage 27 08:31

  • Norfolk lobs out top council gigs on Twitter

    Fancy a contract? Tweet us if you're keen

    The Channel 27 09:03

  • Size DOES matter: Nokia snubs Apple's royalty-free nano-SIM

    Finns happy with their smaller package

    Mobile 27 09:18

  • Everything Everywhere's 4G monopoly stalled by Ofcom

    Rivals get extra month to land fresh blows

    Mobile 27 09:38

  • Wii U graphics said to be no better than current consoles

    No notch up for Ninty?

    Games 27 09:58

  • Spooked spooks made Symantec end Huawei fling - new claim

    Affair thwarted info sharing with US spies

    Government 27 10:01

  • Mobe hackathon contest spits out Wi-Fi-by-bonk app wonder

    Developer hothouse sucks cash out of NFC

    Developer 27 10:18

  • BMW recalls 1.3m motors over fire risk

    Seven-year glitch

    Science 27 10:22

  • Judge orders O2 to name suspected smut burglars

    Ben Dover wins battle to halt backdoor leakage

    Law 27 10:38

  • Dijit

    Remote control app plus Griffin Beacon IR blaster

    Phones 27 11:00

  • Goldman Sachs in email muppet hunt

    'Toxic and destructive' leak sparks grep binge

    Security 27 11:16

  • Force Google to black out searches in new privacy law - MPs

    Web giant could be compelled to obey banning orders

    Law 27 11:40

  • Devs spanked for touching vulnerable open-source packages

    Broken code often reused while fixes left on the shelf

    Developer 27 12:02

  • Cameron flaunts footage of pristine, featureless bottom

    Fails to ram robot fist into it (with Rolex on wrist!)

    Science 27 12:14

  • Egypt ponders smut suppression

    Nerds to cancel holiday plans?

    Hardware 27 12:16

  • Friends Reunited rebrands as memory bank for oldsters

    Old school is, er, cool

    Networks 27 12:38

  • Bio student thrown in the clink for Muamba Twitter rant

    Troll earns 8-week stint for mocking footie ace

    Networks 27 13:03

  • AMD plots an end run round Intel with SeaMicro's 'Freedom'

    Can clouds and virt move the battle off the chip?

    Virtualization 27 13:18

  • Spain donates Enigma gear that kick-started Brit code-breaking

    Gift unlocks overlooked chapter in Bletchley Park boffinry

    Government 27 13:42

  • The Register channels jobs into jobs channel

    Editorial initiative

    Jobs 27 13:54

  • AVG nukes stalking ads at press of BIG SHINY BUTTON

    That's the way the cookies crumble

    Security 27 14:02

  • 'Ugly' MongoDB defies NoSQL death rumour

    Big data that suits you

    Developer 27 14:35

  • Plastic that SELF-REPAIRS using light unleashed by prof

    Holy Grail of materials paves way for self-healing cars

    Science 27 15:11

  • Harry Potter e-books go on sale


    Tablets 27 15:13

  • Zombie LulzSec brags of exposing loved-up privates

    Reborn hack gang claims military dating site raid

    Security 27 15:28

  • Panasonic talks up TV for the blind

    Spoken menus for the optically challenged

    Hardware 27 15:37

  • Microsoft partner centre: X-IO storage bricks really stack up

    Hyping up Hyper ISE

    Storage 27 17:02

  • Privacy campaigner blasts FTC's federal limpness

    Data-gobblers won't go on a diet on their own

    Security 27 17:28

  • Arista juices switch with x86 server, FPGA, atomic clock

    Not a God box – but close

    Data Networking 27 18:20

  • Solar power towers overpower PV panels by 20X

    MIT researchers reap rewards of cheapo photovoltaics

    Science 27 18:54

  • High school student expelled for dropping F-bomb in tweet

    Principal sees red after witty tweet

    Policy 27 19:49

  • Amazon names date for Kindle Touch touchdown

    Yeah, but what about the Fire?

    Tablets 27 21:06

  • Hollywood studios line up to kick Kim Dotcom

    Valcom, Microhits launch civil suit

    Business 27 21:13

  • RightScale: Hybrid clouds on the rise

    Like sex in high school

    Cloud 27 21:43

  • Visa shows off data centre 'moat'

    Why have an air gap when you can have a water barrier?

    Data Networking 27 21:55

  • Los Alamos fires BLOODY BIG MAGNET

    Even better: it didn’t smash itself to bits

    Science 27 22:30

  • UC interoperability still a bad joke: Gartner

    Analyst blasts vendors for dumping problems on VARs, crimping BYOD

    Data Networking 27 22:32

  • RIM punts annual investors meeting until 'later this year'

    Red flags a-wavin'

    Mobile 27 22:41

  • European Parliament votes against ACTA legal review

    Quick vote this June could kill treaty

    Government 27 22:48

  • Sky boffins: The Moon is not Earth's only natural satellite

    'Minimoons' drop by, have a pint, overstay

    Science 27 23:53