20th March 2012 Archive

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  • Victorian Taxi Directorate exposes 400+ email addresses

    Slaps head and promises to use CC: or BCC: next time

    Security 20 Mar 03:34

  • Facebook 'cloaking' flaw allows unexpected snooping

    Eggheads label flaw a 'zero-day privacy loophole'

    Security 20 Mar 03:59

  • AMD aims lower with Opteron 3200s

    Shooting down Xeon E3s for dedicated hosting

    Servers 20 Mar 04:12

  • Spider venom to be tested for pesticide potential

    Boffins want to create artificial spider peptides to eliminate crop-eating bugs

    Science 20 Mar 05:03

  • Asian online shopaholics to drive internet economies

    UK still number one though...

    Business 20 Mar 05:17

  • Twisted Metal

    Crash and burn

    Games 20 Mar 07:00

  • Fragmentation bomb wounds Android in developer war

    Devs losing interest in the li'l green guy

    Developer 20 Mar 07:01

  • UK drivers' privates fondled overseas in new outsource plan

    Transport bosses mull granting access to sensitive data

    Cloud 20 Mar 08:01

  • Dot Hill dismounts NetApp, searches for new hard partners

    Disk box biz suffers Q4 droop after contract exit

    The Channel 20 Mar 08:29

  • BBC iPlayer added to Xbox

    Gesture at the telly

    Hardware 20 Mar 08:45

  • Oz billionaire says CIA backs Greenpeace

    Anti-coal campaign apparently a cunning plot to help US miners

    Science 20 Mar 08:58

  • Blighty's 'leccy power plant reform deals gas a winning hand

    Energy biz encouraged to splash cash, says gov

    Science 20 Mar 09:03

  • Tape eats dust of spinning rust, says object data biz

    All except Hitachi Data Systems

    Storage 20 Mar 09:33

  • Confirmed: iPad 3 runs hotter than iPad 2

    Heat cam shows five-degree difference

    Tablets 20 Mar 09:53

  • The Register obtains covert snaps of Google's new London offices

    Lapdancing booths, Teletubbies-style roof garden and all

    Media 20 Mar 10:01

  • Now CHINA complains of surge in cyber-attacks

    MASSIVE pot calls kettle black

    Government 20 Mar 10:22

  • Giant planet pileups in far-flung star systems: Computer says yes

    Boffins crack stellar 'celebrity' migration riddle

    Science 20 Mar 10:41

  • Seagate strikes trillion bit HAMR blow

    Trillion bits per square inch

    Storage 20 Mar 10:43

  • New iPad sales hit 3 million in first 4 days

    GLOWING DELUGE of fondleslabs poured upon happy shiny world

    Tablets 20 Mar 10:59

  • Blizzard ponders World of Warcraft for iPad

    MMO to go mobile?

    Phones 20 Mar 11:04

  • Mobile biz bigwigs crack heads over Wi-Fi roaming charges

    The tech was trivial, now paying for it gets tough

    Mobile 20 Mar 11:14

  • Trial finds EIGHT WAYS to defeat Google, PayPal and other SSOs

    Multiple flaws in web service single sign-on

    Security 20 Mar 11:32

  • Symbian smacked by Windows Phone

    Nokia deals the blow

    Software 20 Mar 11:38

  • Tiny pile of Windows 8 ARM slabs slated for October

    This is only a test, people

    Hardware 20 Mar 11:47

  • N7Player

    Got music covered

    Phones 20 Mar 12:00

  • GiffGaff gaffe charity spaff to quell miffed riffraff

    Begging for forgiveness cheaper than building redundancy

    Mobile 20 Mar 12:16

  • Adobe can't penetrate punters' tight wallets: Users holding out for CS6

    Sales at Digital Media unit down by $100m

    The Channel 20 Mar 12:27

  • Is private cloud the next step for the data centre?

    I can see clearly now

    Cloud 20 Mar 12:48

  • Big Media drags 142,000 through UK's courts IN A YEAR

    And the strange hypocrisy of the BBC's rivals

    Media 20 Mar 12:59

  • WTF... should I pay to download BBC shows?

    Project Barcelona peeves the freetards

    Hardware 20 Mar 13:07

  • US teens confess to 60-a-day texting FRENZY

    SMS and IM are hot, phone calls and email are not

    Mobile 20 Mar 13:18

  • WD intros 'world's first' 2TB portable HDD


    Hardware 20 Mar 13:23

  • BT fibre-to-the-cabinet rollout penetrates 73 more exchanges

    No pulsing optical light to shine on premises this time

    Broadband 20 Mar 13:38

  • Braben sticks knife into secondhand games market

    'It's killing single-player titles'

    Games 20 Mar 13:50

  • Russian cops cuff 8 in Carberp Trojan case

    Alleged to be millionaire phishing gang

    Security 20 Mar 14:02

  • Horny VIKING MICE raped and pillaged Euro pipsqueaks

    Tiny raiders revelled in 10th century rampages

    Science 20 Mar 14:28

  • Integrator Tieto slashing 1,300 jobs

    Plans to save €50m to compete with services rivals

    The Channel 20 Mar 14:58

  • Xoreax grids up Windows to goose apps


    Cloud 20 Mar 15:34

  • LightSquared hits FCC right where it hurts

    Offers let-out clause, but it won't be easy

    Broadband 20 Mar 15:58

  • French data watchdog bends Google over for rigorous frisking

    CNIL demands answers to 69 questions on privacy

    Law 20 Mar 16:19

  • Only Amazon Kindle Fire can grab share from Apple's iPad

    Battle of the A brands to heat up UK slab space

    The Channel 20 Mar 16:20

  • Bankrupt DRAMurai survivor seeks cash-laden Samsung rival

    Elpida fab and tech could help bidder crush Korean firm – report

    Storage 20 Mar 16:38

  • Report: Feeble spam filters catch less junk mail

    Weaker products or EVIL GENIUS malware-flingers?

    Security 20 Mar 16:59

  • Foxconn is world's 10th biggest employer: 1.2 MILLION on payroll

    iPad-maker's worker ants still outnumbered by NHS at 1.7m

    CIO 20 Mar 17:19

  • Supercomputers sold like hotcakes in 2011

    Shoppers waffle on smaller HPC systems

    HPC 20 Mar 17:40

  • Verizon unveils offspring surveillance service

    Don't trust your kids? Track 'em down with Family Locator

    Mobile 20 Mar 17:44

  • Avere attacks filer VDI boot slowdown

    Boot storm delay goes away

    Storage 20 Mar 18:01

  • Symantec buys mobile app management firm

    Plans to hoover up BYOD bucks

    Security 20 Mar 18:28

  • Big data enters open-source hype cycle

    Riches for some, mostly not VCs

    Developer 20 Mar 19:05

  • Microsoft fires Bing execs after biz probe

    Duo downed for 'mismanagement of assets'

    Business 20 Mar 19:17

  • EMC-Isilon swallows software storage firm Likewise

    Hot little NAS-enabler

    Storage 20 Mar 19:28

  • Google cools data center with bathtubs, dishwashers

    No, not toilets or urinals – yet

    Servers 20 Mar 21:23

  • EMC wants to be the Linux of big data

    Opens up Chorus tool, borgs agile coders Pivotal Labs

    Cloud 20 Mar 21:44

  • Testicle-boiling new iPad ignites fanboi fury

    US watchdog backs 116°F sizzling slab outrage

    Data Centre 20 Mar 21:59

  • TPG surges, plots IPTV future

    Riding high on rush to bundles

    Networks 20 Mar 22:08

  • Fruit Ninja bites into multi-platform games tech

    Oz developer behind Fruit Ninja acquires Spanish C++-to-lotsa-platforms tool Mandreel

    Games 20 Mar 22:30

  • Elsevier's backpedalling not stopping scientist strike

    What do we want? Open science access

    Science 20 Mar 22:37

  • HP poised to merge printer, PC divisions?

    Whitman fires up blender, sharpens axe

    Business 20 Mar 22:43

  • Hong Kong scientists claim 'self-charging' graphene battery

    Can you harvest energy from the environment?

    Mobile 20 Mar 22:45

  • Oracle systems group slammed again in Q3

    Engineered systems will start to fill gaps soon

    Servers 20 Mar 23:25