19th March 2012 Archive

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  • New XO PC model lands in Uruguay

    Marvell-powered OLPC product arrives in Montevideo

    Hardware 19 01:00

  • Apple to reveal plans on Monday for $97.6bn cash hoard

    Dividends expected – but what else?

    Business 19 01:11

  • QLD flood report calls for emergency services broadband network

    Says digital radio a dud for data, also critical of some insurers’ service

    Policy 19 02:07

  • China's police ignore real name rules ... so far

    Users reportedly still able to post on weibos despite strict registration rules

    Policy 19 04:08

  • Extended software support 'immoral and indefensible'

    Gartner analyst outlines alternative plan for software maintenance fees

    Software 19 04:21

  • New steganography technique relies on letter shapes

    Indian researchers say cunning scheme is secure, has good signal:noise ratio

    Security 19 05:13

  • Writers' alliance throws the book at Apple 'piracy'

    Group alleges App Store is full of unlicensed copies

    Policy 19 06:11

  • China’s handset-makers plan home-grown platforms

    Apple, Android takedown on the cards as 4G roll-out looms

    Mobile 19 06:16

  • Vimeo takedown leads to court loss

    First damages award for unauthorised removal of content

    Media 19 06:30

  • E.ON to flog stake in wind farms to private firms

    EU energy behemoth will finance new plant every 18 months

    Science 19 08:02

  • Met plod will use 1980s software to police Olympics

    Aging special ops tech CUTS THEM OFF from central command...

    Law 19 08:33

  • Robotics breakthrough blasts crud from that bit behind the lav

    Removable-bottom bot reaches for your fiddly bits

    Science 19 09:03

  • LOHAN's fantastical flying truss menaces kiddies

    'Please quit releasing balloons', pleads animal lover

    SPB 19 09:27

  • HP wheels out ProLiant refresh for some channel lovin'

    Gen8 boxes offer five-month ROI

    The Channel 19 09:31

  • iPad 3 costs Apple 30% more to make than iPad 2

    More fondleslab for your folding

    Tablets 19 09:55

  • Belkin Dual-Band Travel Router

    Pocket Wi-Fi

    Broadband 19 10:00

  • Microsoft: No next-gen Xbox in 2012

    E3 rumours squashed

    Games 19 10:21

  • iPad bludgeons to death two UK Apple reseller shops

    Brighton, Edinburgh Cancom stores axed, staff given notice

    The Channel 19 10:42

  • Cache bang wallop! Huge loads spark NetApp flash crash

    Sysadmins gnash at FAS6000 array fault

    Storage 19 11:01

  • HP unveils hamper of Ivy Bridge notebooks

    Pavilions pack punches

    Laptops 19 11:04

  • Google: No SEO boost from vanity top-level domain grab

    Registry smacked down for gTLD boast

    Hosting 19 11:17

  • Alterations may be needed to make SaaS fit

    Suits you, Sir?

    Cloud 19 11:30

  • Secret Sony slate sports quad-core Tegra 3 spec

    Benchmark boasts brawny braincells

    Tablets 19 11:33

  • Pope Benedict in .XXX pro-Islam cybersquat drama

    Ratz not very nice

    Hosting 19 11:43

  • Hackers jailbreak new iPad hours after it hits the shelves

    Custom code rope-ladder up the Apple garden wall

    Developer 19 12:03

  • Hardware hacker rigs up VR for Skyrim

    Immersive Dragonborn experience

    Hardware 19 12:17

  • Firefox gobbles H.264 to serve up vids to mobes, slabs

    Mozillans tired of waiting for Google

    Developer 19 12:21

  • Surprise! Facebook, Twitter still not THAT important for news

    Social media is over-hyped, concludes report

    Networks 19 12:39

  • Portal 2 prevails at Bafta game awards

    EA guns down Activision

    Games 19 12:45

  • ARM's ultra-low-power fridge-puter chips: Just what the CIA ordered

    'He's just had a Scotch egg, sir' 'Ha! I knew it!'

    Hardware 19 13:02

  • Brit LulzSec suspect charged over NHS, plod web attacks

    Tabloid rag and top spooks also among alleged targets

    Security 19 13:17

  • Apple New iPad Wi-Fi only

    The screen's the star

    Tablets 19 13:21

  • BBC boss Mark Thompson sets quit date

    Not going anywhere until after the Olympics

    Media 19 13:43

  • Apple announces dividends, share buy-back

    'We concluded that we had plenty of cash to run the business'

    Financial News 19 13:53

  • London Mayor Boris grilled on Virgin's Underground penetration

    Answered - who, what and for how long

    Broadband 19 14:09

  • FAA mulls scrapping in-flight iPad, Kindle ban

    What's good for the captain is good for the passengers

    Government 19 14:27

  • Air authority to rethink gadget use on planes

    E-book reading to be permitted during take-off and landing?

    Hardware 19 14:35

  • Huawei raids rivals' channels to pilfer dealer partners

    1k targeted across Western Europe for 2012

    The Channel 19 14:36

  • Google Apps guru dumps Choc Factory for sugar daddy

    No longer steering the Enterprise

    Applications 19 14:38

  • Earth once had hazy methane atmosphere like ice-moon Titan

    Microbial flatulence dominated the pre-oxygen era

    Science 19 15:00

  • BBC Micro team to celebrate historic machine's 30th year

    Acorn antiques

    Hardware 19 15:02

  • ICANN prez calls out own board over conflicts of interest

    Departing chief accused of risking the net

    Hosting 19 15:03

  • So, what IS the worst film ever made?

    Reader nominations invited for celluloid hell poll

    Bootnotes 19 15:32

  • Merciless Cloud will slay storage arrays - Nasuni chief

    Cloud storage gateway firm talks up, er, cloud storage

    Cloud 19 16:02

  • Foxconn won't sue over fabricated radio brickbats

    'Our corporate image has been totally ruined,' but that's okay

    Business 19 16:05

  • That MYSTERY Duqu Trojan language: Plain old C

    How quaint

    Developer 19 16:33

  • Two more big hitters leave Azlan

    Sales director Breen and biz dev bigwig Bond have split

    The Channel 19 16:47

  • Windows 8 for Kindle-like gear hinted by Microsoft bigwig

    COO talks up Metro's much-loved consistent UI

    Windows 8 19 17:02

  • Samsung opens up the Ice Cream Sandwich

    Galaxy SII update, with added source

    Operating Systems 19 17:34

  • HP loses Vertica big data boss

    Lynch is gone, but at least Lynch is still there

    Cloud 19 18:03

  • Citrix: Stream Office from Windows Server, not Windows 7

    OnLive is doing it AllWrong

    Cloud 19 18:31

  • Pirate Bay plans sky-high flying proxy servers

    RIAA will need to muster Air Force to stop LOSS

    Media 19 18:59

  • Acer smears punters' lives over iCloud clone for Android

    Photos, Office docs gobbled up by AcerCloud

    Cloud 19 19:04

  • Mike Daisey’s Sydney video reveals more grey areas

    Sydney Opera House "looking into" monologist’s 2011 performance

    Media 19 19:14

  • ClearStory uncloaks with big data visualization vision

    Teaching elephants to draw pictures for CEOs

    Cloud 19 20:10

  • Latest Linux kernel 3.3 comes with added Android

    Two becoming one in forking reunion

    Operating Systems 19 20:18

  • Microsoft exec: 'Cloud a half-trillion dollar biz by 2020'

    From tentative trend to full-bore juggernaut

    The Channel 19 21:33

  • Windows 8 tablet freezes in Microsoft keynote demo

    Houston, Metro UI's got a problem

    Windows 8 19 21:55

  • Free apps suck your power: researchers

    Angry Birds, user tracking, advertising and flat batteries

    Mobile 19 22:06

  • Aussie hardcore gamers set to be legit

    R18+ classification poised to pass Parliament

    Games 19 22:17

  • Singers set to swing with cloud boom

    12,000 jobs in next four years

    Cloud 19 22:45

  • NetZero back in the game with free-ish 4G

    It's time to party like it's 1998

    Mobile 19 23:23

  • Einstein online archive expands

    Thousands of docs hit the ‘net

    Science 19 23:25

  • Humans best crossword-puzzling computer

    Dr Fill is no Deep Blue or Watson – yet

    HPC 19 23:34

  • Samsung backside-bitten by emoticon patent trollery


    Law 19 23:41