13th March 2012 Archive

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  • New Yorker sues Apple: 'Misleading and deceptive' Siri ads

    Is the ol' girl getting dumber? Woz says she is

    Mobile 13 00:25

  • Anchors away for Aus web hosties

    Sets up POP in California

    Cloud 13 00:34

  • CEO takes leave of Sensis

    CEO Akhurst out as profits plunge

    Broadband 13 00:59

  • Halo friends frag harder, longer

    Study says more kills and betrayals when friends play together

    Games 13 04:13

  • Microsoft wants super-sensitive finger strokes

    Says fondleslabs must go faster to satisfy

    Hardware 13 04:48

  • IT pros lack recent skills

    CompTIA says technology outpaces training

    Jobs 13 05:07

  • China's online video giants shake hands on $1bn deal

    Merger will create new SUPERCOMPANY

    Business 13 05:16

  • Asian PC market slowed by HDD misery

    Thai floods continue to hamper shipments in south-east Asia

    The Channel 13 05:45

  • SanDisk Extreme 120GB SSD

    Sata 3 Sandforce speedster

    Hardware 13 07:00

  • Unlocking value with Business Intelligence

    Initiatives that work for you

    Business 13 07:55

  • Report: UK falls behind as smart meters rolled out across Europe

    'Deregulated' Blighty could struggle to fit smart meters by 2015

    Government 13 07:59

  • ICT for Highlands and Islands fire and rescue 'inadequate'

    Wads of cash needed to bring Scots' systems up to scratch, says watchdog

    Government 13 08:33

  • China's soft censors clamp down on micro blogs

    'Weibos' riddled with 'harmful' rumours

    Security 13 08:48

  • iPlayer repeat fees threaten BBC earthquake

    What's fairer than 'pay as you go'?

    Media 13 09:02

  • Just like a real computer: Android gets Android IDE

    What's developed on Android stays on Android

    Developer 13 09:33

  • TuneIn Radio Pro

    Radio killed the video star

    Phones 13 10:00

  • Microsoft hikes SQL Server 2012 price 'by 20 per cent'

    April Fools' Day will be no laughing matter

    The Channel 13 10:04

  • Microsoft shakes SQL Server 2012's business end at big data

    Still holding out for Hadoop

    Developer 13 10:29

  • Tim Cook scoffs $11m slice of warm Apple pie

    Fruity tech chief flogs 20k shares

    Financial News 13 10:39

  • West Yorkshire Gay Police Association in email list leak FAIL

    Details of Pride sign-ups spilled

    Law 13 11:01

  • Big biz nuts about iPad, says researcher

    And that's before the new one was announced

    Tablets 13 11:05

  • Samsung Galaxy S II punters get a lick of Ice Cream Sarnie

    Older models fed Gingerbread+

    Operating Systems 13 11:18

  • Sony intros Xperia Sola with no-need-to-touch screen

    Cursor controlled with floating fingers

    Phones 13 11:26

  • Computacenter's Euro ops outshine sluggish UK biz

    Delighted, excited and confident...

    The Channel 13 11:27

  • JavaScript shogun deflects Google's mid-air Dart attack

    Wirfs-Brock preaches Harmony

    Developer 13 11:42

  • DLNA blesses HomePlug Ethernet-over-mains tech

    Stream your content over power lines

    Broadband 13 11:43

  • Panasonic CF-53 Toughbook 14in rugged laptop

    A bit of a hard case

    Laptops 13 12:00

  • iPad 3 benchmarked

    1GHz CPU, 1GB Ram confirmed?

    Tablets 13 12:06

  • Top DARPA bomb boffin in explosive move to Google

    Counter-terror expert disarmed by Choc Factory's charm

    Science 13 12:21

  • Capcom to unleash zombies onto UK streets

    Clean infected cities with smartphones

    Games 13 12:28

  • CBS supremo: Apple TV is still dead to me, just like ...

    Shan't be prying it out of anyone's hands

    Media 13 12:39

  • Phone-hack cops nab six 'including Prime Ministerial horse lender'

    Op Weeting plods search gaffs, bracelet suspects

    Media 13 13:01

  • Apple, Motorola Mobility held patent war peace summit

    EU Googorola papers reveal licensing chitchat

    Mobile 13 13:18

  • Blighty's pay-by-bonk gang goes cap in hand to Euro watchdog

    Project Oscar files plan, US's ISIS bangs out a logo

    Broadband 13 13:42

  • Apple to kick start 'iTV' production in Q2

    2-5m units pipelined, reckons analyst

    Hardware 13 14:01

  • Dell splashes cash on SonicWall's powerful firewall erections

    Buys up biz to lock down end-point to data center

    Security 13 14:07

  • Sony shines light on A57 single-lens translucent snapper

    Fixed mirror refresh

    Hardware 13 14:10

  • TalkTalk takes broadband to 80Mbps

    High fibre gobbles

    Broadband 13 14:13

  • Google bod: Fast net 'absolutely CRITICAL' to UK future

    Pukka mobile needed to save hard-up Brits

    Broadband 13 14:17

  • Jester hacker brags of mobe attack on Anonymous, baby-kisser

    Pwned by QR code - or wind-up?

    Security 13 14:38

  • Everything Everywhere grabs UK 4G wheel, rivals thrown off bus

    Ofcom green-lights 2012 LTE monopoly

    Mobile 13 15:02

  • Could tiny ebooks really upset the mighty Apple cart?

    Steve Jobs' last big deal may turn into costly roadblock

    Media 13 15:32

  • Finders of lost mobes can't resist staring at privates

    Experiment: Half of them try to find the owners

    Mobile 13 16:01

  • Lords say data roaming costs 'unacceptably high'

    Do something about it, govt told

    Mobile 13 16:31

  • Atari pings Pong Apple champion wannabes

    Bushnell judging $100,000 App Store race

    Developer 13 16:32

  • UK Home Secretary approves TVShack's O'Dwyer extradition

    Website bod faces five in the slammer

    Law 13 17:10

  • Apple patches steaming heap of Safari bugs

    Fixes record number of security vulns, adds speed

    Security 13 17:28

  • Tech industry climbs out of Silicon Valley, moves abroad

    Have open source, will travel

    Management 13 18:02

  • CSIRO: warming up to five degrees by 2070

    State of the climate report casts gloomy predictions

    Science 13 21:03

  • EC researchers demo multi-gigabit fibre-to-the-home

    Running rings around copper broadband

    Networks 13 21:04

  • Oracle revs home-tweaked Linux kernel to 2.0

    RHELison gets all kinds of new goodies

    Servers 13 21:06

  • Microsoft warns of RDP attack within next 30 days

    Mozilla stalls own update because of Patch Tuesday

    Software 13 22:30