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Boffins boost fuel-cell future with 'nanowire forest'

Researchers at a California university have developed a nanowire-based method to efficiently harvest hydrogen for fuel cells without the need for electricity, which is commonly generated by greenhouse-gas producing fossil fuels or nuclear reactors with their problematic waste.
Rik Myslewski, 10 Mar 2012
The Register breaking news

NASA planning delicious Martian microbe menu

NASA's Ames Research Center may be synonymous with satellites and propulsion systems, but the agency is also involved in developing genetic organisms tailored to make the lives of astronauts – and maybe everyone else – a little easier.
Iain Thomson, 10 Mar 2012
Gadgets for cars

Ten... in-car gadgets and accessories

Car Week Car Week With so much tech being built into the even the most mundane of motors, writing round-ups of car gadgets isn’t as easy as it used to be. For this list, the brief was even more exacting: only include kit that if you were given one for Christmas it wouldn’t be on eBay come Boxing Day.
Alun Taylor, 10 Mar 2012