8th March 2012 Archive

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  • Restaurant takes the piss, recycles it as fertiliser

    Oz diner closes canola loop with world-first loos

    Science 08 Mar 00:01

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about private cloud

    Keeping it to yourself

    Cloud 08 Mar 00:30

  • SimCity to return after 10-year holiday

    2013 version adds 'robust multiplayer mode'

    Applications 08 Mar 00:37

  • GRAIL lunar orbiters get down to business

    First data coming in from Ebb and Flow

    Science 08 Mar 00:51

  • Disaster preparation gamified for Oz kids

    iOs game teaches 10-15 year olds how to survive storms, floods

    Policy 08 Mar 05:37

  • Australia considers national digital archive

    Copyright Act amendment could see all electronic publications in National Library

    Policy 08 Mar 06:07

  • Inside Sony's Home Entertainment HQ in Japan

    Image is everything, say Bravia boffins

    Hardware 08 Mar 07:00

  • Lingerie-clad she-devils romp past watchdog

    ASA rejects Agent Provocateur vid complaint

    Bootnotes 08 Mar 08:02

  • Top Brit authors turn flamethrowers on barmy IPO

    Bureaucrats, and Amazon, under fire

    Law 08 Mar 08:32

  • Ofcom supremo dreams of filling WORLD'S cracks

    Gaps in spectrum need a lick of white paint

    Broadband 08 Mar 09:04

  • Crims fall back on old-school cons to avoid anti-fraud tech

    Cheque, telephone banking swindles soar

    The Channel 08 Mar 09:29

  • Poynt

    Steer yourself to cheaper petrol

    Science 08 Mar 10:00

  • Hands on with the Apple iPad 3

    We fondle the new fondleslab

    Tablets 08 Mar 10:11

  • Proview demands 'new iPad' sales halt in China

    And before Apple's even announced a launch date

    Tablets 08 Mar 10:19

  • Chinese tech firms fingered for military collaboration

    US defence report alleges firms help army's R&D

    Government 08 Mar 10:43

  • Banks toss $8bn into Facebook's lap ahead of IPO

    Not worried that FB's coughed to having fake users

    Financial News 08 Mar 11:01

  • Sky excludes Android with F1 app

    'Not significant enough'

    Phones 08 Mar 11:13

  • New iPad 4G data connection will only work in America

    UK's Freeview TV, existing 3G squat on slab's LTE freqs

    Broadband 08 Mar 11:14

  • Telefonica flashes cash, jangles office keys to lure UK startups

    They're only in it for the money

    Small Biz 08 Mar 11:34

  • IBM shines light on terabit-per-second optical chip

    The hole truth

    Broadband 08 Mar 11:46

  • Web 2.0 cash wad surge spunked on telly ads in UK

    Ad revenues grew in 2011 thanks to Google and chums

    Media 08 Mar 11:47

  • Renault Mégane 265 Trophy 2.0 turbo

    Tuned to perfection

    Science 08 Mar 12:00

  • Anonymous takes down Vatican website

    This one's for the kids, and, er, selling indulgences in the Middle Ages

    Security 08 Mar 12:17

  • Virgin TiVo iPad app out in September

    Long gestation

    Phones 08 Mar 12:30

  • SUPERCOMPUTER vs your computer in bang-for-buck battle

    iPad 2 pwns Cray-2? Wife’s desktop beats all?

    HPC 08 Mar 12:33

  • NASA to blast 5 rockets in 5 min in jet stream test

    Turbulence-mapping will light up night sky

    Science 08 Mar 12:43

  • Netflix lets Apple TV owners subscribe on screen

    Cough up through iTunes too

    Hardware 08 Mar 12:51

  • Sky has lots in Store for Anytime+

    Think outside the Box Office

    Hardware 08 Mar 12:59

  • SOPA poked an angry bear and set it loose on the net

    Free Ride author Rob Levine on copyright and Wikipedia

    Law 08 Mar 13:01

  • PlayStation Network to be flooded with freemium games

    Sony keen on 'free to play, cough up to win' titles

    Games 08 Mar 13:04

  • Stratfor email hackers were tricked into using Feds' server

    Spotlight on source of WikiLeaks' files

    Government 08 Mar 13:36

  • New iPad: Crack open your wallets, fanbois, here's what it'll cost

    659 quid for top-price fondleslab in Blighty

    Hardware 08 Mar 14:02

  • Pollster charts rise and rise of the e-book reader

    But is the boom coming to an end?

    Tablets 08 Mar 14:17

  • Job-seeking IT pro? Head for China

    But you'll probably need to speak the lingo, recruiter warns

    Financial News 08 Mar 14:28

  • Orange 3G data network goes titsup

    Fault stretches from Glasgow to Bristol, at least

    Mobile 08 Mar 14:49

  • MYSTERY programming language found in Duqu

    Anti-virus boffins appeal to devs for help

    Security 08 Mar 15:02

  • Huawei erects channel flag in Europe

    Chinese kit-maker wants a slice of the enterprise pie

    The Channel 08 Mar 15:21

  • World's Raspberry Pi supply jammed in factory blunder

    Unprotected network jacks spark delay fears

    Hardware 08 Mar 15:24

  • US Justice Department threatens Apple and publishers with court battle

    Alleges firms conspired to push ebook prices up

    Law 08 Mar 16:02

  • Commtech Distribution to set up UK beachhead

    Names channel veteran Mark Walker as boss

    The Channel 08 Mar 16:04

  • Microsoft tech turns any object into a touchscreen


    Hardware 08 Mar 16:04

  • Elgato's Thunderbolt SSD goes on sale

    External SSD shuns USB 3.0

    Hardware 08 Mar 16:09

  • SECRET of the flashing Amazon jungle Drobo EXPLAINED

    Data-hungry daemon came from the clouds

    Cloud 08 Mar 16:34

  • 3D: 10% of LCD TVs in 2011, 25% in 2012

    Passive catching up with active

    Hardware 08 Mar 16:36

  • Cisco outs third gen UCS blades and racks

    California dreaming

    Servers 08 Mar 16:48

  • Titanic director James Cameron prepares for deep sea dive

    Filmmaker to plummet to the deepest point in the ocean

    Science 08 Mar 17:07

  • Lenovo recalls 160,000 all-in-one PCs after blaze warning

    Potentially incendiary ThinkCentres must come back

    Hardware 08 Mar 17:08

  • 'The new iPad' selling out at AT&T

    White guys in short supply

    Mobile 08 Mar 17:27

  • Tim Cook's post-PC iPad domination dream crushed by reality

    Gartner reckons 400 million desktops will shift in 2013

    Hardware 08 Mar 17:37

  • HD glitch for Apple TV punters

    A lawyer has just rung Cupertino

    Media 08 Mar 17:58

  • Microsoft rolls over as Uniloc wins decade-long war

    Oz David bags Redmond Goliath

    Business 08 Mar 21:19

  • NOAA picks IBM for supercomputer storm chasing

    Power out, Xeon in

    HPC 08 Mar 21:21

  • Solar storm arrives, nobody notices

    ‘Spin’ deceived forecasters

    Science 08 Mar 22:00

  • Microsoft talking turkey with OnLive over Office to iPad

    Strangle VDI at birth or tax it?

    Cloud 08 Mar 22:21

  • NICTA mines for hot rocks

    Big data set to down tools for geothermal activity

    Business 08 Mar 22:30

  • NASA: The future of space is public/private partnerships

    Google and others dream of heading to the stars

    Science 08 Mar 22:41

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster's works spotted in space

    Boffins find noodly galactic gas filaments

    Science 08 Mar 22:45

  • Apple to Google Maps: ‘Get lost’

    iPhoto geo-tagging switched to OpenStreetMap

    Business 08 Mar 22:45

  • NetApp reveals Exadata backup plan

    Exadata users want more than Oracle backup

    Storage 08 Mar 23:24