7th March 2012 Archive

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  • Deutsche Telekom shatters data-transfer speed record

    734 kilometers, one second, 77 CDs

    Data Networking 07 00:29

  • EFF accuses Warner of spamming DMCA takedown notices

    Computerized checking misses the mark

    Law 07 00:59

  • Anonymous smacks Panda in revenge attack

    Website graffiti for LulzSec arrests

    Security 07 01:58

  • STUNNING NEW APPLE DEVICES that will follow the iPad 3 HD!

    Rumours are aswirl ahead of launch, and that's a FACT

    Bootnotes 07 02:02

  • Xeon E5 is hot stuff, but not all in a good way

    Harry Potter render farm likes the speed, feels a little singed by heat

    Data Centre 07 06:28

  • Ten... e-cars and hybrids

    The best plug-in hybrids and pure-play EVs

    Science 07 07:00

  • 2 in 3 Android anti-malware scanners not up to the job

    Threat test: Droid malware grows 450% in 4 months

    Security 07 08:02

  • Toshiba prices up glasses-free 3D TV for Blighty

    If you have to ask, you can't afford it

    Hardware 07 08:11

  • Bring-your-own server: TeamDrive flashes cloudy sync 'n share

    Blackberry and Windows mobile clients coming

    Storage 07 08:34

  • NHS strikes new deal with CSC for electronic patient records

    Maybe US firm will make some profit now?

    Government 07 09:02

  • Fujitsu lures devs to new cloud store with 'SaaSification' sweeties

    Wanna make some money, kids?

    Cloud 07 09:33

  • Suitably-endowed punters lured into bonking for Vaseline loving

    NFC frisking of street posters for fun and profit

    Mobile 07 10:02

  • Sub-£400 svelte lappies hurled in Ultrabook preemptive strike

    Here's something we made cheaper

    Hardware 07 10:21

  • X-com reboot's gameplay showcased

    Alien activity caught on video

    Games 07 10:33

  • Mammoths, sabre-tooths MURDERED by second giant space boulder

    First the dinos, then the mastodons ... then ...

    Science 07 10:41

  • Stop the wedding! WD, Hitachi GST told to wait a day

    Loved-up disk spinners ordered to shed weight

    Storage 07 10:43

  • Banned Facebook promises Chinese devs GLOBAL glory

    Zuck's lads poke around superpower's backdoor

    Developer 07 11:01

  • Facebook goes titsup in Europe

    Not saying how outage happened ... bitch

    Hosting 07 11:17

  • Three curbs data tariff excesses

    Cap in hand

    Mobile 07 11:30

  • Nekkid Tech: Cloud storage fluffs itself up

    Dropbox all over the news, SXSW and the Bitnorth bash

    Cloud 07 11:41

  • BT ordered to cut Openreach fees for rivals

    Telco not happy with 'underlying assumptions'

    Broadband 07 11:46

  • Carmageddon

    More Top Gore than Top Gear

    Games 07 12:00

  • Intel Xeon E5s pruned for single-socket workstations

    A place to plug in your discrete GPU

    Hardware 07 12:22

  • Acer claims first discrete graphics Ultrabooks

    Optical drive squeezed in too

    Laptops 07 12:30

  • The true, tragic cost of British wind power

    You could save the planet for a fraction of the price

    Science 07 12:41

  • Katie Price's teasing 'strapline reveal' avoids bust

    Jordan & Rio Ferdinand's Snickers-bar naughtiness OK'd

    Bootnotes 07 13:02

  • Nokia issues another Lumia 800 battery fix

    A bug's life

    Phones 07 13:09

  • Steve Jobs' death clears way for Apple-Android peace talks

    iPad maker and rivals at patent negotiation table

    Phones 07 13:18

  • Creating information management Initiatives that deliver

    Ofsted, Parity and Reg readers offer advice

    Business 07 13:32

  • Microsoft stumps up titsup Azure cloud compo

    Credit dished out to make up for leap day bug

    The Channel 07 13:47

  • Sony Xperia S NXT series Android smartphone

    Big is beautiful?

    Phones 07 13:54

  • Foxconn pay hikes 'driving tech titans into Philippines'

    China's wage bump is a boon, says Manila's top trade wonk

    Business 07 14:01

  • Euro watchdog snarls at data protection law overhaul

    EDPS joins ICO in dissing Reding's 'half-baked' plan

    Law 07 14:09

  • Peter Molyneux parts with Microsoft and Lionhead

    Gaming maverick cans plans

    Games 07 14:15

  • SUNKEN LINER Titanic iceberg riddle answer FOUND ON MOON

    'Odds against rare astronomical event were astronomical'

    Science 07 14:18

  • Samsung celebrates iPad 3 day by suing Apple AGAIN

    iPhone 4S and iPad 2 patent showdown in South Korea

    Tablets 07 14:31

  • Apple blocks booze, cigs sales with parental control patent

    Also snares rights on 'media gift' flinging tech

    Mobile 07 14:43

  • Google's Android 'let down' sinks iPad rivals - IDC

    Apple bags 80 per cent of UK slab sales

    The Channel 07 15:04

  • SAP tosses out stock-linked sweeteners to staff

    Work harder, don't leave, and make us cloudy!

    Business 07 15:31

  • TI, Nvidia dominate 'not iPad' tablet chip biz

    Intel, Qualcomm "missed the boat", says analyst

    Tablets 07 15:40

  • Secure cloud biz Trustwave equips M86 anti-malware guns

    Grabs security 'through the cloud' with acquisition

    Cloud 07 16:02

  • Apple's App Store parades surprise new Catalog model

    This is news to us, sniff devs

    Developer 07 16:18

  • US, European iPad ownership rockets

    World+Dog wants Apple tablet

    Tablets 07 16:27

  • PlayStation Suite gets sweetener

    Sony touts SDK to devs

    Games 07 16:35

  • Micron warms up solid hardness, shoves in PCIe hole

    Hot-swap flash drives get cosy with Dell boxes

    Storage 07 16:41

  • DragonFly BSD developer stung by Opteron bug

    New 'Bulldozer' cores not affected

    Operating Systems 07 17:03

  • The one tiny slip that put LulzSec chief Sabu in the FBI's pocket

    IRC relays 'infiltrated by the feds'

    Security 07 17:33

  • Will Apple's iPad 3 HD touch you in a special way?

    Senseg-made haptic textures rumoured

    Data Centre 07 17:44

  • Java won't curl up and die like Cobol, insists Oracle

    We've got versions 8, 9 and 10 to prove it

    Developer 07 18:01

  • WD fattens up S25 with third juicy platter

    3G drive swells up to 900GB

    Storage 07 18:32

  • Pacific nation prepares to flee rising seas

    Kiribati starts to pack its suitcases

    Science 07 19:02

  • 'The new iPad' revealed: Full specs, rumor scorecard

    4G, high-res display, new processor, 1080p camera...

    Tablets 07 19:46

  • Adaptec trickles RAID RoCket fuel into new Xeons

    PCIe 3 is I/O gulper

    Storage 07 20:03

  • Sun belches wonking solar flare

    Get out your tinfoil hats

    Science 07 20:42

  • Amid iPad frenzy, Apple staff say 'Remember the workers'

    Unionization of Apple retail making slow progress

    Business 07 21:04

  • Telstra tips assets into NBN Co

    The AUD$11b break up it had to have

    Business 07 21:15

  • Tevatron refines Higgs boson picture

    Fermilab’s final fling brings ‘fuzzy’ picture of God particle

    Science 07 21:30

  • Fanbois will get wet queuing for iPad 3

    Sale date for iPad 3 has ≥ 75% chance of rain

    Hardware 07 21:59

  • Qantas lets fly with 'net access

    No place left to hide from your email

    Mobile 07 22:00

  • Boffins unlock gorilla genome, find lazy sperm gene

    Embiggening knuckle pads also important in ape evolution

    Science 07 22:03

  • Atlassian buys its way into HipChat

    Aussie software coolster swoops on Frisco kid

    Business 07 22:30

  • Cook & Co. boost Apple TV to 1080p, update interface

    'Hobby' device gets iCloudy upgrade

    Media 07 23:24

  • Foxtel offers small olive branch to Oz IPTV operators

    Access to content, with caveats

    Broadband 07 23:32