1st March 2012 Archive

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  • Neat nanoparticles could bring 10TB disks

    5D DVD researchers spurned by Samsung try again

    Storage 01 01:37

  • US shuts down Canadian gambling site with Verisign's help

    Got a .com URL? US law applies

    Hosting 01 01:43

  • Oz Square Kilometre Array bid picks DataDirect for storage

    Boffins pick Big Data specialists for exabyte-a-day array

    Storage 01 02:11

  • Firm Dick sales excite buyers

    Woolies stroking queue of purchasers for soft-core business

    Financial News 01 02:45

  • Data.gov.au loses dedicated staff

    Former staffer says Gov 2.0 losing momentum

    Policy 01 04:13

  • Ten... top iOS games

    Play away

    Phones 01 07:00

  • Risky child-support plans rely too much on new IT system – NAO

    Cost cuts hinge on delayed, overbudget mega-IT overhaul

    Government 01 08:02

  • Dot-brand explosion will shell-shock lazy coders - ICANN

    Devs urged to swot up on parsing new domain extensions

    Hosting 01 09:01

  • Watchdog hits out at malware racking up premium-rate charges

    Regulator horrified permission isn't being sought

    Law 01 09:33

  • Beat Sneak Bandit

    Clock rock

    Games 01 10:01

  • Apple 7.85in 'iPad Mini' on course for Q3 intro

    Reduced size, price

    Phones 01 10:13

  • GIANT blood-guzzling Jurassic fleas ambushed dino prey

    Boffins uncover critters armed with piercing straws

    Science 01 10:24

  • Tata flirts with Cable & Wireless Worldwide buyout

    Suitors line up for troubled carrier

    Business 01 10:38

  • Sony exec: quad-core CPUs bad for today's phones

    Chips are battery hogs, and apps don't need 'em

    Phones 01 10:50

  • ISP Be admits crippling iPlayer demand burst its pipes

    Capacity overload caused 'weeks of packet loss'

    Broadband 01 11:01

  • Microsoft's free flight sim hits the clouds

    Wing wing situation?

    Games 01 11:08

  • K3 chatted up as admirers open their wallets

    Appoints Deloitte to run sell-off process

    The Channel 01 11:16

  • Facebook blamed for getting Thai teens up the duff

    Kids should be kicking balls instead

    Networks 01 11:19

  • Tick-like banking Trojan drills into Firefox, sucks out info

    Neloweg spreading across UK, Netherlands

    Security 01 11:44

  • Motorola Defy Mini rugged Android smartphone

    Lifeproof caller gets smaller

    Phones 01 12:00

  • Steve Jobs' death clears way for '7.85-inch iPad prototype'

    Apple's Kindle-killer rumoured for Q3 2012

    Hardware 01 12:16

  • Bytes, Nettitude sales bods busted in IT invoice bung scam

    Bent procurement chief 'corrupted them', says lawyer

    The Channel 01 12:38

  • Ethics profs fret over cyborg brains, mind-controlled missiles

    Why can't boffins be allowed to BUILD KILLER ROBOTS?

    Science 01 13:03

  • Stolen NASA laptop had Space Station control codes

    And no encryption for supervillains to crack

    Security 01 13:21

  • Auto-correct cock-up sends schools into lockdown

    'Gunman' on the way

    Phones 01 13:30

  • Google rolls out privacy policy, snubs Euro outcry

    Ex-FTC bigwig slams 'arrogant' Choc Factory

    Security 01 13:39

  • Feds unlock suspect's encrypted drive, avoid Constitution meltdown

    Digital age plays havoc with 5th Amendment

    Law 01 14:01

  • Moles say Sony will kill Cell CPU for PlayStation 4

    AMD Fusion the chosen successor?

    Games 01 14:08

  • Chancer punts cig pack case for Raspberry Pi

    Holey smokes

    Hardware 01 14:19

  • China churns out homemade aircraft for global travel DOMINATION

    Look out Boeing and Airbus, there's a new kid in town

    Business 01 14:32

  • App cuts waiting out of call centre queues

    No charge, apparently

    Phones 01 14:44

  • ICO slaps Durham Uni for exposing staff, students' privates

    Training manual... on how to stalk that first-year

    Security 01 15:02

  • Mobile whizzes tout gadgets that touch you, save your life

    Innovation hidden in the small stands

    Phones 01 15:31

  • Blighty's Post Office computer system goes titsup

    Enough to make you go postal

    Policy 01 15:48

  • Fujitsu array brags of quick thrust, modest cost

    Eternus DX80 S2 tops the benchmark chart

    Storage 01 16:02

  • Indiana Jones flicks out on Blu-ray this Fall

    Dum-da-da-dum-dum. Dum-da-da-dum-dum. Dum-de-dada, dum-de-dum, etc, etc.

    Hardware 01 16:16

  • G-Cloud bigwig says soz for Cloud Store outage

    Azure crash downed gov e-catalogue for 2 hours

    The Channel 01 16:26

  • Sacks of cash chucked at upstart dressed to the nines

    Object storage biz Amplidata banks $8m investment

    Small Biz 01 17:03

  • MWC: Inscrutable slogans, Google toys and the invisible Apple

    'Claw grab' game + humbled, eager Nokia = A real treat

    Mobile 01 18:06

  • Azure's storage cloud was never at stake, insists storage cloud biz

    It's the compute side that went titsup

    The Channel 01 19:01

  • Windows Server 8 beta ready for download

    Code rewritten for virtualization

    Servers 01 19:32

  • Cray gets graphic with big data

    ThreadStorm appliance cries 'Urika!'

    HPC 01 20:17

  • Atlassian seeks geeks in Europe

    'We're hiring, let's meet in the pub'

    Business 01 21:01

  • Premium mobile services face tougher laws

    Heavy-breathers must declare their costs

    Mobile 01 22:00

  • Tubular cells: Georgia Tech demos nano-scale solar fab

    Solyndra dream lives on in miniature

    Science 01 22:30

  • Sub-orbital rocket searches for first galaxies

    CIBER experiment to shed new light on first light

    Science 01 22:37

  • Motorola unfazed by Apple photo-patent win

    'We expect no impact' from latest German court loss

    Software 01 22:37

  • EMC cranks Greenplum database to 4.2

    Goosing Hadoop links and warehouse backups

    Applications 01 23:01

  • Paper plane world record disputed

    Soar heads say A4 flew six metres past old record

    Bootnotes 01 23:03

  • Election hacked, drunken robot elected to school board

    Experts warn e-voting systems decades away from security

    Security 01 23:11

  • Antibody transistor grabs gold

    Immune system response self-assembles electronic connection

    Science 01 23:30