29th February 2012 Archive

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  • Government, business, military are internet security threats

    Security guru tells industry to suit up for battle

    Security 29 Feb 01:19

  • Interpol attacks hacks

    Operation Unmask in Anonymous faceoff

    Law 29 Feb 01:23

  • Marriot International trashes telepresence rooms

    Cisco kit goes out the window

    Networks 29 Feb 01:31

  • Moore's Law leaves mobile networks ripe for attack

    Corrupt telcos also to blame

    Security 29 Feb 02:00

  • Apple snags blockbuster multi-touch patent

    Line up for licensing, world+dog?

    Mobile 29 Feb 05:30

  • Raspberry Pi signs big-name sellers

    RS Components, Element 14 to offer programming computer

    Hardware 29 Feb 06:02

  • Faster mobile data: the road to 4G

    Better LTE than never

    Phones 29 Feb 07:00

  • Dell has rapier-thin blade server in the works

    En garde!

    HPC 29 Feb 07:10

  • New tool turns any marketing wonk into a mobile app whiz

    FrontPage-like drag-n-drop software development

    Mobile 29 Feb 08:01

  • Nepal asks for a leg-up to nail Everest's height

    Appeal for foreign help probably not directed at China

    Bootnotes 29 Feb 08:29

  • Microsoft tripped up by Blighty's techie skills gap

    Unis not working hard enough to please us, says UK chief

    Developer 29 Feb 09:03

  • From server to end user: What's coming up for NFS?

    Big changes: Hole-punching and application data blocks

    Virtualization 29 Feb 09:28

  • Apple assesses 14in Air for Asia

    Mid-size MacBook mooted

    Laptops 29 Feb 09:52

  • France: All your books are belong to us

    Pirate Party, Free Software bods, authors in IP land-grab fight

    Media 29 Feb 10:01

  • Trusted computing: It's BACK, and already in a pocket near you

    That bulge could be SOMEONE ELSE's tool

    Mobile 29 Feb 10:12

  • Brazilian shave costs Tech Data as profits cut by third

    Latin America exit, lay offs dent flat Q4 sales

    The Channel 29 Feb 10:13

  • Sony shifts more than a million PS Vitas

    Can it maintain the pace?

    Phones 29 Feb 10:23

  • Microsoft's Azure cloud down and out for 8 hours

    'Cert issue' crashes Windows cloudy platform's service management

    Cloud 29 Feb 10:26

  • Court wonk tweets Apple's IPAD appeal showdown with Proview

    See Apple's hearing in blow-by-blow detail

    Law 29 Feb 10:47

  • How big telcos can repel the Valley's OTT insurgents

    And why they probably shouldn't try

    Mobile 29 Feb 11:00

  • RIM PlayBook price cut specials become standard

    New low price... for now?

    Phones 29 Feb 11:06

  • Ancient Iceman murder victim was lactose-intolerant, sickly

    5,000-year-old corpse shows Oetzi might have pegged soon anyway

    Science 29 Feb 11:16

  • HP culls nearly half remaining webOS team

    275 engineers not required in move to open source

    Mobile 29 Feb 11:31

  • Toshiba swaps flood-soaked Thai plant for WD disk biz

    Will that make the European Commission happy?

    Storage 29 Feb 11:48

  • Tomorrow's smartphone tech today

    Look what's coming to mobiles in 2012

    Phones 29 Feb 12:00

  • Better Capital's m-hance coughs £6.8m for Maxima units

    Troubled MSP losses widen as restructure starts

    The Channel 29 Feb 12:03

  • UK Broadband flicks switch on Blighty's first 4G network

    But this is not the 4G you were hoping for

    Mobile 29 Feb 12:14

  • Microsoft demos 3D desktop with transparent OLED

    Reach 'round and move me

    Hardware 29 Feb 12:26

  • Hands on with the Sony Xperia S, P and U

    Sexy: the NXT generation

    Phones 29 Feb 12:39

  • IBM layoffs now top 1,200

    Most of the cuts in the US and Canada

    CIO 29 Feb 12:48

  • Tory minister: Let's exploit our rich resource of mud, er, wind

    Energy MP's hot air is no good for economy nor environment

    Government 29 Feb 13:01

  • GPS glitch leads perp-pursuing cops to wrong house

    Stolen iPhone elsewhere

    Phones 29 Feb 13:07

  • Keeping Score in the Public Sector

    Managing data effectively in the modern world

    Policy 29 Feb 13:10

  • Google tramples over Euro data protection law – French watchdog

    37 US attorneys general also 'troubled' by personal info being 'held hostage'

    Law 29 Feb 13:27

  • Game turns back on Mass Effect 3

    EA herds Shepherd elsewhere

    Games 29 Feb 13:32

  • US gov IT services vendor swallows HBGary

    ManTech wants to penetrate deeper into cyber-security market

    Financial News 29 Feb 13:48

  • Systemax suffers sales shrinkage in Q4

    B2B sunshine fails to thaw consumer spending freeze

    The Channel 29 Feb 13:56

  • CBOSS puts out operator bait: Dinner date with 'booth babe'

    Fancy a bit of deep packet inspection, guv?

    Mobile 29 Feb 14:03

  • Yahoo! scared! of! dot! brand! squatters!

    But nobody else is

    Hosting 29 Feb 14:17

  • iPad 3 launch news pushes Apple shares to $500bn high

    Cook likely to shake out $7bn to the shareholders

    Financial News 29 Feb 14:43

  • Qualcomm poised to zap wireless charging rival into dust

    WiPower and Qi in battle for the batteries

    Hardware 29 Feb 15:02

  • Stop snubbing top scientists' advice, Lords tell MPs

    Dossier of gov's dodgy decisions reveals sidelined advisers

    Government 29 Feb 15:21

  • Hacking scandal: James Murdoch quits UK newspaper biz

    NYC-based son of Rupert flees News International

    Media 29 Feb 15:28

  • Wireless operators to become less, er, wireless

    You just can't beat copper

    Mobile 29 Feb 15:39

  • iPhone photo-slurping loophole sparks app privacy fears

    Contact lists, pics, vids ... what else can devs grab?

    Security 29 Feb 15:58

  • Ellison's Oracle cloud lives as hype winds down

    A slow conversion better than no conversion

    Cloud 29 Feb 16:21

  • Irish ISPs urged to fit child porn filters

    Net biz accused of caring about copyright more than kids

    Government 29 Feb 16:44

  • G-Cloud guru slaps down Cloud Store critics

    You gotta have (NSIT) standards...

    The Channel 29 Feb 16:46

  • Riot police encircle Mobile World Congress

    The natives are getting restless

    Government 29 Feb 16:57

  • Powerful, wallet-sized Raspberry Pi computer sells out in SECONDS

    Tiny Brit wonder hardly even touched the shelves

    Hardware 29 Feb 17:28

  • Kinect gets white makeover for latest Xbox bundle

    Pallid package

    Games 29 Feb 17:40

  • Microsoft drops 'risky' Windows 8 preview on World

    Metro-lovers to rub themselves into 'fast, fluid' frenzy?

    Windows 8 29 Feb 17:44

  • VMware mashes up Hadoop with Spring

    Corralling that big data elephant inside a framework

    Cloud 29 Feb 17:55

  • Inside Eric Schmidt's brain: Holodecks, robo-cars and jail bandwidth

    Censorship, regulation also on Google kingpin's mind

    Mobile 29 Feb 18:06

  • India splurges £100m on new mega internet snooping HQ

    All tweets, emails, and status updates are belong to them

    Government 29 Feb 18:29

  • Thai floods float Seagate to top of hard drive biz

    Western Digital submerged, gurgling

    Storage 29 Feb 18:54

  • Millions of China's tweeters 'silenced by real names decree'

    State's new web rule will hit popular Sina Weibo

    Government 29 Feb 19:04

  • 'Kill yourself now' - Torvalds throws openSUSE security tantrum

    Root password protocol 'mentally diseased'

    Software 29 Feb 19:30

  • IBM peddles used servers, PCs in China

    A market economy matures

    Servers 29 Feb 21:20

  • Aussie soldiers let rip on Facebook

    Women, Muslims the fave targets

    Law 29 Feb 21:45

  • Dotcom bail survives appeal, extradition hearing in August

    Megaupload kingpin seeks $NZ220k per month expenses

    Law 29 Feb 22:08

  • Antimatter asymmetry: new results bring solution closer

    Fermilab physicists’ fingers crossed

    Science 29 Feb 23:00

  • Oz deal site admits e-book piracy snafu

    Cudo loses kudos

    Media 29 Feb 23:15

  • Intel VC funds ultimate mobile device

    Jump in my car

    Business 29 Feb 23:45

  • AMD snaps up server upstart SeaMicro

    Jumpstarting a cloudy server biz with an interconnect

    Servers 29 Feb 23:52

  • NASA snaps show Arctic melt

    Oldest ice disappears faster

    Science 29 Feb 23:59