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Court rejects Tesla’s latest libel spat with Top Gear

Tesla's on-going libel case with the BBC over a negative portrayal of its Roadster electric sports car on Top Gear suffered another setback when the courts ruled that it could not amend its claim.
Iain Thomson, 24 Feb 2012

3D processor-memory mashups take center stage

ISSCCA trio of devices that stack layers of compute units and memory in a single chip to boost interconnect bandwidth were presented at this week's International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco.
Rik Myslewski, 24 Feb 2012

TNZ braves the demerger with strong profits

The freshly de-merged Telecom New Zealand has posted a net profit of $NZ1 billion after what the CEO described as the “most complex corporate transaction in recent New Zealand history.”
Natalie Apostolou, 24 Feb 2012
Roku 2 XS IPTV player

Roku 2 XS IPTV player

ReviewIn the US, Roku has ridden to prominence on the back of services like Netflix and Hulu, and the phenomenon of ‘cord cutting’, where people discontinue pay TV services in favour of, well, paid IPTV services. That’s perhaps not surprising when their entry level box costs less than £40 including tax for US customers.
Nigel Whitfield, 24 Feb 2012

GreenBytes goes on SME flash array gig

ZFS-using disk array storage supplier GreenBytes has set out on a flash project with its Solidarity flash array offering faster than disk performance at lower than disk cost for small and medium business.
Chris Mellor, 24 Feb 2012

Report: Most council workers granted access to Facebook, Twitter

Most councils allow employees to access social media. This is compared with only one-third of them allowing it two years ago, research by Socitm indicates.
Bomb on PC screen

The cyber-weapons paradox: 'They're not that dangerous'

When it comes to bombs, the more powerful they are, the bigger their impact. With a cyber-weapon, the opposite is true: the more powerful it is, the more limited the damage it causes. The deeper a bug can get into any given system, the less likely it is to trouble anything else.
Anna Leach, 24 Feb 2012
Samsung Google Ice Cream Sandwich invite

Asus teases MWC 'retina display' revelation

It's official: Asus has begun posting its Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich update for its Eee Pad Transformer tablet.
Tony Smith, 24 Feb 2012
Belkin Keyboard Folio accessory for iPad

Belkin Keyboard Folio case for iPad

Accessory of the WeekThe myth that the iPad is only for content consumption was debunked many moons ago. And this Belkin Keyboard Folio is as good an example as any of how the iPad, with a little help, can in some circumstances be a replacement for a laptop.
Kenny Hemphill, 24 Feb 2012

Proview parks IPAD battle tanks on Apple's US lawn

Asian monitor biz Proview has taken its legal scrap with Apple to the US - and alleged that it was hoodwinked when it sold its IPAD trademark to the fruity tech titan in 2009.
Phil Muncaster, 24 Feb 2012

UltraViolet passes million download mark

More than 800,000 US homes have signed up for Ultraviolet, the Hollywood-backed movies-in-the-cloud platform. And they've used it to download more than 1m copies of films.
Tony Smith, 24 Feb 2012

Tiniest ever 128Gbit NAND flash chip flaunted

SanDisk and Toshiba have jointly developed the smallest 128Gbit NAND flash chip in the world by using a 3-bit multi-level cell design (TLC) and a 19nm process.
Chris Mellor, 24 Feb 2012


Modern mammals, including humans, could be at risk of shrinking as a result of global warming, just as teeny prehistoric horses shrank to an even smaller size when temperatures rose 56 million years ago.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 24 Feb 2012

Apple gobbles apps search robot Chomp

Apple has scooped up a search engine for apps in an acquisition for an undisclosed sum yesterday, although Bloomberg said a source had revealed the price at around $50m.
Anna Leach, 24 Feb 2012
iPad owners, with apologies to Harry Enfield

iPad owners 'considerably richer than yow'

iPad owners are far more likely to be able to claim they are considerably richer than you, a study of the thickness of tablet fondlers' wads has revealed.
Tony Smith, 24 Feb 2012

Mozilla's app Marketplace tempts HTML5 worshippers

MWC 2012Mozilla takes the open web to Microsoft, Google, Apple and others next week with an invitation to developers to start coding for its technology-agnostic apps store.
Gavin Clarke, 24 Feb 2012


ReviewCyberpunk's lasting appeal is often attributed to its familiar tropes: dystopian near-future settings, rapid technological advancements, massive societal upheaval and, of course, alienated loners living off-the-grid. But it's not the conventions that sustain the genre, but its allegories.
Andrew Bailey, 24 Feb 2012

Apple chief thinks about his MOUNTAIN OF CASH a lot

Apple has given in to shareholder pressure on director voting, but is still thinking about what to do with its vast mountain range of cash.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 24 Feb 2012
Sony PS Vita handheld games console

Sony to strike gold with PS Vita - if it cuts the price

Sony may shift more than $2.2bn worth of PlayStation Vita handheld consoles - some 12.4m units - by the end of 2012, it has been forecast. The catch: the price has to come down under $200.
Reg Hard, 24 Feb 2012
homeless man with sign

Gov CloudStore critics: 'Rollout too fast, contracts too short'

The G-Cloud framework has received criticism from analysts as well as from some corners of the channel over the construction and rollout of CloudStore before it was ready for public sector consumption.
Paul Kunert, 24 Feb 2012

'Nobody can resist the charming of iPAD'

QuotwThis was the week when Microsoft decided that its new Windows logo should actually look like a window, resulting in this streamlined and modernistic (or uncolourful and mundane depending on your viewpoint) effort:
Brid-Aine Parnell, 24 Feb 2012
fingers pointing at man

HP, Dell warn of price hikes after Foxconn wage rise

Tech giants HP and Dell have revealed that they are keeping a close eye on developments in the Chinese labour market and may even be forced to put up their prices if wages keep increasing in the region.
Phil Muncaster, 24 Feb 2012

Apple fanbois forced to go on the pull by Motorola patent

Apple has switched off push notifications in Germany, responding to Motorola Mobility's successful patent lawsuit, so iCloud users in Germany will have to learn to pull together.
Bill Ray, 24 Feb 2012

UK-French drone aircraft blueprints nicked at Paris station

Old-school crooks managed to steal documents related to secret plans to build a joint French-British drone aircraft after snatching a briefcase at a Paris railway station.
John Leyden, 24 Feb 2012

HP caught with SIX Windows 8 PC packages up its sleeve

Windows 8 is being re-packaged into six versions in a move that looks like it might kill off four editions of the desktop client currently sold.
Gavin Clarke, 24 Feb 2012

New password-snatching Mac Trojan spreading in the wild

Security watchers warned on Friday that a new variant of a Mac-specific password-snatching Trojan horse is spreading in the wild.
John Leyden, 24 Feb 2012

Google Goggle glasses ARE WATCHING YOU

"So we have the human operator surrounded on both sides by very precisely known mechanisms," an American physicist called John Stroud once observed, referring to anti-aircraft gunners in the Second World War.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Feb 2012

Student cluster warriors battle it out in Hamburg

ISC2012The International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), due to kick off in Hamburg in mid-June, is Europe’s leading supercomputing event. This show has almost everything you’d expect: keynote speeches by research computing stars; presentations, tutorials, demonstrations, and exhibits; and a huge variety of logo-imprinted tote bags. This year, they’re adding a Student Cluster Competition to their growing slate of offerings.
Dan Olds, 24 Feb 2012

Oracle: 'US Navy tricked by illegal Solaris touts'

Oracle has launched legal action against channel firms in the US, accusing them of a "gray market conspiracy" to nick its software and flog Sun Solaris OS support.
Paul Kunert, 24 Feb 2012

Private Manning keeps mum at Wikileaks plea hearing

WikiLeaks suspect Private Bradley Manning declined to enter a plea on Thursday at the start of his court martial over charges that he had handed over reams of US Army classified data to the website, AP reported from the court.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 24 Feb 2012

Microsoft deal registration program backfires

Microsoft's Partner Sales Exchange (PSE) deal registration tool, designed to safeguard large account resellers (LAR) from rivals pilfering business at the eleventh hour, seems to be causing more problems than it is solving.
Paul Kunert, 24 Feb 2012

Google adds Do Not Track button to Chrome

UpdatedGoogle's Chrome browser has added a Do Not Track option that will prevent websites using your browser history to target ads at you.*
Anna Leach, 24 Feb 2012

Flood-hit Thai disk fabs to pour out 140m drives

The production of hard disk drives is nearing full capacity after flooding last year in Thailand sent shockwaves through the supply chain, with output set to reach around 80 per cent of pre-flood levels.
Phil Muncaster, 24 Feb 2012
server room

Wake up, small biz: Learn to speak internet

BlogToday I wanted to buy a metal business card case I could carry around in my pocket. I asked Google Maps politely if it knew where in Edmonton I could find such a widget, preferably on the way home. Google didn't have the faintest clue where I could get such a thing, no matter how delicately I phrased the request.
Trevor Pott, 24 Feb 2012

Death to Office or to Windows - choose wisely, Microsoft

Open ... and ShutWindows is dead, and Microsoft Office has killed it. Or will, once the rumours about Microsoft porting its wildly popular Office product to the iPad become reality.
Matt Asay, 24 Feb 2012

Cisco's 3-ring circus: Xsigo CEO on bait and switches

Blocks and Files: Cisco's John Chambers has EMC, HP and NetApp dancing to his tune and helping to sell his UCS servers and networking gear. But how does that work?
Chris Mellor, 24 Feb 2012

Chinese cops bust culinary Apple trademark thieves

Steely-eyed industrial gumshoes in the east-central Chinese city of Wuhan have foiled a nefarious plan by dishonorable appliance punters to exploit the power of the Apple brand.
Rik Myslewski, 24 Feb 2012

Dell mothership hovers over backup startup, beams it aboard

Dell has acquired its own continuous data protection software by buying AppAssure for an undisclosed amount.
Chris Mellor, 24 Feb 2012

El Reg issues CIO scrapheap challenge

Dear reader, we are conducting an experiment in vox pop journalism, and that means we want to involve you, the man or woman on the IT street.
Drew Cullen, 24 Feb 2012

Anti-phishing DMARC adoption gathers (free) steam

The world's biggest names in the consumer webmail space are sharing security intelligence with businesses for free to help drive adoption of the DMARC email-authentication system.
Iain Thomson, 24 Feb 2012

Male dinosaurs failing on social privacy

The latest data from the Pew Research Center shows men to be the least privacy-conscious people online, and the most likely to make a gaffe on social networking sites.
Iain Thomson, 24 Feb 2012

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