21st February 2012 Archive

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  • Nasa rocketeers probe aurora borealis solar interference

    Sky shot seeks clues to GPS woes

    Science 21 Feb 01:30

  • Motorola Motoluxe Android smartphone

    Talked up?

    Phones 21 Feb 07:00

  • SMS compo firms fined £200k for typosquatting, misleading punters

    Used misspellings of popular sites to lure competition entrants

    Law 21 Feb 08:03

  • British Medical Association calls for long, slow rollout of NHS 111

    It's not an emergency, man...

    Government 21 Feb 09:04

  • Virgin boss victorious in .xxx Branson pickle

    Cyber-squatter owns diddly-squat in domain ruling

    Networks 21 Feb 09:35

  • Proview wins new Chinese IPAD ruling as Apple threatens to sue

    Tech titan wants monitor minnow to zip it

    Small Biz 21 Feb 10:02

  • CRACK made by quakes FOUND ON MOON

    Paparazzo probe's pic hints at smoking hot insides

    Science 21 Feb 10:23

  • Zerowait feeds hungry NetApp punters tasty NASAGNA

    'Don't buy new filers - spice up your old ones'

    Storage 21 Feb 10:41

  • AppAware

    The app for apps, apparently

    Phones 21 Feb 11:00

  • Smart telly trends make Apple 'iTV' a certainty

    Cupertino would be mad not to

    Hardware 21 Feb 11:05

  • Blighty's first IT wholesaler swaps Henry for Henry

    Northamber MD retires, accounts back in the red

    The Channel 21 Feb 11:12

  • Sony Xperia U slips out ahead of launch

    Smartphone sees a shrink

    Phones 21 Feb 11:17

  • RIM's backdoor sniffed by BBM-snooping Indian spooks

    BlackBerry biz pushes BES access headache to operators

    Mobile 21 Feb 11:29

  • China Telecom ramps up iPhone 4S fanboi fever

    State-run biz to punt shiny mobiles in March

    Mobile 21 Feb 11:43

  • Rovio launches Angry Birds into space

    Pigs might fly

    Phones 21 Feb 11:50

  • Home Sec splits Border Agency after passport checks fiasco

    May: Secure ID suspension lacked 'ministerial consent'

    Government 21 Feb 12:01

  • Met Office wants better supercomputer to predict EXTREME weather

    Says its bad rep is down to 'non-expert' reporting

    HPC 21 Feb 12:24

  • Dell Latitude E6220 12.5in Core i7 notebook

    Quietly powerful

    Laptops and Tablets 21 Feb 12:33

  • Bogus Pokemon evolves into iTunes smash hit

    Got to catch at least some of 'em

    Applications 21 Feb 12:43

  • Samsung refreshes budget Galaxy blowers

    Ace and Mini head to Blighty

    Phones 21 Feb 12:44

  • Flash DOOMED to drive itself off a cliff - boffins

    NAND to hit endurance, reliability limits

    Storage 21 Feb 13:09

  • RIM rolls out PlayBook OS2 update

    BlackBerry Tablet gets tastier

    Laptops and Tablets 21 Feb 13:15

  • PlayStation Vita price dips below £200

    Commerce combat commences

    Games 21 Feb 13:27

  • Computacenter veteran O'Hara exits stage left

    Big hitter's resignation leads to sales organ rejig

    The Channel 21 Feb 13:32

  • Russian search biz grabs Twitter's fire hose, sprays everywhere

    Yandex inks deal to include tweets in results

    Media 21 Feb 13:39

  • BlackBerry PlayBook OS gets RIM spit 'n' polish

    Fondleslab's future hangs by a version price cut

    Operating Systems 21 Feb 13:57

  • LOHAN's flying truss: One orb or two?

    Readers shoot down twin-balloon plan

    SPB 21 Feb 14:34

  • SaaS brings software to the masses

    Collaborative tools for SMEs

    Small Biz 21 Feb 14:47

  • Mellanox: Just jump straight to 40GE networks

    Unless you really want only 10GE

    HPC 21 Feb 15:08

  • Mobile telcos bleed $13.9bn as IM apps chomp on SMS

    The cash cow is dying - slowly

    Mobile 21 Feb 15:36

  • Google gobbles kaput search robot Cuil's patents

    Cool your boots with quantum porn

    Business 21 Feb 16:03

  • Scroogle unplugged for good this time

    Not-for-profit search engine shuttered by creator

    Networks 21 Feb 16:31

  • Ubuntu for Android: Penguins peck at Nokia's core problem

    Canonical waves Google phones at Windows waverers

    Mobile 21 Feb 17:01

  • Activist admits lying, ethics lapse - supplied illegally obtained docs to DeSmogBlog

    Criminal-funded smear site in 'serious crime'

    Science 21 Feb 17:27

  • Experts: RSA weak keys flaw restricted to network devices

    Primal fear

    Security 21 Feb 18:03

  • Sugar-daddy love runs out for hard-up Valley firms

    Losing the way from A to B

    Small Biz 21 Feb 18:32

  • Apple slaps mega-solar panel field on new ENORMO data centre

    Won't do much to satisfy Greenpeace though ...

    Servers 21 Feb 19:32

  • Apache releases first upgrade to HTTP Server in six years

    Popular open source platform gets faster

    Applications 21 Feb 19:51

  • ScaleXtreme adds patch management to cloudy utility belt

    Not quite as many tools as Batman

    Cloud 21 Feb 20:04

  • Teradata grabs Hortonworks by trunk

    An elephant line from Hadoop to data warehouse

    Cloud 21 Feb 20:25

  • Kiwi open sourcers invade Aus

    SilverStripe open HQ in Victoria

    Business 21 Feb 21:30

  • An iPad in every pot, says Anna Bligh

    Queensland election campaign jumps the shark

    Business 21 Feb 22:00

  • Megaupload honcho sprung from slammer (for now)

    NZ court hears 'new evidence', bails boss

    Law 21 Feb 22:20

  • Aussies learn to love downloading

    Need more legit content sharing options

    Media 21 Feb 22:30

  • Microsoft denies report of Office coming to iPad

    'Inaccurate rumors and speculation,’ says Redmond

    Applications 21 Feb 22:31

  • Researchers propose ‘overclock’ scheme for mobiles

    Processing at a sprint to overcome tech limitations

    Mobile 21 Feb 23:00

  • News of the World hacker named after court block lifted

    Murdoch editor Andy Coulson fingered as key contact

    Law 21 Feb 23:26

  • Australia to make health research open access

    What the public funds, the public gets to use

    Science 21 Feb 23:30

  • File sharing arrests move to Germany

    Skyload.net gone, operators arrested

    Law 21 Feb 23:34