20th February 2012 Archive

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  • IBM, Actifio to help wannabe providers take on cloud giants

    Thin copying partnership

    The Channel 20 07:03

  • 70 London 999 calls lost due to clock-change IT glitch

    Emergency calls lost in British Summer Time balls-up last year

    Law 20 08:03

  • Don't reform copyright yet, begs publishers' body

    We want to see whether the Digital Rights Exchange works...

    Bootnotes 20 09:04

  • Upstart startup STT punts big on universal memory

    Spin overcomes resistance

    Hardware 20 09:23

  • Gov CloudStore opens for business

    257 suppliers named – SMEs bag half the slots

    The Channel 20 09:38

  • Lantronix xPrintServer

    AirPrint for grown-ups

    Hardware 20 10:00

  • Insight hands UK ops baby to Griffiths – temporarily

    Emma de Sousa is taking maternity leave

    The Channel 20 10:19

  • Samsung spins off loss-making LCD biz

    Newly independent telly-maker may slurp OLED unit as well

    Financial News 20 10:36

  • HP's ProLiant Gen8 control freakery

    'So smart they virtually take care of themselves'

    Servers 20 10:58

  • Boy died after satnav fault delays ambulance

    Could they not have used a map, asks mum

    Science 20 11:05

  • Brit student locked up for Facebook source code hack

    Unfriended, unliked, unfree

    Law 20 11:14

  • FTC urged to probe Google's Safari-tracking gaffe

    Choc Factory blames Apple's browser 'functionality' for ad slurp

    Security 20 11:31

  • Climate models need revising: Droughts, heat waves not such a big deal

    'Not something we expected', say US gov boffins

    Science 20 11:43

  • Chinese smut site boss gets 10 years in the slammer

    World's strictest web censorship laws try to put Jiarong, er, right

    Law 20 11:58

  • Nokia Asha 201 Qwerty phone

    Cost-conscious caller

    Phones 20 12:05

  • iPad 3 chip leak squeaks dual-core tweaks

    A5X logic board spied

    Tablets 20 12:11

  • Foursquare ousted? Google sneaks out Latitude leader boards

    No mayoral frippery, green stars will be your only reward

    Mobile 20 12:14

  • Huawei pumps $6bn sweetener into US biz trio

    Qualcomm, Avago and Broadcom land contracts

    Financial News 20 12:29

  • Brazilians unveil Microsoft SkyDrive's secret – revealing pics

    Cloudy storage app pictured... on the desktop

    Applications 20 12:46

  • Eric Schmidt to cash in $1.45bn Google shares

    A little something for the rainy day fund

    Financial News 20 13:03

  • UK mobile networks start to phase out Sony Ericsson handsets

    Vodafone, Orange don't even stock flagship Xperia Arc S

    Mobile 20 13:22

  • LOHAN flashes fantastical flying truss

    Experimental Vulture 2 launch platform

    SPB 20 13:38

  • Google plots Chrome web password maker

    How the secrets are stored and recovered is another matter

    Security 20 14:01

  • Brit sat biz Inmarsat owed $56m by ailing LightSquared

    Hard-up mobile broadband dreamers can't use sold spectrum

    Broadband 20 14:18

  • Apple goes to European Commission with complaint about Motorola

    Tell Moto it can't use standards-essential patents that way, dad ...

    Law 20 14:37

  • Microsoft holds peace talks after Hyper-V booted from OpenStack

    Keen to get 'dead wood' hypervisor back on Linux clouds

    Virtualization 20 14:58

  • Toner slurping biz Lasertech runs out of ink

    Creditors meeting called for next month

    The Channel 20 15:01

  • Pirate Bay AND its users violate labels' copyright - judge

    High Court ruling paves way for web block

    Media 20 15:26

  • Unions: MoD 'mad to fire staff while increasing consultant spending'

    Calculator says no – but watch the colonels

    Government 20 15:39

  • Valve responds to Half-Life 3 grumbles

    Gordon Freeman gets baked

    Games 20 15:45

  • Security biz scoffs at Apple's anti-Trojan Gatekeeper

    Apple dev ghetto fears - plus it only probes executables

    Security 20 15:58

  • Fujitsu tempts Europe to splash cash on waterproof mobes

    Hopes quirky phones and slabs will swim rather than sink

    Mobile 20 16:28

  • Panasonic outs dual-core Euro-centric Android phone

    Eluga caviar?

    Phones 20 16:53

  • French National Front woos internet pirates

    Extreme right backs music tax alternative to Hadopi

    Law 20 16:58

  • Panasonic to include trackpad remotes with top-end TVs

    App alternative for smartphone owners

    Hardware 20 17:26

  • SmarTone lets users cancel all-you-can-eat contracts

    Operator tries to put unlimited tariff fiasco to bed

    Mobile 20 17:29

  • Panasonic to take on LG with passive 3D TV

    iPad-like LCD tech in play too

    Hardware 20 18:07

  • Exascale by 2018: Crazy ...or possible?

    It may take a few years longer, but not too many

    HPC 20 19:06

  • Pakistani military building PAC-PAD fondleslab

    Android tablet comes with military stamp

    Mobile 20 20:21

  • Australians like the NBN: poll

    Gaining ground again after slump

    Networks 20 21:30

  • Squirrelled away: seeds survive 30,000-year winter

    Russian permafrost yields up a secret

    Science 20 22:00

  • Microsoft claims Google bypassed its browser privacy too

    P3P policy flaw gave automatic access

    Security 20 22:26

  • Digital Realty gets real in Victoria

    More data centres for us

    Business 20 23:33

  • Optus snaps up Vivid for 4G build

    Huawei in box seat

    Networks 20 23:45