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Goldman Sachs developer cleared of code theft

A programmer who developed high-frequency trading code for financial powerhouse Goldman Sachs has won his appeal against an eight-year prison sentence, and been released from jail.
Iain Thomson, 18 Feb 2012
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Microsoft explains bland new Windows logo

Microsoft has detailed the thinking behind the latest change in its logo for Windows, saying the new design brings the software back to its roots.
Iain Thomson, 18 Feb 2012
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Sky flaunts F1 app with split-screen functions

Sky conveyed details of its Formula 1 coverage today, including news of an F1 app with four-way multiscreen functionality.
Caleb Cox, 18 Feb 2012

Ten... digital adult toys

NSFW NSFW Wireless vibrators activated by your mobile phone or MP3 player – who would have thought it? Growing up during a time when women still had pubic hair and leading a fantasy romance with Tony Hadley took up most of my time, if I was lucky Valentine's day involved a card and a flower picked out of someone garden. OK, OK …
Lucy Orr, 18 Feb 2012

PlayStation Vita OS in your phone and telly - Sony's saviour?

Analysis Incoming Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai doesn't have too long to prove himself before shareholders get restive again. Of course, his big challenge is in the TV business*, but he has also spotted the chance to do, belatedly, what rival Samsung has been putting together for years – creating a true multiscreen apps and content platform by extending a common user experience across all Sony's devices and stores.
Faultline, 18 Feb 2012
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Police probing ‘threats’ over Canadian internet privacy bill

The Canadian public safety minister Vic Toews has called in the police to investigate threats made against him and his family in response to his internet privacy bill, which has also provoked a storm of online protest.
Iain Thomson, 18 Feb 2012