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Mobile internet devices to outnumber humans this year

The number of mobile devices will outstrip the global population in 2012, according to Cisco’s latest Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast.
Iain Thomson, 15 Feb 2012

Heartland Institute documents leaked

Gifted amateurs and interested activists the world over are poring over documents published on the Desmog blog and elsewhere, which appear to detail the US think-tank the Heartland Institute’s budget and anti-climate-change strategy.
Richard Chirgwin, 15 Feb 2012
Intel 520 series SSD

Intel 520 240GB SSD

ReviewThe rumour mill was working overtime throughout 2011 with suggestions that Intel was considering forsaking the Marvell controllers it had used for its previous generation of consumer SSDs, the 510 series. The story went that the company was jumping into bed with another third party controller manufacturer, namely Sandforce, for the next generation of its solid state drives.
Simon Crisp, 15 Feb 2012

Child abuse files stolen from council worker in PUB - £100k fine

The UK's data protection watchdog has fined two English council bodies a total of £180,000 after finding they had failed to keep "highly sensitive information" about children secure.
OUT-LAW.COM, 15 Feb 2012

Microsoft code not the security sieve sysadmins should be worried about

The gap between software patched by IT departments and the applications cyber-criminals actually target is leaving organisations at a greater risk of attack.
John Leyden, 15 Feb 2012

Blighty's gov to spunk up to £2.9b on crim-stalking tech

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is looking to spend up to £2.9bn on electronic monitoring technology.
Asus Zenbook UX31E

Europeans turn backs on Ultrabooks

Europeans don't want Ultrabooks - and their lack of interest in the platform will hit Intel's platform market share forecast where it hurts.
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2012
Leisure Suit Larry icon

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

Antique Code Show
Lucy Orr, 15 Feb 2012
SanDisk logo

SanDisk spins up speedy SSDs

SanDisk has taken the wraps off a couple of SSDs with 6Gb/s Sata connectivity.
Hard Reg, 15 Feb 2012

HP iSCSI slogger usurped by younger flashy model

HP has announced an all-flash version of its LeftHand Networks P4000 iSCSI storage array, the P4900
Chris Mellor, 15 Feb 2012

Changing room spy cam sparks privacy tsar blast

Hong Kong privacy tsar Allan Chiang has been forced to clarify to bosses that it’s not OK to spy on their employees, after property company Hong Yip was found to have installed spy cameras in one of its buildings to monitor staff.
Phil Muncaster, 15 Feb 2012
vulture tv reporter

Apple's Chinese labourers get 1.6 per cent of iPad loot - report

As Apple desperately tries to repaint itself as a caring company when it comes to workers’ rights, news has emerged that employees in its suppliers’ Chinese factories get just $8 of the $499 sale price of each iPad 2.
Phil Muncaster, 15 Feb 2012

UK cops cuff suspect after RnBXclusive takedown

Blighty's Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) has arrested an individual in connection with the closure of UK music exchange site rnbxclusive.com, an agency spokesperson told The Reg.
Anna Leach, 15 Feb 2012
Apple iPhone 4s smartphone

Apple tops smartphone seller chart

Apple put more smartphones in the hands of punters than any other vendor during Q4 2011, and was the third most purchased brand in the mobile phone market as a whole.
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2012

Whistleblower: Decade-long Nortel hack 'traced to China'

Nortel was the victim of a years-long network security breach that allowed hackers to extract its trade secrets, according to a veteran of the bankrupt Canadian telco systems biz.
John Leyden, 15 Feb 2012

Proview fears fanbois will derail iPad export ban bid

Chinese firm Proview has admitted it might be tough to get a ban on iPads in China, despite the ruling that the name infringes on their trademark, because the local customs authorities are unlikely to get involved.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 15 Feb 2012

Motorola 'Intel inside' Android 4.0 phone spied on web

Details of Motorola's first Android 4.0 smartphone have leaked online, with the device also the company's first handset to sport Intel's 'Medfield' Atom platform.
Caleb Cox, 15 Feb 2012

Disk fab output pumping up, prices 'to stay high and dry'

Demand for hard disk drives will outstrip supply until at least the middle of 2012, analysts at IHS reckon, as a result of the deadly Thai factory floods that dented drive production.
Anna Leach, 15 Feb 2012

Sony pitches pay-as-you-go power sockets

Sony tapped into the energy market this week to reveal a series of electric wall outlets capable of controlling the connected kit's power consumption.
Caleb Cox, 15 Feb 2012

Mobile networks told to sniff punters' privates for profit

Mobile network operators will have to be more cavalier in their approach to customer data if they're going to be able to make money once mobile penetration becomes ubiquitous.
Bill Ray, 15 Feb 2012
HP Pavilion DM1-4125EA AMD CPU netbook

HP Pavilion dm1-4125ea 11.6in netbook

ReviewNow that everyone and their dog has or wants a smartphone or tablet, the recent drop in netbook sales can hardly be a surprise. Yet does this mean there is no space for a small, cheap laptop? Of course not and HP’s recently refreshed Pavilion dm1 is a fine example of why I hope the breed never dies.
Alun Taylor, 15 Feb 2012

500 Brit techies at risk over NHS IT fiasco

Up to 500 IT workers could lose their jobs over CSC's botched computer system for the NHS, which is costing everyone involved with the fiasco dearly.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 15 Feb 2012

Bonkers MS security update flags Google.com as malign

A dodgy update to Microsoft's anti-virus software on Tuesday meant users of the software were wrongly warned that Google's homepage was infected with the infamous Blackhole Exploit Kit.
John Leyden, 15 Feb 2012

FCC hangs up on 4G broadband biz LightSquared

The US regulator has issued a statement saying it plans to suspend the waiver under which LightSquared was planning to build its national 4G network, putting the kibosh on the whole plan.
Bill Ray, 15 Feb 2012

HP chiefs bet big at Vegas on cloud payday

Cloud computing is forecast to balloon to an $143bn industry by 2013, according to HP's internal analysis, and the tech company wants to put a framework in place for resellers to help it swipe a slice of the action. And now HP is taking the show to Vegas, dishing out a bunch of cloud-related channel programmes at the invite-only Global Partner Conference (GPC) in gambling capital.
Paul Kunert, 15 Feb 2012

Life at Googleplex REVEALED in hot pics

Ever wondered what it would be like to work in the bosom of a warm, cuddly company for which making money is incidental to saving/taking over the world? A place so magical and mysterious that it has been nicknamed The Chocolate Factory after Roald Dahl's immortal creation?
Brid-Aine Parnell, 15 Feb 2012

Hey Commentards! This pre-populated 'reply to' is for you

We took our time to remove this niggle, but you should like this little update:
Drew Cullen, 15 Feb 2012

Sony 'fesses to Whitney Houston price hike 'error'

Sony Music has finally issued a statement on hiking the price of tragic pop songstress Whitney Houston's albums after her death, apologising for the "error" in the iTunes listing.

Shareholders! attempt! Yahoo! coup!

Troublemaking Yahoo! shareholder Daniel Loeb, head of hedge fund Third Point, has filed with the SEC to appoint himself - and three other directors nominated by him - to the board of the beleaguered web firm.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 15 Feb 2012

Boy burned in Nintendo sensor substitution

Firefighters today warned gamers not to simulate the Nintendo Wii's sensor bar with candles after an eight-year-old boy set himself on fire doing just that.
Caleb Cox, 15 Feb 2012
homeless man with sign

Acer's proud Wang: We're on the rise at last

Acer returned to profit in the fourth quarter, albeit marginally, but the recovery came too late in the year to prevent it from posting very significant losses for the whole of 2011.
Paul Kunert, 15 Feb 2012

Google tightens its Wallet after PIN reset goof

Google has started provisioning electronic wallets again having fixed the more trivial security flaw in its product - though determined hackers will still get in.
Bill Ray, 15 Feb 2012

Mobile chiefs warned: Ditch unlimited tariffs... or else

Analysts have warned Asia Pacific mobile operators that they risk alienating customers and incurring the wrath of regulators if they don’t ditch unlimited data tariffs and focus more on quality of service.
Phil Muncaster, 15 Feb 2012

SanDisk snaps up PCIe cacher

Solid state storage supplier SanDisk has bought a PCIe caching software supplier, FlashSoft, equipping it to compete with other caching PCIe flash suppliers such as EMC (VFCache), Fusion-io (directCache and ioTurbine), OCZ (SANRAD), and TMS (Nevex).
Chris Mellor, 15 Feb 2012

'Linux for cloud' floats anti-Amazon cloud taster

UpdatedHow does a cloud project solve a problem like Amazon? The once genteel etailer of toasters, books and CDs has now become a byword for "cloud".
Gavin Clarke, 15 Feb 2012
Olympic rings

HD bandwidth limits BBC Olympics 3D coverage

The BBC has revealed what parts of next summer Olympic Games it plans to beam into homes in glorious 3D-o-Vision.
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2012

Critical IE update dominates Valentine’s Patch Tuesday

The Valentine’s Day edition of Patch Tuesday brought nine security bulletins that collectively address 21 software vulnerabilities.
John Leyden, 15 Feb 2012

Femtocell Forum grows big – rebrands as Small

The Femtocell Forum has changed its name to the Small Cell Forum, reflecting how the tech is migrating upwards, but also how femtos haven't yet set the world alight.
Bill Ray, 15 Feb 2012

Apple seeks permission to kick Kodak's corpse

Apple has asked the New York branch of the US Bankruptcy Court for permission to sue what's left of Kodak, the once-mighty film firm, for patent infringment.
Rik Myslewski, 15 Feb 2012

Nekkid Tech: Big data divas, Whitney and how to own the cloud

PodcastLast week's Nekkid Tech was all about the future of tape as a storage medium and back-up software lock-ins.
Jude Karabus, 15 Feb 2012

Twitter mobile apps storing address books for 18 months

Twitter has become the latest in a growing list of companies caught storing user’s data without making it explicit.
Iain Thomson, 15 Feb 2012

Linux talent shortage drives up salaries

It pays to be a Linux expert, and if you have any needs that are not being met by your employer and you have Linux skills, now might be a good time to start making some demands.

Cisco complains to the EU about Microsoft/Skype deal

Cisco has issued a formal complaint to the General Court of the European Union over Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, saying it needs assurances that Redmond will play fair on standards.
Iain Thomson, 15 Feb 2012

Internet simulcasts don’t need extra royalties

Musicians and record labels will probably be joining the queue behind sports codes and mobile carriers to demand more rights-holder-friendly copyright laws, after losing an internet radio case in the Federal Court yesterday.
Richard Chirgwin, 15 Feb 2012

BlueGene/Q heads for Melbourne

Victoria’s troubled VLSCI at the University of Melbourne has announced that IBM is to supply an 836-teraflops BlueGene/Q supercomputer for the research centre by June this year.
Richard Chirgwin, 15 Feb 2012

Cupertino to ban permissionless address book copying

Apple – arguably a villain in the “Path copies your address book” brouhaha – has, under pressure from US lawmakers, decided to require that apps prompt users before accessing their address book data.
Richard Chirgwin, 15 Feb 2012

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