14th February 2012 Archive

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  • EU, US sign off on Googorola merger

    Now the real fun and games begin

    Mobile 14 Feb 01:09

  • Mars, Europe losers in Obama's 2013 NASA budget

    Winners: Hubble's successor, high-flying humans

    Science 14 Feb 01:13

  • HP previews ProLiant Gen8 servers

    Project Voyager launches Xeon E5s

    Servers 14 Feb 01:44

  • Prada Phone by LG 3.0

    Diallers are a girl's best friend?

    Phones 14 Feb 07:00

  • FIVE more councils say soz for exposing people's privates

    'Disclosing details about someone's social housing status can be upsetting'

    Government 14 Feb 08:06

  • Sepaton plans to crush mid-range boxes

    'Kill the rabbit...'

    The Channel 14 Feb 08:26

  • Debian, Ubuntu patching up rocky romance

    Deb supremo speaks as devs link arms in ARM

    Operating Systems 14 Feb 09:01

  • Trustwave to escape 'death penalty' for SSL skeleton key

    Moz likely to spare certificate-confession biz same fate as DigiNotar

    Security 14 Feb 09:28

  • Tesco offers broadband for LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A PINT

    Read the small print

    Broadband 14 Feb 09:46

  • SexInfo 101

    Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me

    Phones 14 Feb 10:00

  • Microsoft probes IE8 dll AWOL hell

    Windows XP PCs browserless

    Operating Systems 14 Feb 10:18

  • iPad spanks Galaxy Tab in its own backyard

    South Korean slab fondlers opt for Apple over homegrown Samsung

    The Channel 14 Feb 10:38

  • Apple 'seeking part makers' for 8in 'iPad Mini'

    Tinier tablet in play?

    Tablets 14 Feb 10:41

  • Veteran launches storage torpedo among competing startups

    LeftHand founder turns right with Starboard Systems

    The Channel 14 Feb 10:57

  • Microsoft mulls touchscreen controller for next-gen Xbox

    Tablets turned

    Games 14 Feb 10:59

  • 5,000 Virgin Media workers unchained to slog away remotely

    Fingers crossed those net connections stay up

    Business 14 Feb 11:14

  • Now Proview seeks ban on ALL iPads coming out of China

    No love with Apple after trademark row escalates

    The Channel 14 Feb 11:27

  • Cryptome.org hacked to dish out malware

    Compromised whistle-blowing HQ begins site rebuild

    Security 14 Feb 11:47

  • 21st Century Sex: the shape of things to come

    Are bits and bytes changing what we do with our bits and bobs?

    Hardware 14 Feb 12:00

  • The El Reg book library - now on ePub

    No Kindle? No problem

    Site News 14 Feb 12:01

  • MySpace no longer crying a river with 1 MILLION new punters

    Facebook love-in, new music player boosts usage post-Murdoch

    Financial News 14 Feb 12:13

  • Samsung boss sued by his brother over stock inheritance

    Kun-hee accused of pilfering shares after father's death

    Law 14 Feb 12:34

  • SPRAY-ON antennas waved about at Google's techfest

    Turning the world into an aerial

    Broadband 14 Feb 12:43

  • Twitter finally grabs wheel, drives all twits into HTTPS

    Cafe Wi-Fi tweeting protected from sniffing hackers

    Media 14 Feb 13:04

  • HP gives sysadmins a little mobility

    iOS and Android clients on the way

    Servers 14 Feb 13:23

  • Black Ops has best videogame ending ever

    Got your Guinness goggles on?

    Games 14 Feb 13:25

  • Shuttleworth remixes Ubuntu... for biz users

    No offense to RHEL, m'kay?

    Operating Systems 14 Feb 13:41

  • Hong Kong operators fudge unlimited tariff conundrum

    They're unlimited, but not too unlimited...

    Mobile 14 Feb 14:02

  • Lego builds Lord of the Rings collection

    Another brick in the Deeping Wall

    Hardware 14 Feb 14:03

  • China clamps down on foreign telly on its channels

    Just in case The Big Bang Theory sparks revolution

    Media 14 Feb 14:31

  • Pope's PR says Vatican in grip of WikiLeaks-style scandal

    Leaky cardinals allege assassination plots, banking misdeeds

    Bootnotes 14 Feb 14:54

  • Insight exits 2011 on a high as sales and profits rise

    Reseller turns small revenue boost into cash pile

    The Channel 14 Feb 15:18

  • Teen hacker claims smut site hack

    Hardcore group 'fesses up to breach

    Security 14 Feb 15:29


    Don't leave things lit and unattended while half-lit and, er, well-tended...

    Bootnotes 14 Feb 16:01

  • Shakira attacked by sea lion who mistook BlackBerry for a 'fish'

    Shiny mobe tempted sea-dweller out to lunch

    Bootnotes 14 Feb 16:19

  • Nimbula stretches Director to VMware ESXi clouds

    Hyper-V when enough customers ask

    Virtualization 14 Feb 16:38

  • Ultra-high resolution laptop, tablet screens to revive display biz

    IGZO's 'retina screen' revival

    Hardware 14 Feb 16:55

  • Mozilla throws 'freedom' at Microsoft, Google, Apple tanks

    All the web's a platform, and the lock-down merchants merely players

    Developer 14 Feb 17:04

  • Scroogle: Dear Google, we're not bots, we're HUMAN

    With every Choc Factory privacy policy season, die die die!

    Applications 14 Feb 17:34

  • EMC Greenplum Hadoop elephant straddles Cisco iron

    Cah. Took them long enough

    Servers 14 Feb 17:58

  • Cloudy bigshots eclipse open source

    Cloud computing and mobile hog the limelight

    Developer 14 Feb 18:32

  • OCZ out-flashes EMC's Lightning

    16TB of caching vMotioning flash

    Storage 14 Feb 19:08

  • Chip boffins demo 22-nanometer maskless wafer-baking

    A possible savior when Moore's Law hits the light wall

    Hardware 14 Feb 20:47

  • ACCC pins ADSL wholesale price

    Seeks input on final declaration

    Broadband 14 Feb 21:15

  • LibreOffice debugs and buffs up to v.3.5

    Dancing on the grave of OpenOffice

    Software 14 Feb 21:38

  • Damn it, where’s our NBN scandal?

    Another night in Senate estimates…

    Broadband 14 Feb 22:00

  • Canonical takes the Ubuntu Server pulse

    Lovin' those Long Term Support releases

    Servers 14 Feb 22:31

  • UK crime-busters knock hiphop site off the Internet

    SOCA occupies, accuses RnB Xclusive

    Law 14 Feb 22:55

  • Qld council gets crafty with mobile data mining

    Logan's mobility run

    Business 14 Feb 23:15

  • Japanese robot mirrors master’s movements

    Do dat crazy Avatar dance

    Science 14 Feb 23:30

  • Apple CEO defends fixes to suppliers' working conditions

    Underage labor 'abhorrent', overtime abuse 'endemic'

    Hardware 14 Feb 23:42

  • Alcatel-Lucent opens up Aladdin's cave of patents

    Signs up with RPX licencing cabal

    Business 14 Feb 23:45